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  1. Windows 7, 64 bits ( that's right, classic windows mean no color captivates me )
  2. I do not understand, I even formatted the computer I already tried to play on my girlfriend's computer and it works perfectly
  3. As long as I have time, I'm going to download the game again and try translate is shit
  4. I gave up shuashuashaus
  5. One small detail, the error is presenting itself in another way, but it is what I believe is the same thing yet NOVOerro.pptx // And yes I put another photo on the login, I do not know how to cut I found the new updater, tried and failed, an interesting detail is the first time the game took longer, except that I received disconnection inside the game, and after that the error came back to haunt me
  6. No, I'm not aware of this, going to look for this updater now on the site I'm not finding this new updater
  7. Yes, and still tried in both versions a normal and HD
  8. Sauron

    Language Spanish or Portuguese

    I support, anything we get in touch with the guys from GameVicio.
  9. Sauron

    Game doesn`t start after "Login Success" PLS HELP

    I have the same problem funny that if I play on another computer with my account, I can..
  10. Yes :/ I tried it on and off

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