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  1. Hello, good afternoon everyone, I have a doubt, (first I will tell a story, whatever doubt, write below, because I'm not good with English) First, I had a computer that I tried to play Battleforge and couldn't, and then, some time later, it crashed, so I was deeply frustrated, until, months later, I'm playing at my girlfriend's house one day, that with same account, i also also on my phone to look forum topics, my question is, i can get banned for logging in to my pc (which is in my house), phone (in different places) and my girlfriend's computer (which is in her house) ?. I only play
  2. I have this problem too, since when the beta came out, had other emails before announcing that there could be mulltiaccount, so I started to use only one account (which, by the way, is this), I hope until today to solve this error, I played the game a little, game on a different nootbook / pc and error persists, is the third time I do this. every now and then I wander around the game forum looking at game news and player ideas, I look forward to playing this game that was so charming in my youth, I was not good, I had 200-600 hours, but I had a lot of fun grammatical errors or l
  3. Windows 7, 64 bits ( that's right, classic windows mean no color captivates me )
  4. I do not understand, I even formatted the computer I already tried to play on my girlfriend's computer and it works perfectly
  5. As long as I have time, I'm going to download the game again and try translate is shit
  6. One small detail, the error is presenting itself in another way, but it is what I believe is the same thing yet NOVOerro.pptx // And yes I put another photo on the login, I do not know how to cut I found the new updater, tried and failed, an interesting detail is the first time the game took longer, except that I received disconnection inside the game, and after that the error came back to haunt me
  7. No, I'm not aware of this, going to look for this updater now on the site I'm not finding this new updater
  8. Yes, and still tried in both versions a normal and HD
  9. I have the same problem funny that if I play on another computer with my account, I can..
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