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  1. Hello i played battleforge for 2 weeks now all everything was fine and the game wokred all in all perfect but since yestersday i cant play it anymore. I try to log in into the game it says "Success" then wait a minute and it says "login failed please wait 10 secs to log in again" and "the client has lost the connection to the server" and i dont know what to do anymore PLS HELP ME am i banned or what i did nothing wrong my friends can still play the game and im not pls help me ... what should i do ?? i also uninstalled and fresh reinstalled and restarted the wifi nothign is wokring https://gyazo.com/e2a3105270d7519b3d3ff49cf383b840 thats how it looks like after waiting
  2. i try to log in it says sucess and then comes nothing just the client lost the connection to the server what can i do ?? played already one week
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