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  1. Have you ever thought that in an alternate universe, an exact copy of you is accurately describing our universe and talking about how crazy and impossible it is?

  2. I hated the fact we had some misunderstandings of the rules and some bad organization sometimes, we should allow for last minute voting between the people in the chat, the rules should not be so unflexible and they could be modified for each match, if both players agree and if it doesn't cause confusion ofc.
  3. Back into the fray, facing defeat, there's no surrender!
  4. AHA! I told you guys, I KNEW IT ALL ALONG!
  5. Alright, I said I liked robots, but I comitted the mistake of not specifying the robot's gender, I WAS REFERRING TO FEMALE ROBOTS And make them smart robots at that
  6. I got really unlucky with my draws and still made it to second place, amazing
  7. >Kiwi says people keep posting nonsense on her profile


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    2. WaterMelonLord
    3. anonyme0273


      You just proved her point. And... that's it, not much more to it. Good job

    4. Killhakan


      @anonyme0273 Well, thanks, I guess... The point was to just make a joke, but whatever :T


  8. Maybe people who want to participate but are too shy?
  9. I only played it against you twice, and I would have played a different deck if you hadn't played wizard twice xD
  10. Tbh the only match worth watching was me vs dallarian, since we kinda have the same level, JoseAlmeida was pretty close aswell, but the rest were just stomps, also, for next tournament, don't let people play the same deck against the same person twice ffs, atleast not in a row
  11. I've got malcheezar in most of my decks, wich can do for really spicy matches, I also have some pretty interesting sort of cheap decks, since my collection is quite small and it might inspire other noobs such as myself, I also misplay quite a bit wich makes for some good laughs PS: I am number 5, in case you didn't see it
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