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The BattleForge RP Signup!


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RP can be found here: 

Greetings, lords, ladies and things of the sky!

Development is progressing and the wait is getting tedious. I know, and therefore I have decided to introduce you people to the world of forum RPs. I have been doing RP on forums for several years in the past, and perhaps some of our fellow 3.7K+ skylords have the motivation, excitement, creativity and seriousness to participate in a game of storytelling. So... what's up with all this and how does it work? Allow me to elaborate...

What is an RP?
RP stands for Role Play, and the simplest way to explain it is... it's making a story together. Each member plays the role of a character, who they then tell about what they're doing, where they are, and what actions they are taking. They interact with each other and the world, and so you create one expressive and big story together. The overall world, scenario and guidelines for the story are being made and/or maintained by a person called the Game Master (or DM if you're into Dungeons & Dragons), who also keeps order and decides what kind of characters get accepted, how balanced the game is, and who wins in a fight or conflict between players or from a player towards key environmental events. The GM and all participants then interact with each other in order to progress within the storyline in their own pace.

So what is this RP going to be about?
Well, what could possibly be a more amazing setting than the world of Nyn itself? This will be a BattleForge-based RP in which the participants play as a BattleForge unit, or a unit related to a BattleForge card, belonging to one of the BattleForge factions within the world of Nyn. The world would look like THIS, as you likely know through playing the game. The point is, though... that aside from what is specified, we do not have to be accurate towards the lore for this. New locations, towns, landmarks, events and so on may be created within the world by participants like possibly yourself! There are but few boundaries to this, so let your imagination go wild. 

In the upcoming days I will write an introduction to the storyline, but in order to spark some interest here is a brief summary. (Credits to @anonyme0273 and @kestas3 for inspiration)

Time has been fleeting in the world of Nyn. The Twilight Curse was cleansed, and the world was saved from destruction thanks to the Skylords of the Old. But the peace and quiet this brought upon the world did not last eternally. Fire, Nature, Frost, and Shadow were always watching each other, each of them individually claiming to be responsible for resolving the Twilight Wars just a bit more than the rest, blaming each other for lives lost, mistakes made, and a lack of effort done within the war. Wisely, the elemental leaders diplomatically quieted down about this, until one day the leaders of Frost and Nature were assaulted by an unknown force. Frost, with their defensive principles, blamed the aggressive Fire tribes for this, and beautiful, controlling Nature blamed the subtle and dark ways of the Shadow empire. Furiously denying one other's responsibility for the assaults, a massive war emerged between all four elements. But it did not stop there. Upset as they naturally were about the past, elements forged alliances and societies to stand up against their now common enemies. With years and years of arguing and blaming behind each other's backs as a motivating factor, this would be an irresolvable conflict... or would it? 

Furious about the ongoing war, the Skylords were exiled from the Forge of Creation by the Gods themselves, due to them being biased towards their own element, destroying the balance of the world. But the growing instability of the ancient Forge, caused by the amount of chaos and hatred within the world of Nyn below, was a worrying sight to behold. Had the Gods abandoned all hope? And what would the war do to the Forge...?

Every character that participates in this RP will have to belong to a certain Element. You can choose any BattleForge Element, with the exception of Legendary, Amii, and Fire/Frost factions. You can choose one of the following factions, of which each will receive their own small introduction when the story starts. A short description will elaborate on the faction's style of acting, hopefully allowing you to make a better choice about what kind of faction you want to belong to.

  • FIRE is the most aggressive of the four base elements. Their main combat strengths are brute, high-damage explosive and besieging attacks in exchange for very low protections. They often go berserk and are an excellent example of brute force, showing the power and destruction within them and using it to claim what they deem theirs. They are at war with the Frost faction, and will do anything to make them pay for their hypocrisy and accused murder.
  • FROST is the youngest and most defensive of the four base elements. Their main combat strengths are passive, protective shelters armed with magnificently destructive ancient weaponry, using slow, defensive tactics to repel all who oppose them. They are highly protective and can take a lot of hits before being defeated, in exchange for low damage on their own. They are known for their invincible walls and devastating defence mechanisms, and are considered impenetrable. They are at war with the Fire faction, and will keep their forces out with all their might to prove them the best offence is indeed a good defence. 
  • NATURE is a naturally rebellious and protective element. Their main combat strengths involve sustainability and control through powerful healing and hexing spells. They attempt to control their enemies and keep themselves alive in order to survive, in exchange for a balance between attack and defence, and generally being peaceful. They are known for their protectiveness and are a beauty to behold, but do not let this beauty blind you, you are tricked before you know it. They are at war with the Shadow faction, and will try all they can to bring justice to those sneaky, pesky creatures of darkness for attempting to murder their leader.
  • SHADOW is the oldest of the elements, consisting of followers of darkness. Their main combat strengths involve sacrifice in order to grow ever stronger and cast destructive, immensely powerful ancient spells upon their enemies. They weaken and manipulate their enemies through dark forces, in exchange for a lack of stability and being far less powerful without armies of death and sacrifice at their disposal. Shadow takes many risks and converts it into pure dominance. They are at war with the Nature faction, and will attempt to utterly desolate those filthy, tree-hugging rebels for accusing them of murder.
  • THE TWILIGHT were not supposed to exist. They were supposed to be eradicated from the world after the Skylords of the old days cleansed the Twilight Taint from the lands of Nyn. But alas, the Twilight have hidden in a secluded cavern system underneath the Southern Wastes, waiting for the opportune moment to strike again. The Twilight are immensely powerful, formerly Elemental beings that have been infected with a curse rendering them to suffer in agony and pain as they brutally destroy everything that gets in their way. The Twilight are not dumb, though... with all the chaos and destruction going on between the four Elements, they have their eyes set on revenge and power. They are considered as Hostile to ALL.
  • THE STONEKIN are warriors of the old, and lords of the Earth itself. They combine earthen resilience with the control nature, their offspring, offers. Long have the Stonekin been awaiting to take back what was theirs from Nature, and reserve their rightful spot among the elements. Similarly, they worry about the Forge's instability and mean to fight for overall order to maintain the world, their earth's stability. After all, who wants their kin to cease to exist? Stonekin are considered as passive-aggressive and Neutral to ALL, with the exception of their hostility towards Nature.
  • THE BANDITS claim what they deem theirs, ergo: everything. They are a cunning faction, combining brute force with cleverly-made traps and infernal machines. Their attacks are slightly unstable but immensely powerful provided that they are in numbers. Bandits are generally interested in power and wealth, and will do anything to acquire what they want. They are particularly greedy, but as long as nobody bothers them in their plans, they have no interest in senseless battle... unless of course a considerate payment is offered... The chaos around the elemental wars have sparked the interest of the Bandits to acclaim more land, and perhaps be able to plunder some unsuspecting villages, and perhaps get a glimpse of what the Forge beholds... Bandits are considered as cleverly aggressive and Neutral to ALL, depending on their demands.
  • THE LOST SOULS are wandering spirits of the dead that have not found their peace, have not paid for their sins and have not loosened all their ties with the mortal world. Their souls are corrupted, and are extremely varied in their desires and ambitions. Good souls refusing to pass and fighting along their friends for their cause, rebellious souls that want to storm the lands for power on their own, wandering souls that cannot find the way to the heavens and haunt those who killed them, hungering for revenge, or corrupted souls, having a will on their own, using their spirit form to exert deadly force to pursue their former dark schemes. Lost Souls are extremely dangerous and varied in purpose and alignment. Proceed into this faction with great caution and preparation.

Rules and Guidelines
There are quite a few rules each player should stick to in order to create a clean, coherent and pleasant storytelling environment. Below, the Rules and Guidelines for this RP are stated. Please read these carefully!

  1. This RP is meant for ages 16 and above. These are guidelines, if you are younger and still wish to participate, do so at your own risk.
  2. This RP may contain: Violence, blood, profanity, death and dark/morbid themes. Yes, I will allow RP posts to be excepted from the "No Profanity/Vulgarity" rule of our Global Forum Rules.
  3. You are obliged to post AT LEAST once per week. This is to keep the story running properly. If you have a reason to be gone for a prolonged period of time, please contact me through PM. This is a guideline, though, I won't frown upon posts made in 8-9 days, but try to stick to a week minimum!
  4. You can AT MOST post twice a day. This is to prevent a wave of consecutive story entries. The GM can give exceptions to this during lengthy combat sessions.
  5. Although this is a fantasy universe, remember that Rule 1 of the Forum Rules should not be ignored too much.
  6. If you mean to say something outside of the story, use "OOC: [Message]". OOC means Out Of Character and points out you are talking in the real world. Place your message between any form of brackets to mark the OOC beginning and end.
  7. Death does exist. Although the chance, depending on your actions, may be slim, it could so happen that your character dies. Upon death, it is for you to decide whether you stop with the RP or join the Lost Souls and pursue your goal regardless. Do mind that this may take some risks and that once a Lost Soul has been completely destroyed, there is no way back.
  8. Actions and Decisions. When a key event in the environment is triggered, an ability is used, or when two players interact with each other, a random-number generator will determine the outcome of said action or decision. This is based on how likely and reasonable it is for the chance to succeed. An example: A Juggernaut attacks a Battleship and tries to slam it out of the sky with its fist. Both juggernaut and battleship are in a fine condition and therefore I roll a D6, 1-3 makes the juggernaut succeed, 4-6 will make it fail. A 3 was rolled, the juggernaut heavily damages the ship's hull. The Battleship player then decides what to do next. Players can decide on actions between their own creations on their own. A Northguard who lives in his home and attempts to cut a cake does not need to roll for a success because the player created the cake and it is irrelevant to other players' decisions at that moment. A Lyrish knight attempting to pick up a Forge artefact would have to roll, as it'd be a key part of the environment. This also counts for ability usage. I hope that makes sense.
  9. The GM. The Game Master is me as of now. I will roll the dice for every player using RANDOM.ORG and will write help some players out with the story if they need help or guiding. I decide whether something is against the rules, and whether a post can be approved or not. I reserve the right to remove characters from the RP at will. PM me if anything bothersome between player interactions happens.
  10. Write Your Story. The best thing about RPs is that players have an enormous amount of creative influence. You can create the town in which you belong, add characters that are not controlled by anyone, join up with another player to co-operate within a story, make your own interactions with each other. I will not tell you to write towards a specific, expected, detailed storyline I have in mind. This is our story, and we will create it in our own way. If you and a friend within the RP want to tell the tale of two northguards looking for clues, go ahead, but know that another player might be an executor just waiting for you to make the wrong move...
  11. Be reasonable. Think realistically. If your opponent in a fight wins a dice roll for a brutal blow to the face, don't make sure your character barely feels it. Be sensible, be realistic, and perhaps think of a way to come back, such as getting hit brutally but trying to kick your opponent in the nuts while they are off-guard. The possibilities are many. Consider losing a fight, consider letting your opponent win every once in a while. Be reasonable yourself about a combat outcome. The GM does not need to be the one deciding who wins or loses a fight, if you are reasonable enough to do such things the game will be a lot more enjoyable in general.
  12. Your character MUST be a BattleForge card unit or related to one. All cards with the exception of Amii Phantom and Legendary cards are fine. You are allowed to create a unit based on a building, i.e. if you want to be a Worldbreaker Gunman or a worshipper for the Altar of Chaos, this is fine.
  13. There are great differences between units. You can easily pick a strong, XL unit or a weaker, S unit with strength in numbers. Feel free to play whatever you want, and realise the advantages and disadvantages of your unit type. Small units often come in numbers and armies and societies, whereas larger units are more scarce and easily zoned out. We will find a way to make this fair for all of you, and it causes some story variety and decisions to be made. After all, a northguard won't fight a grinder all on his own...
  14. BattleForge card values do not matter. You may interpret your own way of using BattleForge card abilities to make them fit within the story. As of the current stage of the RP, there will likely not be health points, specific damage values, percentual weaknesses, buffs, and so on. Card attributes like "unit takes 15% less damage" can for example be changed into "my character is resilient and sturdy and is capable of taking more hits due to his ability". Be creative and change the interpretation of the abilities to your liking.
  15. No Mary Sue/Gary Stu-ing. No OP characters. We all want our heroes to be invincible and undefeatable, but that doesn't help a good RP progress. If nobody can win a fight, then we'll be going nowhere. Be reasonable in your character design. Each character has strengths and weaknesses. If you don't know a weakness, have a look at your opposite faction or your counters in BattleForge itself (check http://cardbase.skylords.eu/). Be creative, make your character sensible and balanced.
  16. You should write in the third person. Do not use the "I"-tense in your posts, as this will make it confusing for others to distinguish who is who within the story. Instead, use your character's name. An example: "It's the shoes!" Rogan said happily. "I finally found what I wear on my feet!". 
  17. All characters are able to speak English. No exceptions.
  18. Make a Character Sheet. It is mandatory to post a Character Sheet (CS) in this thread before being allowed in the story. A CS is a description of who your character is, what they do, personality, what strengths/weaknesses they have, history, etc. Let us know about your character! You will not be accepted into the RP if your character has not been approved by the GM or whoever he assigns to check the CS. A CS must contain the following (feel free to add your own fields to be more descriptive!):
    1. Full Name
    2. Age (in years)
    3. Card & Faction (Which BF unit are you?)
    4. Appearance and Gender (Does your character look different from the usual model? State here how special and different you are)
    5. Alignment (State with whom you ally, and/or what faction is your sworn enemy. You can be creative with this.)
    6. Abilities (Imagine up to a maximum of 3 special abilities your character can use. This may or may not be related to the actual BattleForge card. Be considerate, take penalties when an ability is strong, state conditions in order to be approved more easily)
    7. Stengths (What is your character good at? What are they known for?)
    8. Weaknesses (What is your character's weak spot? Can be mental or physical issues)
    9. Personality (what makes your character unique? How do they behave? what makes your northguard stand out from other northguards? You don't necessarily have to reflect your faction in this!)
    10. History (explain a bit about your past, how you came to be. This can be as extensive as you want it to be)
  19. New entries are ALWAYS welcome! You can partake in the RP even if it already started! If your CS gets approved you can write yourself in, no problem!
  20. This thread is NOT the RP. Once the RP starts I will make a separate thread.
  21. The RP contains posts from RP participants. No exceptions. Any post made in the RP without permission or without being a participant will be removed without warning or consideration.
  22. Respect the GM's decisions. If your CS gets rejected, feel free to edit it or make a new one. If a post does not get approved, take your time to change it. The GM is not biased and can be trusted. He rolls for himself, please, you can trust me alright ;)

Player List (Accepted - 11)

Araxes - Lost Dragon @MrXLink
Avatrostkol - Avatar of Frost @anonyme0273
Bloodsucker - Nature-sided Shadow Worm @5MERTN1K
Chronos - Stone Shard @Defqon
Dzodin - Shadow Giant Slayer @Dzodin

The Great Warrior of Justice - Defender @Malzawar
Ish'Faithal - Timeshifter Spirit @DragonOfTime
Kaylen Storm - Kobold Engineer @Eddio
The Last Whisper - Forest Elder @Lukegriffin02
Xyalas - Promo Swamp Drake @Kiwi
Vasdohr - Dreadcharger @veryhasted

Player List (Inactive - 1)

Fumetsu Kyofu - Lost Warlord @BionicReaper

Player List (Pending - 5)
Currently awaiting Character Sheets from the following members:

@Lorddaggon @Mrgenki @Ruben @Sensei

Faction Division (Pending and Inactive included, Twilight Infected Split)
FIRE - 0
FROST - 2 (Avatrostkol, Kaylen)
NATURE - 4 (Bloodsucker, Ish'Faithal, The Last Whisper, Xyalas)
SHADOW - 2 (Dzodin, Vasdohr)
THE TWILIGHT - 2 (Dzodin, The Great Warrior of Justice)

THE STONEKIN - 1 (Chronos)
- 2 (Araxes, Fumetsu)

When will it start?
The RP has already started, check out the thread!

Questions and Additions Welcome!
Feel free to ask about the RP, I am only human and I might have forgotten some rules or have perhaps not made all the guidelines clear enough. Feel free to suggest and comment on my current storyline and faction descriptions! There is more than enough time to improve before and while the story is going on! Have fun, let your creative juices flow, and I hope to see your CSs soon! I will make my own CS once this has been posted :D

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I'm in! I'll create my character soon :) (I'll edit this post)

Full Name : Vasdohr
Age : 23
Card & Faction : Dreadcharger, Shadow
Appearance and Gender : I'm a knight that has been living with my horse since I was just a little boy, I'm just a human with a dark mind and a twisted horse. This is why I've become a Dreadcharger.
Alignment : I will always follow the orders of the mighty Grim Bahir that watches me from above, I'll always pray to him as he has saved me in battle countless times. My dream is that Grim Bahir will descend once so that I can see the mighty creature that has saved me so many times. I've heard stories about Grim Bahir, I think that I know the most about him since I've been praying to him for a very long time and I've also read every text there is about him, I believe every story about him descending are false but I believe that one day I'll witness his glory.
Abilities : When I'm on my horse I can reach very high speeds which makes it easy for me to hunt down slow enemies, this brings me a huge advantage in fights.
I can also use my heavy spear in a very clever way which makes me able to damage several enemies at the time, there is a slight chance of my spear breaking when I do this and that will leave my without any aggressive attacks.
Stengths : I move at high speed, I pierce units easily and I also has a good sense of the battlefield.
Weaknesses : Spear can break if special ability is used. If the horse dies I become almost useless. Takes longer time for me to turn around than most other people as I have to turn the horse aswell.
Personality : I'm a very loyal person, I fight with honor and I will not leave a fight with no blood spilled. I love my horse over everything else and would not trade him for anything. If I had to kill my entire team just for my horse so survive I wouldn't even consider not killing them. I'm also a very big fan of noodles. I'm very motivated to finish the task that I have started which will always be my main goal. I will always hate any units that belong to the fire faction.
History : There used to be an academy for us Dreadchargers but people that belong to the fire faction came over and ruined the entire academy, first off killing almost every dreadcharger that was alive, except me and a couple of other. then they setup these mines and traps all over the place so that we couldn't return to build it all up again. I have not been in touch with the remaining Dreadchargers as they are scattered all across Nyn.  I will always feel hate towards the fire faction as both my mom and dad were killed in the attack and a lot of my friends were also killed, right now it just feels so alone...
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Forgive me for my overly detailed Character Sheet, I couldn't help myself...
For future applications, you are more than free to PM me in case you feel like being involved in my storyline.

Name: Araxes

Age: 2495

Card & Faction: Lost Dragon, Lost Souls

Appearance and Gender: I am a male, dark Lost Dragon with pitch-black, sharp rhomboid scales with the occasional hint of silver specks, like stars in the midnight sky. Unlike most of my kin, I am not a wyvern. I have six limbs rather than four; four sturdy legs with sharp, curled claws, and two large, ghostly wings. On land, I walk quadrupedal (on 4 legs). My wings are constantly ablaze in a storm of bright, teal flames. They span across 12 metres. My lizard-like eyes are burning in a dark purple glow. Sharp, pitch-black spikes run down from the back of my head to the end of my dark and similarly teal-burning tail. My teeth are sharp as daggers, and my fiery breath is a bright teal wave of agony and despair. I am a nightmare to behold.

Alignment: I serve nobody. There never even was anybody trustworthy enough to begin with. The Harbinger was a fool, overtaken by greed. Thousands of years of misery and endless suffering he pulled through, for the sake of unleashing that blasted curse upon the entirety of Nyn, and what did he achieve? Exile from this world. That is not what I am after. I do not wish to find salvation within the gates of Ashia (Nyn's Underworld), for my reign has only just begun... 


  1. Corrupted Flames: The fire within me is as corrupted as my soul. Those afflicted by the flames from my breath, wings or tail have a chance to become paralysed with searing pain in their hearts, rendering it impossible to aim their ranged weapons.
  2. Telepathy: I am able to strike fear into my enemies or potential allies by talking to them through their minds from a short distance.
  3. Revenant's Ultimatum: Finally, must I get slain in battle, after a brief delay, my corrupted, unstable spirit form will rise to fight once more. This spirit form is extremely unstable and vulnerable, and is my last resort. If my spirit form gets destroyed, I cease to exist. However, if my spirit form survives, I will fade straight back to Akylos and the Wailing Lands, where the other restless souls reside, to reclaim my draconian body and wander across the lands of Nyn once more.

Strengths: My dreadful, chilling appearance is meant to strike fear in my enemies' hearts. Aside from my fiery breath, I am capable of delivering crushing, powerful blows that can potentially engulf my enemies in flames in the process. Ranged attacks can be shut down by my Corrupted Flames. Due to my size and purpose, I am often encountered alone. This makes me strong against (smaller) single targets. Nobody is my master, I am not bound to the Harbinger and in control of my own purpose. On a psychological level, I corrupt and manipulate others. I am the voice of reason in a madman's head, I am the beating heart of the confused and enraged, I am that dark, empty conversion you seek when all hope is lost. Such vulnerable targets tend to come in useful for many different occasions...

Weaknesses: My mouth and eyes are the most vulnerable parts of my draconian body, but are still quite resilient. If I manage to get destroyed, my spirit form is extremely vulnerable and I am very likely use it as a surprise attack to quickly finish off a fight, or to fly away and save my existence. Unleashing my spirit form will force me to return to Akylos, costing me precious time to continue whatever I was doing in the first place. Although I can control and eliminate ranged attacks with my Corrupted Flames, and my scales offer a good ranged defense, I am vulnerable to melee attacks. A careful opponent that can dodge the flames will find my scales significantly easier to penetrate. Due to my size and purpose, I am often encountered alone. This makes me vulnerable against well-coordinated teams. Nobody is my master, causing me to have little initial support in my cause. I am greedy for power, and am of mind that I am alone in my cause. I do not make a trustworthy ally, but respect those with a similar mindset.

Personality: I am an isolated, manipulative spirit dragon; those who have seen me either fled in total fear, or fought courageously to their inevitable end. I have yet to meet a reasonable creature, therefore I disbelieve they exist. I follow my own, corrupted heart and disregard the path I have to take to reach the gates of Ashia, for Ashia is not within my interests. Century-old rage about being trapped in the Wailing Lands fuels my ambitions. All of this does not necessarily mean I am devoid of emotions. I am an intelligent, rebellious, being with great knowledge of the world, but my heart is filled with immense sorrow regarding my past. I often feel lonely inside, but hide it behind my pride. I am absolutely determined to pursue my ambitions, and I do not accept others giving me orders unless they have earned my deepest respect. To the lost or living souls, depending on their cause, I am not afraid to converse and forge alliances, but beware... I am not to be trusted under any occasion, and known to manipulate and deceive. One day I may proudly fight by your side, the next day I might send you to Akylos. In combat, I am fearless and would fight to the death, seeing as I have nothing to lose.

History: I have not always been lost. In fact, I have been here for centuries and fought in the many wars in the history of Nyn. For years and years, I served the Lyrish Kingdom as a Northland Drake; watching over their city, protecting it from harm. Chilling maelstroms and freezing snowstorms I summoned to keep the fire tribes and bandits out of the human town. I was well-known. Even the Skylords praised me and told me stories about the Forge of Creation, and how it could realise one's wildest dreams. I admired the world and even befriended and allied with fellow dragons, specifically speaking a Grim Bahir from the shadowlands. One night, however, my fate got altered completely, as a rebellion formed within the city of Lyr, criticising the scarcity of supplies, food stocks and resources, blaming the King of Lyr for the harsh times the city had gone through the past couple of years. Hundreds of citizens rebelled against the inequality among elemental forces, and in a burst of madness destroyed their own home. I managed to prevent most of Lyr from collapsing under its own population, managed to protect and defend sabotaged Worldbreaker Guns and Strongholds. It was the destruction of the Frost Crystal towers in the far outskirts of Lyr that made my life come to an end, as crystal shards pierced right through my wings and heart. I swiftly bled and froze to death, only to find myself to awake in Akylos; the misty shores of the dead.

I was upset, and my heart was completely devoted towards returning to the world of the living. I spent centuries in Akylos, trying to find a way to escape. It was only when I decided to reach the Wailing Lands where I met the Harbinger and witnessed the creation of the Twilight Curse and the Lost Souls rebellion, as the door to Ashia had closed. I felt no need to see the world perish just to give the dead their state of peace, there was no justice to that. The Harbinger thought otherwise, and assembled all lost souls to fight for him. I refused. I would rather stay in this wretched place than to corrupt the world, and so he trapped me in the Wailing Lands, between worlds. I have always refused to confront my past and fight my shadows to enter Ashia, and have been trapped in a world of emptiness and shadows for centuries. It corrupted my mind with despair and rage. It was only when the Harbinger fell in Akylos when I noticed an opportunity... with the elemental forces protecting the Akylonian borders in harmony, all I had to do is wait. Wait for another inevitable elemental war, to catch the guardians off guard. With the gates to Ashia open, few lost souls care to find a way to return to Nyn... but I did. And my eyes are set on but one thing: the Forge...

Theme: Yoko Shimomura - Darkness of the Unknown - KH2.5

Some notes from myself regarding the abilities Araxes has... his corrupted flames reflect the actual card's ability. His telepathy is used to play mind games, and what is supposed to be his Revenant's Doom is something I worked out for implementing it usefully within this RP. Basically the ability works exactly like Revenant's Doom, but instead of fading for good, provided that the spirit form is not destroyed, he gets sent back to Akylos once it expires. Considering he already is a lost soul, he cannot become a lost soul upon death, so this mechanic should make up for this fact. This also allows for plenty of opportunities of dead players to encounter Araxes, which makes it a more exciting and complex story concept.

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Full Name
Card & Faction
Timeshifter Spirit - Nature
Appearance and Gender
Someone once described Ish'Faithal as looking like a man with the head of an oak. This was rather imprecise, but not entirely wrong either. Like all Timeshifter Spirits, his upper body resembles that of a muscular man with dark-green tinted skin, albeit with four arms and with vines twisting and turning around it. His head however, does not look like that of a man. While it is shaped roughly like that a man, it seems to consist of bog-wood, so dark it is almost black. There are holes where the eyes of a man would be, to stare into them is like staring into the infinite black abyss. Men have been known to gaze into them and let years pass them by without notice, lost in the vast blackness. Apart from the eyeholes, the headpiece contains no facial features, merely the gnarls of an oak tree and what looks like a few broken branches at the top. Rather than having legs, his torso ends in what seems like a broad belt. Below this belt is merely a dark green haze, somehow keeping Ish'Faithal floating.
Ish'Faithal rarely concerns himself with the realms of mortals. Recent events, however, have rippled through the Timeweb, in danger of ripping countless threads. First the deaths of the gods and the Twilight curse, then the ousting of the Skylords and the beginning of strife between the elements. This conflict is in danger of ripping the Timeweb and thus destroying the entire world. Balance must be restored, and this is Ish'Faithal's most important goal. The restoration of order and balance and the end of conflict.

  1. Phase - The Timeshifter Spirits are not entirely corporeal. They are not tethered to the mortal plain like most being, and while they can manifest there, the connection is never particularly strong. This allows Ish'Faithal to unattach himself from space and time, moving from one place to another instantly, or losing corporeal form to pass through corporeal objects, or to let them pass through him.
  2. Cognition -  Through the Timeweb, Ish'Faithal has a great knowledge of both the past and all possible futures, allowing him to predict with some accuracy what changes to the future any actions will bring. It also allows him to be aware of things happening around him, just before they happen, allowing him to react in advance, though this reaction may change this future.
  3. Negation - The most impressive ability of the Timeshifter Spirits. Ish'Faithal can create a field around himself, allowing no magic to be used in a large area. Inside this area, Ish'Faithal also controls the rate at which time passes for any object, creature or person individually. This allows him to stop projectiles or enemies, while letting allies move. Still, no magic can be used, friendly or hostile, and Ish'Faithal has to remain stationary to keep this field up.

Ish'Faithal possesses great magic abilities, even for a Timeshifter Spirit. His cognition is unrivalled, allowing him to know everything about anyone he meets and react wisely to any situation. His healing powers have brought people back from the brink of death (but not from beyond).
While his magic abilities are great, Ish'Faithal possesses little in the way of offensive powers. His physical fighting prowess is more or less equal to that of a strong man with a staff, but without any training with it. While he is able to shield himself or his allies from harm, he is no match for any trained fighter in a direct confrontation, physical or magical. He is also unaccustomed to dealing with mortals, so his social skills are negligible.
Ish'Faithal has seen all that was and all that may be, in fact, he always sees it all at once. That is the curse and the blessing of the Timeshifters. They weave the web of time and space, cutting off threads of futures impossible, spinning the threads of emergent choices. Ish'Faithal carries the weight of the world on his shoulders, but not just this world. He carries the weight of all possible worlds. This is very evident in his personality, he is a dark, gloomy person, who puts his goal, the preservation of the Timeweb, and thus the world, above all else. He must complete his mission, all else is meaningless, everyone else is expendable. He must use his wisdom and abilities to achieve this goal, or all is doomed.
Timeshifters rarely interact with the physical world. They occasionally show up to guide the people of Nyn towards the most desirable future, that which is closest to the balance. Timeshifters also vary greatly in power, some can barely heal a scratch, while others can cure a thousand people of the plague, some can move several thousand miles instantly, while others can barely keep their corporeal shape. Ish'Faithal is unique among Timeshifters, in that he possesses great power in all the disciplines, while being able to move seamlessly in time and space, both corporeal and incorporeal. "Ish" is in fact a title, meaning "most revered", a title bestowed upon only the most powerful Timeshifter Spirits. Because of his great power, Ish'Faithal feels responsible for the world, for he feels that he alone has what it takes to steer it away from its current course toward a terrible doom. He has peered into the most likely futures and seen the world torn apart by flames and ice, terrible roots breaking the world to pieces, while all is devoured by ever-hungry shadows. All that ever was and ever will be, shall be lost, unless the future is directed away from this course, and preservation is paramount.

This has led Ish'Faithal to assume corporeal form, he must try and affect the minds of the leaders, to avoid the conflict that will tear the world apart. If this is not possible, only one option will remain to him, he must wake the sleepers, to cleanse the world of chaos. The failsafe left by the gods before they abandoned Nyn, now known only to the Timeshifters and those other few, who remember the days when the world was young.

Ish'Faithal is himself a being of nature, so he has figured that the best course of action would be to go to the leaders of the forest peoples, to ask for their help in restoring balance, therefore, he has materialized himself in the heart of the forest of Tell'Werth, in the deepest darkness, where only the oldest trees dwell.

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Full Name : Ziirah ( spirit god in dovahzull language)
Age : Unknown, some say as old as the universe
Card & Faction : Abyssal Warder, Nature
Appearance and Gender : I'm an ancient guardian of the Sacred Forest, the very centre where every Nature creature was born. The Exiled skylords made me wake up and become one with a skylord, to keep this Sacred Forest and it's creatures safe from the war.
Alignment : Because I am this ancient guardian of the source of natural existence, the Gods have allowed the skylord to become one with me. As a high exeption, If the skylords would ever return to the Forge, then by completing this task to stop the war and protect the nature & it's sacred forest the skylord shall be given a pardon to return to the Forge, but only if he makes wise choises during his task.
Abilities : As guardian of the Sacred Forest I can shout a word that will give my forces and my allies the strength to deal 25% more damage to the enemies.
My high state makes me able to be respected and my strenght and state can make the enemies terrified of attacking me, meaning that he can Spread an energy that will make the enemies run when they see him.
My standart attack is a green glowing ball of energy wich gives damage to the enemies, with an AoE effect within 5 metres.
Stengths : I am very big, so I can tremble my enemies, And My Ancient skin gives me the strength to hold much damage.
Weaknesses :My ancient wisdom and lack of knowledge of the world now, can make me doing the wrong decisions in matter of fate, life & death, meaning i can underestimate my enemies. Also when Attacked by a fire faction, I will get some seconds of burning damage
Personality :I am very wise, but still my decision making is not always that good. I will give my Life to protect the creatures & the Sacred Forest. I am very good at making friends, but sometimes trust them too much.
History : In the old times, I had a constant watch over the Sacred Forest & it's creatures. The world was filled with enemies and killers that I had to stand day and night ready to protect my entire Nature faction. I have face many battles, for example the war with the Unburnt Firelord, wich threatened to put the entire world into flames, trying to kill all elements exept fire.
Another battle has been the battle with the Frost Walkers. A very dangerous group of extremely skilled Ironclads, who had connections with high bosses and pirates all over the world. I managed to defeat them together with the Forest Elder and the Dark juggernauts, Together with them i have gained an alliance with forces of Fire and Shadow because the dark juggernauts had a good fame on protecting the fire and shadow lands.
However, When the twilight arose, The first light of Twilight has made me go in an eternal sleep because of a poison only I could feel because the poison had been made from dead mana wings, doomed to fail the Task to protect the Sacred Forest and the creatures of nature. But strangely, this Exile of the Skylords was a good thing, for me. The ridiculous amount of Ancient Forge energy and the Fusion of the skylord gave me the strength to wake up again, And start my Task again from the very beginning.

My characters theme song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Suea8T1MJ8g
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Full Name: Phobos

Nicknamed: Fumetsu Kyofu

Age: 15 Billion Years

Card & Faction: Lost Warlord, Lost Souls

Appearence & Gender: Male, a bit taller from your average person, but more like the Samurai from Sucker Punch (instead of a warlord) with the straw hat (In description please include only image link) This is how he closely looks like: Whole Body: 03.jpg

Head/Face:                  maxresdefault.jpg

Alignment: Works as a bounty hunter. He is neutral to most, apart from his targets. Hostile only to one; The "rule maker".


Abilities: 1 & 2. -Fear Control and Manifestation- As his name recommends he can manifest your fears or something you didn't know about but you would fear in reality. But he can only do 1 fear at a time. Finally as his name (Fumetsu) states this ability renders him immortal. About immortal at least. When killed his energy will leave the body and flee to an unknown place. There it will gather energy from fears all across Nyn to resurrect him. This proccess takes 1 week to resurrect his physical body and 1 extra week for all his powers. While in the energy gathering form (before resurection) he is completely invulnerable to physical attacks but overvulnerable to energy destruction spells/attacks. Even the slightest damage will kill him for good. After his resurection he is at his weakest point, because he is now affected by physical attacks as well. After being resurrected (physically) he has access to the Blood Mist which has now fuel for 2 more weeks, but is significally weaker for 1 week.


3. -Demon- He was brought back after dying because of having an extremely intense amount of hate. The amount of negativity on him made him a special species of Lost Souls; a Demon. Demons have "Blood Mist" which covers their body with an invisible shield-like energy that absorbs impacts, physical attacks, harmful spells, etc.... Demons also have enchanced senses, e.g. can hear from very long distances, and inhuman strength, speed, etc...( which all amount to about 20 times the strength of a well-built man), and regeneration being able to heal almost every part of their body in very few seconds seconds. Regeneration-wise, his every single part of his body regenerates at the same rate, so to use as a reference his whole arm would regenerate in about 5 seconds, starting from the shoulder. All Demons have a way of "ressurecting", though it varies from Demon to Demon.


Strengths: He is an expert swordsman and martial artist. He has very unique and remarkable agility, second to none. Another strength of his is his intelligence. He posseses high enough intelligence to easily fool almost anyone and achieve his goals. His final strength is his knowledge. Having lived for so long he has traveled to every known place in Nyn and knows almost everything about it and its history.


Weaknesses: The Blood Mist has a gap on the part that guards the Demon's nape. It very thin, but wide enough for a katana, for example, parallel to the ground to pass through. If a blade pierces the flesh there it will damage the organ that generates the Blood Mist and disable it for 24 hours. In this amount of time their one vital spot, their heart, is exposed to danger. Cut their head off, it will regrow, pierce their heart, and you will turn them to dust, rendering them inactive until they resurect or are killed before doing so. The heart does regenerate but it is not fast enough to heal wounds that would be mortal to humans (speaking about the heart, of course). If the Blood Mist is disabled the Demon can't move at max speed. As the defense that was absorbing all the air friction from the high-speed movements is gone, if they choose to move very fast, their body will be torn apart. They can still move fast, just not as fast. The Blood Mist is a very strong defensive system but it can still be broken by very strong concetrated attacks (half a construct blast) or continuous damage from any source (intense flames for about 30 seconds), but if the continuous damage stops for a second, it has to be done from the beggining as it will refresh itself immediately if it has not been broken. When the Blood Mist is broken it gets disabled for 24 hours, as if stabbed in the nape.


Personality: Fumetsu Kyofu is a rather calm, intelligent being that thinks things through before acting. He is rather "cold" and doesn't express any sign of emotions. He is also very infamous among every being alive, or dead.


History: Not much about Phobos is known. Not his origins, not anything. Actually, there is something known about him. His one power. F. E. A. R. They say that, when you fight him, your nightmares come to life in a world that morphs around your fears. Many have killed him. Or at least they thought so. They kill him, only to be haunted by him and killed a couple days later. He leaves no survivors. Killing is what he does best. Once he has engaged a target or a group of targets, no one survives for long. And if he leaves no survivors, how do I know? Well, I'll be dead soon.

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Full Name: Xyalas

Age: 2424

Card & Faction: Promo Swamp Drake, Nature

Appearance and Gender: I am a female Swamp Drake, with a fair line of erect light green scales starting from the tip of her nose running all the way down to the tip of her tail. The rest of my body is covered in dark oak brown scales. Both of which help me camouflage into my surroundings. My wings are small and also oak brown with light green veins that sparkle like emeralds in moonlight. My snake shaped eyes are bright yellow just like the sun. My claws are pitch black just like the midnight sky and are extremely sharp and strong. I might look friendly but I can be your worst nightmare come to life.

Alignment: My only allies are fellow dragons. I also do not follow or take orders from anyone or anything. I do what I believe is best to me and my dragon kin.



Poisonous Skin - This ability means any foe that gets attacked by me will get an 80% chance of being poisoned by my skin. It also means that any weapons that come into contact with my skin also have a chance of becoming poisoned.


Sleep Well - This ability causes the foe to be put to sleep meaning they're unable to attack or flee the battle. However if the foe is attacked they will awaken instantly, if an ally is also close by there is a chance the foe may also be awoken.


Hurricane - This ability is created by flapping my wings in a circular motion which causes small and medium foes to be picked up off of the ground and swirled around in a huge hurricane possibly sending them flying out of battle or into allies or even enemies. However, large foes only have a small chance of being affected by this ability.


Strengths: Quick and agile so can evade attacks quite easily can also camouflage well into environments so is hard to find.

Weaknesses: (What is your character's weak spot? Can be mental or physical issues) Will do anything and everything in her power to protect her dragon kin.

Personality: Unlike most drakes I prefer to concoct elaborate schemes to gain power with as little effort as possible. Being alone all of my life I am very isolated and find it very hard to trust others. I will give my life to protect the forests of the realm.

History: The Daintree Rainforest is where I call home. To hide myself away from the rest of the world I have a lair hidden behind a huge waterfall in the depths of the rainforest, the closer you get to it the more dark and dense the rainforest becomes, many hunters have gone in search of this lair and none have ever come out alive. I mainly rely on camouflage and my good tracking skills to hunt down my prey and can spend many days following and waiting for the right time to strike.

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If you're still in and/or still want your CS checked for the thread's revival, please check out this topic. If not, your CS will be archived. Every CS posted AFTER this post will be considered as fresh, new applications and are not at risk of being wiped.


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Full name: Dzodin the shadow wraith

Age: 24

Card & Faction: Shadow giant slayer, but infected with twilight curse

Appearance and Gender: He is young human male. He is little skinny but still very strong and agile. His eyes glow red, its a combination of the shadow and twilight burning throught his soul. He has got long black hair with the left side being little shawed, most od the hair is on the right side. He has got fur on his armor around his neck. He also has long black cape with a black hood. His left arm is the place most infected with the twilight curse. The whole arm is bandaged, because of it. He also has two swords named "Solitude" and "Suffering".

Alignment: None, except the woman he loves


Shadow Wraith: Dzodin cloaks and starts moving incredibly fast. When he attacks while in stealth, he deals bonus damage then reveals himself. 

Twilight curse: Dzodin claws with his infected hand in the small area before him, dealing massive amount of damage.

Broken heart: (Passive) Whenever Dzodin uses any of his two abilities he loses certain amount of health. But his normal melee attacks heal him for small amount.

Strengths: He is amazing at killing strong and isolated targets. Also he has been throught a lot, he is emotionaly unstable which can sometimes come as a benefit in battle. He also can be invisible for long periods of time, but with a large cost of his health

Weakness: He cant hurt or kill women. Also he can be easily overrun. Also he doesnt have any ranged attacks. He can be easily manipulated by women. He is willing to do anything for his love, meaning he can do pretty bad things just for her. He is also emontionaly unstable which can criple him in battle.

Personality: He is kind but is emotionaly unstable. When something reminds of his past he can become very angry or very depresed. He also doesnt kill if he doesnt really have to (his life depends on it). Also is willing to do anything to save or find his love.

History: Dzodin has a dark history, if there ever was one. His parents died when he was 7, but before they died, they tortuted him in many ways. He learnt to be a small little thief. He always exceled at being out of sight and his natural talent for magic helped him be invisible. But when he was 16 he made a mistake while stealing from a noblewoman. She was buying something in the market. She had someone with her, it looked like her daughter. Dzodin cloaked like normal a slowly started moving towards the noblewoman, but something doesnt felt right for him. He always had respect for women, but that wasnt the problem, he justified by saying to himself that they are rich. He slowly approached the noblewoman when her daughter looked at him. Dzodin froze in a instant, but it was obvious. She could see him. Both were looking at each other for few moments. He didnt realize that magic he felt is from her. Then she whispered to him: "Today at midnight, before my house." Dzodin was confused, but agreed by shooking his head. She winked at him and turned around. He slowly backed away from them a made his way to his shelter. He recognized her after he got back. She was girl of a noble house which ruled the city. So he made his way to their estate. He was there early, so he took a walk in the gardens. He was invisible of course, he knew she would see him.  He stopped at plot where black roses where blooming. "Beatiful are they not?" said girl walking towards him. "Yes, but not as gorgeous as you" he replied. "Polite and nice-looking thief, didnt expect someone like that to exist." "The world isnt black and white, sometimes thieves can be better than nobles. It depends on the human, young lady." She smiled and said "True, whats your name?" "Dzodin, my lady, If I may ask whats yours?" "Dellorian" "Beatiful name for a beatiful lady" She gigled and said: "Are going to compliment me all night?" He smiled and said: "If thats not a problem than yes" Then they had a long walk around the edges of the town. They discovered that both didnt have a good childhood. The girls parents were cruel and did many things to her. She was the youngest part of the house. Dzodin alse learned she is a sorcerer. She dabled into shadow magic a lot. They talked the whole night. And when it sun started rising they went both home. After that night they met up every day for some little time. After a few months they had build a strong realitonship. But it wasnt supposed to last. One day twilight attacked the city, slaugthering everyone. Dzodin was infected, but he still went to find her. 

He found her unharmed, before her home. He explained that he is infected to her so she took him to a shelter behind the city, where she stopped the infection from spreading, so It could be contained only in his left arm. They waited a day in the shelter and then went to take a look at the city. It was completly destroyed and all of the twilight had left. Delorian proposed an idea that they would travel the world together. Dzodin was sceptical at first, he was really worried about her, but he didnt have any choice so he agreed. After many moths of stealing and adveturing they became know as the "Dark Lovers" around the land. Dzodin started to heal from his past, but one day, all went to hell. Large group of bandits ambushed them. They killed half of the men, but then they knocked out Delorian. They started retreating, but they took her with them. He went after them, but they had horses so they were much faster. He followed their steps to a tower. He knocked out the men next to the tower and went straight up the stairs. All the way, he heard her screaming and it was slowly breaking his heart. He ran his was up to the top and opened the door. There were many bodies there. The chair in the middle was full of blood. There was a necklace lying under him. It was hers. He picked it up and hoped that none of the bodies were hers. They were pretty destroyed so he wasnt to able to recognize them. So he now travels the land trying to find her. Still having her necklace and every night thinking about her.



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(Unknown. Calls himself:) The Great Warrior of Justice

Age: 29

Unit & Faction: 
Defender riding a twilight cursed Magma Spore. (Twilight)

Male defender without the crossbowshield. Helmet seems to be falling off all the times. Has a bag of medium large rocks strapped to the remaining pieces of his armor. Rides on a chained, twilight cursed Magmaspore (Picture will be added)

Justice. Somewhat sympathetic towards his former faction.

- Can fly around. 
- Throws rocks from large altitudes with great precision due to his prior archer skills. 
- Can remove the chains from the Spore to spread the twilight curse (which he thinks of as nothing harmful, due to his immunity to it)

Relatively small, fast and unpredictable. Immune to the twilight curse.

- Post traumatic stress. 
- Amnesia. 
- Loses his mind for a short period of time, when logically contradicted in his sence of justice.

Personality & History:
The Great Warrior of Justice was once a mere defender unit. After emerging to the surface with his former allies, they were caught in a fierce battle with the twilight. 
While his allies fled in fear, The Great Warrior of Justice tripped and lost conciousness among dead bodies.
He woke up at night without any recollection of his memory. All he saw around him were dead, deformed faces of fallen beings.
He could not differenciate between his allies and the cursed and thus wondered what force was responsible for such cruel slaughter.
These first thoughts and memories after his awakening, always haunt him at the back of his head.
For the next years he settled in a mountain cave, ignoring and hiding from all passing living beeings, trying to deny and forget what he saw.
Little did he understand that he was the first one to be found immune to the all feared curse.

One day, at the time where the Twilight Curse was beeing irradicated, a wounded cursed Spore found its way to his cave. Seing the poor thing in pain, the pictures from his awakening flashed before his eyes. In tears, while applying first aid to the creature, he swore to himself that he would never allow any such injustice to happen again.
The days full of internal and external struggles flew by, as the Spore recovered. The now self proclaimed Great Warrior of Justice had to physically restrain the thing, which was getting more and more out of control, while trying to preserve its freedom of movement.

Dedicated, he collected rocks from the surrounding, mounted the spore and flew out into the world to find injustice and halt it once and for all.

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The RP as well as this signup list has been cleaned up to only contain the people who are still in and who are accepted.

@Kiwi Nice character, not too complex, abilities are balanced. It's nice to see a not overly complex character, also a female one too! Also nice to see that your character is sane :P You are accepted.

@Dzodin Despite taking damage whenever you use it, be careful with your cloak. It is a very strong ability, make sure not to overuse it and I consider you as accepted too. 

@Malzawar Your abilities aren't too strong, which is made up by the immunity to the Twilight Curse. Seriously, that immunity is by far the strongest thing about your character and you should try to use it to your advantage. I hope you can cope with it well. For the rest, you are accepted.


According to the poll I posted, I am still awaiting new character sheets from the following people: 

@anonyme0273 @Defqon @Lorddaggon @Mrgenki @Ruben @Sensei

Please post your character sheets whenever you are ready. Those whom I have accepted now are ready to make their first post! Good luck :)

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Full Name:  Bloodsucker

age: 4

Unit & Faction:

Bloodsucker, nature

Appearance: 25cm, Small worm, similar in appearance to the shady worm, too, there are hairs to absorb blood, there are 4 pairs of eyes, on the tail there is a heavenly fin capable of moving more mobile under the ground

His features: 

Can quickly develop high speed, can be under the ground a week without food in anticipation of a victim eats blood with blood there are situations where the worm can not get his blood in those cases he is looking for a place of large concentrations of insects, sometimes fish, but this gives a maximum of 1/20 of his Food that in any case makes you look for a victim

1 Ability: sucking the power of an underground worm sneaks up to the target sucking blood and the power of the target is not able to kill but to solve the opportunities to talk and move, does not work against a group of opponents
2 Ability: Nature's rage worm cries for nature's help when it can not cope with a heavy unit or a large cluster of enemies
to him to help comes the climb, and small shimmers capable of distracting attention while the worm kills one by one (does not affect heroes, or big creatures)

The worm has a passive ability to balance the natural, when the worm is with its allies, an aura appears capable of transmitting the vital forces of the nearest to the weakest (when a strong unit has less than half of health, the closest allies give part of their health for healing units can not die they leave the aura by less than 30% Of maximum stock


Fast, strong against single targets



Weak against enemy groups, weak against heroes, depends on allies, Has a small amount of health


This worm comes from the ancient worms of bloodsuckers, but with each following
Generation they lose their advantage, and this generation has reached and to our worm, it has almost no strengths left, but it can still evolve and show its people that not everything is lost

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Hello I would like to join!

Name: Last Whisper

Age: Enough to see the dawn of the world...

Unit & Faction: Forest Elder, Nature i guess

Appearance: Its said that he is the same size has a castle, long white fur, deep black claws and bright red eyes.

Alignment: Last Whisper swore to protect the Ancient Forest with his life, he has been defending it since the beggining of the times against all enemys.One day one army of the Fire Faction threaten the safety of the forest burning miles of land. Eventually he was able to defeat them but since that day he swore that he would destroy them. His only ally's are the Frost Faction often help him in the battles with their common enemy the Fire. He has encountered many  demons from the Shadow Faction but most of them didnt mean no harm but he doesnt trust them.


The Forest's Blessing: Last Whisper receives a blessing from the Forest Elders and regenerates his wounds alot faster.

The Calling of The Elder: Last Whisper roars calling his allies to join him in battle. They say the roar is so loud that you can hear it 1000 milles away.


His amazing way to blend in with the forest makes it so he has almost perfect camouflage.

He knows his ways around the forest, this allows him to hunt any type of enemy in that dense forest making it so even tough he is massive most of the times he remains undetected.


Even tough his main enemy is The Fire Faction, their also his biggest weakness. In a ancient battle with one of The Fire Faction generals hurt him so bad he was close to death.

The Forest is also a big weakness. He was named the Guardian of The Forest, so all his power comes from it, if the Forest is destroyed The Last Whisper will be uselless.


In the beggining of the times when The Ancient Forest first was created Last Whisper was appointed to defend with his life. The Elders trained him so he could be the best warrior the Forest had ever seen. Even tough he is one of the best warriors to exist he is humble and has a big sense of humor.

Its simple but i deleted my other one so i didnt feel like making a huge text again XD



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@5MERTN1K I don't think I can class you as having all factions. Your abilities are too many and way too strong, especially creating everything from nothing and destroying from the planet. This isn't a sci-fi RP and your character seems barely BattleForge-related. There's a lot of stuff about galaxies and other planets which will really not have a lot to do with the story or setting. There has to be a lot that needs to be fixed about your character, I'm sorry.

@Lukegriffin02 looks good to me. Your abilities seem well balanced and your character seems solid. Size of a castle seems huge, but reasonable for BattleForge standards I suppose. You're accepted.

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This seemed like a fun idea to me.


1.    Full Name: Kaylen Storm

2.    Age: 34

3.    Card&Faction: Kobold Engineer, Frost

4.    Appearance and Gender: Kaylen is the human of an kobold engineer duo. He looks plain but very muscular.  His female kobold partner is called Dragnya she is very strong but not very smart as she can only talk in grunts. A special battle armor has been build for Dragnya which is made out of iron armor imbedded with frost magic. It has a small cannon on its shoulders which shoots out ice projectiles.

5.    Kaylen supports the true King or Queen of Lyr. The Fire faction is their sworn enemy after the brave and just queen of the Frost faction Tyria got killed.

6.    Abilities: 
        1.    Architect: As they are a Kobold Engineer duo they are trained to repair any structure. Ofcourse how bigger the structure is the more time it  takes. The materials needed to build the structure or power from a powerwell is also required. This repair includes structures like  Battleships,  Constructs and Ironclads.
        2.    Creation: If the materials or power is available Kaylen can create structures. Yet again how bigger the structure how longer it takes (so he can’t just suddenly build a  worldbreaker gun for example). This creation does not include Battleships, Constructs and Ironclads (He is able to create them but it would take weeks to create one of them so he never does it by himself, a team of kobold engineers in Lyr builds them).
        3.    Snowstorm: Dragnya’s battle armor has the ability to wip up a snowstorm which makes is harder for enemies who aren’t from the frost  faction to move and see. This ability can only be used once a day since the magic needs to regenerate and will only last 5 minutes at maximum storm and up to 20 minutes if the storm is weak. This weak variant will only be used to get away from strong foes.


 (The cannon on the battle armor has the power of a normal cannon so I don’t think that counts as an ability.)


7.    Strengths: Kaylen is known as a great courageous builder whose loyalty will never be doubted. He also is a proper fighter who with Dragnya will fight until their death should they have to. Being from the frost faction he can handle the cold easily altough he could still be frozen by spells and abilities.

8.    Weaknesses: As he is just a human he can be easily killed trough physical and magical attackes.

9.    Personality: Kaylen has always been called brave but reckless by family and friends. It was his intelligence that got him into the Kobold Engineer army and he is always curious about everything. He hates the fire faction for killing their queen even though it hasn’t been proven they actually did it.

10.    History: Kaylen was born and has lived all of his life in the great city of Lyr. Kaylen grew up with the stories about Skylords and heroes like Rogan Kayle who foughth off giants, Twilight and Lost Souls. He was always liked by everyone and loved his city above all else. When Kaylen was old enough he joined the engineering school. At 22 he was assigned to his Kobold partner Dragnya. At first their work relation wasn’t stable they couldn’t get along properly and Kaylen’s pride made him think he was worth more than Dragnya. It wasn’t until Dragnayz saved his live from a falling barrel of a Worldbreaker gun which would have crushed him if Dragnya wouldn’t have punched it away that Kaylen finally set his ego aside and finally accepted her as his partner. After that accident they worked together just fine trusting each other with their lives. After Kaylen graduated he and Dragnya joined the army section for the kobold enigneer were they learned to fight and a special battle armor was made for Dragnya. Ever since they have been serving the frost army. Kaylen’s childhoodfriends Jenna and Samon also joined the army. Samon joined the Lyrish knights and grew ranks quickly. Jenna followed her family tradition and became a winter witch. Ever since their queen was killed they have been defending the west gate of Lyr from the ongoing attacks from the fire faction who were furious at the what they say are false accusations. Kaylens rage burning almost just as strong as the enemy’s elemental troops.

Edited by Eddio
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Name: Avatrostkol (a mix of a random name generated here: http://www.fantasynamegenerators.com/mtg-giant-names.php and combined with a combination of Avatar of Frost from here http://namecombiner.com/ ... I have too much time on my hands sometimes)


Age: 2812 (a random number generated in range 120~6000 here https://www.random.org/)


Card: Avatar of Frost 


Appearance and Gender: a usual Avatar of Frost






  • Ice Shield - whenever Avatrostkol concentrates on the Frost power nearby, he can leech out enough of the cold energy to form a shield around him OR another character to protect them from most non-piercing attacks. Also protects against environment damage such as cold (yes, there is some kind of irony here, but it works), poison air or liquid substances. Shield breaks after a certain time, depending on the amount of focus and time spent to create the shield (mathematical formula  = ((time * 4 + focus * 6) * nearby frost power)) and needs to be renowed by the same means and is vulnerable to fire and extreme heat. Time = time spent focusing. Focus = 3 - amount of actions going on at the same time - actions can be taking note of surroundings or channeling another power. Nearby Frost power = in Frost plains it's at max at 5, in Fire plains it's the minimal amount of 0.5, and ranges between those values in other areas depending on temperature and humidity.
  • Ice Axe power swing - Avastrostkol swings his mighty axe around creating an area of frozen land where his enemies can hardly move becoming vulnerable to his and any other Frost attacks. The damage they take is amplified by 100% at any distance. The frozen circle also grants +2 to Frost power (maxing at 5 after addition to current Frost power). This skill can't be used in the plains of Fire and stays for 10 seconds only, without depending on the surroundings.
  • Ice rage - no matter of the surroundings, Avatrostkol's potential is maxed out for a brief duration before being exhausted for a long time. This trait was inherited from an unknown Shadowy ancestor that was never traced. For the duration, Avatrostkol can't be immobilized and applies Ice Shield to himself at maximum power of 30 seconds immediately. His focus is then doubled for 30 seconds. After this time, his focus is halved and he can only move slowly for a few hours, depending on the surroundings. 


Stengths: As all Avatars of Frost, Avatrostkol is known for being nearly unstoppable in the Ice Plains or wherever there is cold surrounding him. He is good at formind long lasting alliances that are held by his Ice Shield when in danged so his allies don't fall easily and manages easily multiple close-range enemies. 


Weaknesses: Any long ranged mobile enemies will be a huge problem for Avatrostkol, as he isn't very fast without using his Ice Rage ability, but if surrounded, he will then be exhausted soon and nearly defenseless as his Shield cracks after a while. He also is very weak in warmer areas.


Personality : Calm and wise, but rushing at times. Cares about those who are close, but doesn't let anyone get too close fast. Seems emotionless and cold, but melts when surrounded by warmth. 


History: Coming from a long line of Avatars of Frost, Avatrostkol spent most of his life in the Ice plains long way north, where he didn't meet many non-Frost personas. One day a Shadow priest came along recruiting to his Shadow army. The leader of Avatrostkol's tribe, Scheveningen, confronted him and declined his offer. Later that night, all of the Frost village was embarked by darkness and consumed by countless Void Walkers, Rifle Cultists, Nightcrawlers and Nightguards. Enraged, Avastrostkol fought his way through the village and escaped before falling to the ground exhausted. After the Shadowy mist dissolved, no trace of his old village was to be found in its original place. Avastrostkol since searches for the Shadow priest and all of Shadow factions followers who can help him find leads, dismissing anyone and anything in the way who don't want to help him in his cause. <longer history incoming, I am too lazy now... but you get the idea>

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@Eddio Your characters and their abilities are very fitting to the lore and nicely balanced, way to go and well accepted! Looking forward to seeing some storyline with those two! Also nice knowing you read up on stuff ^^

@anonyme0273 Nice character, strong but very well acceptable abilities. Do remember that calculations in fighting are very simplified and your mathematical formulas will not be that influential or judged on balance. I assume you simply take into account that depending on the region as well as the time spent channelling, your shields take a certain time to build up and break down. I also assume that enemies are generally just more vulnerable in your ice axe swing area (rather than taking a percentage more damage) and allow you to create stronger shields for a brief amount of time, that likely being a single shield. As for your final ability, I will just assume that that powers your shield generating powers up and grants you "CC" immunity, at the cost of them being weaker than normal for a while after your rage and slow you down. If this is okay with you that I see it this way, you too are accepted :)

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On 12.08.2017 at 1:18 AM, MrXLink said:

@5MERTN1K I don't think I can class you as having all factions. Your abilities are too many and way too strong, especially creating everything from nothing and destroying from the planet. This isn't a sci-fi RP and your character seems barely BattleForge-related. There's a lot of stuff about galaxies and other planets which will really not have a lot to do with the story or setting. There has to be a lot that needs to be fixed about your character, I'm sorry.

@Lukegriffin02 looks good to me. Your abilities seem well balanced and your character seems solid. Size of a castle seems huge, but reasonable for BattleForge standards I suppose. You're accepted.

I corrected look please

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Name: Chronos

Age: Unknown


Unit & Faction: Stonekin - only ONE (Intelligent!) Stone Warrior sized Stone Shard unit

Appearance: Like a normal stone shards unit, but much smarter and The Glow of promo stone grinder eyes on his 2 blades, also the size of a stone warrior

Alignment: A special stonekin unit, who is not like all other stonekin species.


Abilities: - ninja, martial arts- like fight style wich makes him a good fighter
             - Short-range teleportation

Strengths: a skilled fighter (ninja ability)
no-one knows exactly who he is and what he can do wich brings him an advantage.

Weaknesses: he is no god, so he can be killed as easily as all other species if they get him.
Vulnerable to anything that has part of twilight, because he does not know that they even existed.

Personality & History: Everyone sais: Myths are just myths. Is this one true? Noone knows. This Myth is about an ancient, special species of the stonekin.
a Personality that roamed on the world even before The Gods and the Skylords existed. Myth goes that before the world was formed into it's shape now, an ancient force "The Archos", bringing monstrosities and horrible abominations. Have once wandered on the world, with a sole purpose. Destroying all planets with sentient and robotic life, to seed that world with their own race. But, to achieve such a victory, they first needed to do some "things". Before they could start seeding the planet, they first needed to destroy all vegetation. And second, they needed to wipe out all other lifeforms there are on that planet.
The only one capable of destroying The Archos was Chronos, He is as old as time because "The Creators", of wich nothing has ever been recorded to be true, false or even fairy tales, knew the day of The Archos would come. With every breath, he took a enormous battle against The Archos and eventually won. However... The Archos got so far in their work that all vegetation was destroyed and 99% of the world's remaining life forms, were simple cell's. Wich started to evolve into life forms and the world we know today. The Creators knew that the world would someday have to face The Archos again so they gave Chronos a new heart, not just any heart, but a heart that never grew old so that Chronos was left there to watch, and wander the world forever, waiting for his true enemy...


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@Defqon looks good to me, simple and not too strong abilities, mainly a lot of knowledge. I can accept this ;)

@5MERTN1K Looks okay enough now. I'm going to class you as a tiny shadow worm being part of the nature faction. You seem very underpowered and I am intrigued by how you're going to make a story out of this. Hope it doesn't grow out of hand, we'll see how it goes. For now you're accepted.


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4 minutes ago, MrXLink said:

@Defqon looks good to me, simple and not too strong abilities, mainly a lot of knowledge. I can accept this ;)

@5MERTN1K Looks okay enough now. I'm going to class you as a tiny shadow worm being part of the nature faction. You seem very underpowered and I am intrigued by how you're going to make a story out of this. Hope it doesn't grow out of hand, we'll see how it goes. For now you're accepted.


thanks :D

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On 17.08.2017 at 4:48 PM, MrXLink said:

@Defqon looks good to me, simple and not too strong abilities, mainly a lot of knowledge. I can accept this ;)

@5MERTN1K Looks okay enough now. I'm going to class you as a tiny shadow worm being part of the nature faction. You seem very underpowered and I am intrigued by how you're going to make a story out of this. Hope it doesn't grow out of hand, we'll see how it goes. For now you're accepted.


Thank you very much so long after I got there, when can I start?

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