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  1. or maybe just as sidestory, that chronos tells the legend to it's ppl & my char can die, just not of time
  2. Give me opinions & toughts, thanks! :D

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      sellout in what? i'm just clashed with what to do :3

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      Thank me later.

  3. As you all should know the Battleforge RP - The Elemental Clash has started again Due to some reasons in the past RP, I had to make a new character sheet (wich is allowed in the RP allrdy). However, if you have read the legend about my character in the character sheet. (If not, Read just below this) As you have read or know, my legend is telling about The Archos and The Creators (of wich NOTHING is known from). I was wondering if in the RP, I should make a story out of that legend as some kind of 'prologue' or a 'prequel' from the elemental clash? So that I will tell the entire story of Chrono battleing The Archos? Second of all, I was wonder if in the RP, I should make The Archos return somehow? 3rd: I was wondering if I should make a story about The Creators too? As nothing is known from them, I can literaly go ANY way with my story that I want, like making them some evil Mass Effect Reapers that actually wants to destroy the universe, or some kind of Creators from the movie "Transformers" Where they created the actuall transformers, but came back to destroy them because they built "mistakes", "failures", or make the creators some thing as a god like they made every creature in the universe or something but needs to cleanse them because of reasons. As I said, many ways I will definitly make a story ofc about The Elemental Clash wich will be the main story, but I was wondering if I should make those stories too. Also, ideas FOR those stories would be greatly appreciated.
  4. thanks
  5. Name: Chronos Age: Unknown Unit & Faction: Stonekin - only ONE (Intelligent!) Stone Warrior sized Stone Shard unit Appearance: Like a normal stone shards unit, but much smarter and The Glow of promo stone grinder eyes on his 2 blades, also the size of a stone warrior Alignment: A special stonekin unit, who is not like all other stonekin species. Abilities: - ninja, martial arts- like fight style wich makes him a good fighter - Short-range teleportation Strengths: a skilled fighter (ninja ability) no-one knows exactly who he is and what he can do wich brings him an advantage. Weaknesses: he is no god, so he can be killed as easily as all other species if they get him. Vulnerable to anything that has part of twilight, because he does not know that they even existed. Personality & History: Everyone sais: Myths are just myths. Is this one true? Noone knows. This Myth is about an ancient, special species of the stonekin. a Personality that roamed on the world even before The Gods and the Skylords existed. Myth goes that before the world was formed into it's shape now, an ancient force "The Archos", bringing monstrosities and horrible abominations. Have once wandered on the world, with a sole purpose. Destroying all planets with sentient and robotic life, to seed that world with their own race. But, to achieve such a victory, they first needed to do some "things". Before they could start seeding the planet, they first needed to destroy all vegetation. And second, they needed to wipe out all other lifeforms there are on that planet. The only one capable of destroying The Archos was Chronos, He is as old as time because "The Creators", of wich nothing has ever been recorded to be true, false or even fairy tales, knew the day of The Archos would come. With every breath, he took a enormous battle against The Archos and eventually won. However... The Archos got so far in their work that all vegetation was destroyed and 99% of the world's remaining life forms, were simple cell's. Wich started to evolve into life forms and the world we know today. The Creators knew that the world would someday have to face The Archos again so they gave Chronos a new heart, not just any heart, but a heart that never grew old so that Chronos was left there to watch, and wander the world forever, waiting for his true enemy...
  6. 2476
  7. gimme a cover on life is a highway - rascal flatts
  8. 2463
  9. because gold
  10. Of course, and there's so much potential to restart the curse! allrdy got an idea
  11. that's why i made it half cursed
  12. AMAZING!!! the revival of the EC
  13. looking very godo son! I want more!