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  1. Open Beta Information

    quit the trolls
  2. Battleforge and Resolution

    I guess of it works on a widescreen which is almost like a dual screen in some cases, it should work in fullscreen windowed mode too, that would be logical i guess
  3. Discord - Our new voice server !

  4. Battleforge and Resolution

    Now that we are talking about resolutions, @fiki574 , @MephistoRoss is BF playable with a dual monitor? (so dual screen) I never looked for that in the past cuz I always had a low budget screen xD
  5. Order Of Players To Fight

  6. Blue pill? Red pill?

    Red ftw
  7. Describe the game with one word!

  8. 2 Years of skylords reborn!

    2 years & a few months of waiting but every second was worth it :3 Thanks alot devs! Big love to y'all
  9. 69.

  10. Dawson's Stream (unofficial) - 8pm EST

    I've seen it he just said early while it was 1.30 am ... :/
  11. Wells new upgrade

    Nice idea, But I would make the amount of power in a well higher & increase well power production, without the rest of those things
  12. Good coop games

    I wuld sure play those games... ... If i'd have a sponsor willing to pay one for me xD
  13. Unofficial New Faction/Cards Idea

    If you would make that story, I would make the amii deck first so that the amii story climax can be that they will awaken the shapeshifters to aid them Otherwise, the idea & deck seems awesome and would sure be a go-for