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  2. I've seen it he just said early while it was 1.30 am ... :/
  3. Nice idea, But I would make the amount of power in a well higher & increase well power production, without the rest of those things
  4. I wuld sure play those games... ... If i'd have a sponsor willing to pay one for me xD
  5. If you would make that story, I would make the amii deck first so that the amii story climax can be that they will awaken the shapeshifters to aid them Otherwise, the idea & deck seems awesome and would sure be a go-for
  6. Chapter 1 The prologue Long ago… There was the world earth, centuries before Nyn was born. “The Creators” of the universe have brought life upon earth. There was a thriving sentient life on the world called “Eraklyons”. The race was advanced, peacefull, prosperous… to it’s own kin. However they had pure harmony with every living Eraklyon, they were enemies to other alien species. And then, out of nowhere, the immense force of “The Archos” arrived. They were merciless, vile and had the strength to go on, no matter what. Since their arrival, the Eraklyons and the Archos have been fighting for earth for several years. How hard the Eraklyons fought, they were sadly on the losing side… Almost all vegetation was gone already and the race of the eraklyons have suffered severe losses… But! Before all hope was lost, a cry for help to a mysterious and unknown force called The Creators wich no-one believed to be actually worth believing in, got suddenly answered. An unknown voice shouted: “Rise!”. And with an eyeblinding light, the Creators have made the first stonekin type of creature wich was as mysterious as them. Joining the side of the Eraklyons, the stonekin creature took on to the Archos with everything it had. The Eraklyons were amazed by it’s power, it’s swiftness. It’s like the creature was some sort of gifted master of martial arts with a teleportation ability. The fight finally started to look bright for the Eraklyons, they finally had the upper hand again! But the Archos still had some tricks upon their sleeves too… With their own weaponry, they have knocked a mega meteorite off course, heading towards earth. And then, later, at the very moment the stonekin creature and the ereklyons were facing near-total victory. The meteorite struck earth, destroying almost all life on earth. The Archos offered themselves on this losing war, so that the world would be dead forever. However, their plan did not go as planned. Because the meteorite was from alien origin, it had a little side-effect. An effect that no-one could have known, the moment it struck the earth. The impact of the rock, wich some simple cells survived, created the Fire element. And while the long lasting darkness after that, created the Shadow element. The death of the creature, caused the Nature element to form, but also the Frost element. All that was going to happen now, is the darkness to fade away, let sunlight through & to let the cells evolve again and bring back life to earth. After that, the world of Nyn was born…
  7. The Myth Everyone sais: Myths are just myths. Is this one true? Noone knows. This Myth is about an ancient, special species of the stonekin. A personality that roamed on the world even before The Gods and the Skylords existed. Myth goes that before the world was formed into it's shape now, an ancient force "The Archos", bringing monstrosities and horrible abominations. Have once wandered on the world, with a sole purpose. Destroying all planets with sentient and robotic life, to seed that world with their own race. But, to achieve such a victory, they first needed to do some "things". Before they could start seeding the planet, they first needed to destroy all vegetation. Second, they needed to wipe out all other lifeforms there are on that planet. The only one capable of destroying The Archos was Chronos, He is as old as time because "The Creators", of wich nothing has ever been recorded to be true, false or even fairy tales, knew the day of The Archos would come. With every breath, he took a enormous battle against The Archos and eventually won. However... The Archos got so far in their work that all vegetation was destroyed and 99% of the world's remaining life forms, were simple cell's. Wich started to evolve into life forms and the world we know today. The Creators knew that the world would someday have to face The Archos again so they gave Chronos a new heart, not just any heart, but a heart that never grew old so that Chronos was left there to watch, and wander the world forever, waiting for his true enemy...
  8. I'll be starting on the RP when my exams are over

  9. The developpers will bring out the game.
    But only if you bend the knee! :troll:

  10. @MrXLink THAT! Is EXACTLY what I needed in this game! It will make the game much more enjoyable indeed. I love the idea, and we just NEED it.
  11. 2486 are the amount of fucks i don't give about hate
  12. or maybe just as sidestory, that chronos tells the legend to it's ppl & my char can die, just not of time
  13. Give me opinions & toughts, thanks! :D

    1. ThomasMann


      #SellOut :lol:

    2. Defqon


      sellout in what? i'm just clashed with what to do :3

    3. sylvix95


      Here you go bigstock_A_person_thinks_of_the_word_Op_


      Thank me later.

  14. As you all should know the Battleforge RP - The Elemental Clash has started again Due to some reasons in the past RP, I had to make a new character sheet (wich is allowed in the RP allrdy). However, if you have read the legend about my character in the character sheet. (If not, Read just below this) As you have read or know, my legend is telling about The Archos and The Creators (of wich NOTHING is known from). I was wondering if in the RP, I should make a story out of that legend as some kind of 'prologue' or a 'prequel' from the elemental clash? So that I will tell the entire story of Chrono battleing The Archos? Second of all, I was wonder if in the RP, I should make The Archos return somehow? 3rd: I was wondering if I should make a story about The Creators too? As nothing is known from them, I can literaly go ANY way with my story that I want, like making them some evil Mass Effect Reapers that actually wants to destroy the universe, or some kind of Creators from the movie "Transformers" Where they created the actuall transformers, but came back to destroy them because they built "mistakes", "failures", or make the creators some thing as a god like they made every creature in the universe or something but needs to cleanse them because of reasons. As I said, many ways I will definitly make a story ofc about The Elemental Clash wich will be the main story, but I was wondering if I should make those stories too. Also, ideas FOR those stories would be greatly appreciated.