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The Elemental Clash (The BattleForge RP)

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OOC: Greetings gentlefolk, and welcome to the BattleForge Roleplaying game. For rules, conditions, information on characters and factions, and how to participate in this game, please head to the RP signup thread over here: http://forum.skylords.eu/index.php?/topic/1744-the-battleforge-rp-signup/

Only participants may post in this thread. Any posts made by nonparticipants will be deleted without warning. Repeated voilations of this rule made by the same person may result in a warning for spamming. The current participants and their characters are:

Araxes - Lost Dragon @MrXLink
Avatrostkol - Avatar of Frost @anonyme0273
Bloodsucker - Nature-sided Shadow Worm @5MERTN1K
Chronos - Stone Shard @Defqon
Dzodin - Shadow Giant Slayer @Dzodin

The Great Warrior of Justice - Defender @Malzawar
Ish'Faithal - Timeshifter Spirit @DragonOfTime
Kaylen Storm - Kobold Engineer @Eddio
The Last Whisper - Forest Elder @Lukegriffin02
Xyalas - Promo Swamp Drake @Kiwi
Vasdohr - Dreadcharger @veryhasted

Alright, without further ado, let the RP begin… here’s your intro, be prepared to write yourself in. Remember to post at least once per week, at most twice per day!

WARNING - This thread's recommended age for both reading and writing is 16+, as it may contain foul language, violence, blood, cruelty and potentially very dark themes/topics. This is a guideline and you may proceed as you wish, but be warned. 


Nyn… a world of wonder and warfare. A place of beauty and bloodshed, and for at least a few decades, a realm of peace and pride. Collaboratively, the elements of Fire, Nature, Frost and Shadow had fended off the destruction of the world seemingly ages ago. Some remember it clearly, others are faintly reminded by the songs being sung and poems being recited by all the troubadours today; about the clash between elements, about the vanquishing of the dreaded Twilight Curse, about the liberation of the souls, the terror and slavery caused by Shane Blight, and even about the rise of Rogan Kayle, the King of Lyr of the olden days. Brave Skylords fought for what was theirs, worked together to protect the Forge and the world of Nyn from despair and chaos. Perhaps the days of never-ending war were the better days for the sake of Nyn’s history and elemental coherence. With a shared purpose and objective, all the forces of Nyn seemed to forget about their differences and collaborated for the greater good. Once the Twilight War had been resolved, however, it only became more and more clear that this was a mere illusion. In fact, the aftermath of the War only made the elemental tensions worse, with each faction considering themselves to contribute most to Nyn’s liberation, denouncing their natural counterparts. The burning rage of the Fire tribes, blaming most of their losses on the cowardice and defensive attitude of the Frost Kingdom, whereas the Frost civilization blamed this on the Fire tribes’ reckless lack of strategic approach. The stunningly beautiful creatures of Nature felt insulted by the sacrifices the Shadow Empire made, destroying both themselves and their allies for the greater good, and corrupting the lands, whereas Shadow found this an insulting and impure matter. Nothing had changed for the better, but nobody was waiting for another war. This is why all the elements remained silent, but for how long…

It was only a matter of time until the next conflict would break out. The oracles of Nature foresaw it for years, and the Lost Souls became restless, some even refusing to enter Ashia until the tension had been endured. The way in which the next conflict started, however, was a surprise to everybody. Within the same night, at the exact same time, Tyria, the Queen of Lyr and ruler of the Frost Kingdom, as well as Aerion, the sage and leader of Nature, were killed mercilessly and without a trace of any killer. Aerion having been poisoned by an incurable unknown substance in his afternoon tea, whereas Tyria was lost due to extensive blood loss from a wound in her chest, presumably caused by a large dagger of unknown origin. As could be expected, Nature immediately blamed the Shadow Empire for the death of their leader. Of course, what is more subtle and painful than getting poisoned in such a brutal way? This had to be the work of those undead bastards, seeking to get rid of us since the end of the War... or so the forces of Nature claimed. The death of Tyria could naturally only be caused by the Fire tribes, claim the citizens of Lyr and the kingdom of Frost. They had always despised Frost’s defensive strategies, blamed them on their losses and now found revenge by assassinating their bravest leader since Rogan. An aggressive, merciless chest wound could only be the cause of senseless, reckless violence, right?

It would be straightforward enough to claim that Frost and Nature would ally with each other since they shared a similar fate… but this was not the case. After all, Frost had long been defiling the lands with industry, constructs and massive structures, and Nature has been blamed to be the cause of the chilling cold and merciless conditions in the Kingdom of Frost for the last three years… and Shadow and Fire had always despised each other for their lack of taste and different strategic approaches. Not everybody was single-minded about the war between factions and civilizations slowly began to fall apart. This meant war. War between Fire and Frost, war between Shadow and Nature, and perhaps war in general.

Even the Skylords, being originally part of either of the four elements, were frowning at each other and using their powers against each other, biased by the ongoing conflict. The Gods were clearly not pleased by this, and threw every single Skylord into exile, denying them any access to the Forge of Creation, which was left to float within the heavens; empty, hollow and unstable. With nobody to trust and no divine protection, awareness sharpened and collaboration weakened. Collaborative tasks to protect the realm were abandoned due to factions not trusting each other well enough, and the tension still grows stronger every single day. Small, independent alliances and rivalries are formed, and creatures seem to focus so much on the war they pay little attention to the rest of Nyn. The situation is highly fragile and unstable, and the ongoing war has disrupted the balance between elements, causing the Forge to tremble… and as soon as there is a lack of attention, new opportunities may arise for those who have long been isolated, contained or silent. After all, Bandits could have a free domain these days, the world’s instability worried the Stonekin, and who was to guard the passageways to Akylos? An unthinkable, awful future is slowly drenching the world of Nyn into chaos… who could possibly be facing it?

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The stars brightly lit up the midnight sky, like sparkling gems within the many Stonekin caves deep beneath the earth. Not that daylight ever fell in Akylos. The only light that ever shone there would have to be the moon, stars and the bright glow of the portal to Ashia. The faint stream of cyan shades of the dead slowly passing through rivers to the Wailing Lands… the same pattern, the same stream of bodiless souls on a crusade towards a single, shared goal, hoping for a better life, hoping to not be stuck in the depths of this void of a place for the rest of their afterlives, had gone by for decades. One dragon observed every single one of them. Whether it was an act of boredom or enjoyment was even hard for him to tell. Being trapped in a realm of practically emptiness did not really contribute to the knowledge of whatever purpose an action had in Akylos. For all he knew his refusal to enter the gate did not really change the point of anything in his existence. One thing was sure; Nyn is a place he did not want to leave, and once Ashia was reached, there was no way back.

Araxes was always a watchful dragon. After all, with no purpose, what could one do other than observe, even what he could not reach? Listening to the Lost Souls helped him obtain knowledge on the world of Nyn. Change was afoot, rapidly. Seemed the elements were at war once again, which could be useful, considering the gateways to Akylos were many and jointly guarded by the elements. The time had finally come. Finally he could leave this wretched place. He gazed around him, growling lowly. The nearest passage had to be the broken mountain in the Shattered Lands. Normally guarded by both Frost and Fire forces, this would clearly be the easiest way out now. Slowly and calmly, he started making his way towards the broken mountain, walking. His eyes set on the pitch-black mountain in the far distance. There was no haste, none at all. Just inevitability…

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It had been a long time, in mortal terms, since the last time Ish'Faithal wore a body. He once again felt the breeze upon his naked skin, absorbing the essences of the woods around him. He took a deep breath, though he did not need to breathe. He smelled the scents of the deep forest; though the world was ravaged, no change had yet come to this, the deepest glades of Tell'Werth. No mortal had trod here in several hundred millennia, this was the pristine wood where the veil was thin. This was the easiest place to cross over between Nyn and The Web, and it was the only place in the material world where Ish'Faithal felt truly at home. Just like in The Web, time had ceased to have meaning in this place, the trees here were no ordinary trees, they had become akin to gods. The Old Gods of the forest, though very few knew this. The glade still had the air of the First Magic about it, a magic older than the Gods, a magic older than the world itself. This was where life had come from nothingness, this was the wellspring of creation. Of course, the other elements had their own such places of power, though these were even more inaccessible, after all, the only of the four primary forces that made the world that does not cause death, is life, and life is the core at the heart of nature.

The fire tribes have Mount Urgozai, where the fire burns so hot, even rock becomes vapour in a matter of seconds. Even the most powerful magma fiends and batariels cannot go there, they emerge from the lesser mounts surrounding it. Mount Urgozai is the furnace of the world, and if its fire was ever to go out, the world would end in eternal ice. The frost nations have the Frozen Wastes at the top of the world, the origin of the Avatars. However, at the very top of the world is a place so cold, that coldness itself loses its meaning. Here, at the very top of the world, air and ice will melt into a substance that is liquid and yet not. Even the avatars cannot go there, this is the place where cold itself will freeze and all energy will be lost into the vortex of not-ice. This is how many prophecies say that the world will end, the cold at the top of the world will gradually drain the warmth from everything around it, leading to the eventual ice-death of Nyn, when Mount Urgozai no longer burns and all is but ice. The rest of the prophecies talk of The Void. In the heart of the shadowed wastelands, where the sun cannot penetrate the dark clouds, there is rumored to be a cave that has no bottom. Instead of the bottom, there is only the abyss, the Death-That-Lives. It is not alive or sentient in any way mortals, or even the gods would understand, but it is said, that when you gaze into the abyss, the abyss gazes back, and none have lived to tell of this. There are those who say that this is similar to the wrathgazers, though infinitely more powerful. The most powerful and foolhardy wrathgazers in history, believing themselves more powerful than the abyss itself, have tried to gaze into it, but all have met their end this way. This, however is no ordinary death, this is the death of the soul, the essence of death itself. All that is conscious is obliterated, devoured by this void at the heart of the world. It is said that one day, this void will emerge from its cave, and all of creation shall be devoured in its eternal hunger.

Ish'Faithal knew that in the end, all of these possibilites were true. The future could happen in any number of ways, and someday the world was going to end. In fact, unless he could put a stop to the current conflict, it was more than likely that this end would come around soon. No element must be allowed to obtain complete dominance over the others, and no element must become too weakened, for unlike in the prophecies, there were two other possible apocalypses. If the Frost nations should be annihilated, or the Fire Tribes obtain dominance, Mount Urgozai would erupt, engulfing the entirety of Nyn in its cleansing flames, burning everything until the end of time, so there would be nothing but flame, as at the moment, the infinite fire is only kept in check by the eternal frost.  If the shadow realms should fall, and the abyss thus lose its influence on the world, or the forces of nature should achiece dominance over the world, the most horrible of all the apocalypses would become reality. The spark of life would have no death to oppose it, and all would live, there would be no death and all would live. Every tool, every piece of clothing, every rock, every grain of sand would become alive, and the entire world would be engulfed in eternal madness, as every limb of everyones body would have a life of its own, and it would never end, for death would have been conquered. That is why Ish'Faithal knew that he must stop this war, before it brought about the end of the world, for he had seen the world's end, in all of its different forms, and it was not something he would like to experience.

He thought about all of this as he moved through the glade, Aerion the Grand Sage was murdered and war was inevitable, but he must try and end it as soon as he could, he must talk to the leaders of all the elemental factions, and he would start with the nature faction, for this was the faction with whom he shared his affinity. As the ruler was dead, there would be a ruling council in place, the council that would in the end choose the next Grand Sage, Aerion's successor. He must speak with them before it was too late. Time was of the essence, so he said his goodbyes to the ancient spirits of the God-Trees and he moved quickly to the sacred gathering-place of the council, taking space-time shortcuts through the web-strands connecting the world, allowing him to move thousands of leagues in seconds without even using time-stoppage. He was glad that the webbage was so favourable, but of course it was. The web-weavers of time had seen this eventuality and prepared for it. However, there was one thing that worried Ish'Faithal greatly, and aroused suspicion that the poisoner was not merely an agent of the Shadow Realms: He was shrouded by the mists of time; even though the event had already happened, the identity of the murderer was hidden from the spirits of The Web. It must be an immensely powerful group with knowledge of pieces of the most ancient magic, and it must be the same group who murdered the queen of Lyr, for her killer was similarly shrouded in mystery, even to those who could see all of time before them.

Ish'Faithal appeared in the middle of The Circular Table, the hollowed out stub of an ancient oak, with a diameter of many metres. The Elders of the enclaves of nature were seated around the table in heated discussion, which stopped in the moment that Ish'Faithal appeared from thin air in their midst. There was a deep silence for a few seconds, before Arqwan, an elder shaman, a favourite to become the next Grand Sage, rose, and said in his booming voice, "Who are you, who would disturb the Conclave of Sages at this critical time, and how did you get here?".

Ish'Faithal saw into his past, Arqwan had been the shaman of a small forest community that had been attacked in the Twilight Wars, but he had read the signs of the forest and seen that the Twilight had been on their way, so he had evacuated his village, and they had fled to the major forest city of  Aw'Garr. Here quickly rose to prominence, both for his skill as a healer, his observance in regards to nature and as a result of his general wisdom. Before long, he was chosen to represent Aw'Garr in the Conclave of Sages as the Sage of Aw'Garr. He had done this for the past thirty years, and everyone on the council respected his wisdom. He had been a close friend and advisor to Aerion, the former Grand Sage, and now he was hoping to become elected the next Grand Sage, as he was sure that he would lead his people to glory in the face of this external threat, for the people of nature had grown prosperous in the years since the Twilight wars.

Ish'Faithal looked directly at Arqwan, for he knew that the conclave would listen to his opinion, and said, "Sage Arqwan, do not let your lust for glory overpower your wisdom, for I know you to be among the wisest of your people. Please, hear me out, for I bring the gravest of news. I am of the webweavers, we are known as Timeshifter Spirits in this world, and I have seen what has befallen you and what is to come. I must insist that you do what you can to stay out of this war, I have strong suspicions that we face a foe far more insidious than the Shadow Realms, trying to pit the elements against each other, trying to bring about the end of the world. I beg of you, please do not aid them in this madness, please do not go to war."

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A heavy silence fell upon the conclave when Ish'Faithal's booming voice had uttered his final words; it was as if the forest itself held its breath in anticipation of what was to come next. Finally another sage rose to join the debate, Trebor of Uthwalm, also known as The Dark Shaman, raised his voice and spoke, "We are grateful for your advice, Spirit, if that is what you truly are. For we have ourselves conversed with the spirits, and they told us a different tale. We were told that this was an assassin of darkness, and why should we disregard the spirits that guide us? You say that you are of those who see all, yet you have not seen this? I will tell you something, just before you came, Arqwan told us of a vision that he had, he saw that the minds of the conclave were poisoned by an entity veiled in shrouds and darkness. One who appeared fair, but whose innards were as rotten as death itself. I say we do not need to worry about this vision any longer, for we have found the being it concerns. You are an impostor, sent here by the Shadow Realms to stop us from preparing for war, so they can destroy us with ease! We will not fight for glory, we will fight for survival!"

Ish'Faithal was deeply disturbed by what Trebor had said. Of course Trebor would be skeptic of his plan to avoid confrontation with The Shadow Realms, as his home, Uthwalm, lay  in the heart of the Darkwoods, the forest bordering the wastes of the Shadow Realms. Here, border skirmishes with the forces of shadow were a very real thing, and Trebor had felt the touch of darkness on his own body. As a child, he had been afflicted in a plague of the Befallen's Curse, where he had been the only infected to survive, leaving him horribly disfigured, his skin having turned dark purple and with a multitude of blisters and tumorous growths on his body. This was what had given him his epithet of "The Dark", and he was always one of the sages arguing for an aggressive stance on the Shadow Realms. What worried Ish'Faithal the most, however, was his remark about the spirits, and how they had told him what happened. Either he was lying, or someone was pretending to be the spirits. Ish'Faithal didn't know which of these options would be worst, but he had to find out. He turned his gaze to Trebor's past, and he saw the death and decay that Trebor had witnessed. He saw Trebor grow up, fight the Shadows at every possible moment, he saw how he became the xenophobic demagogue of the darkwoods, which got him into power. His negative view on the Shadow Realms and his calls for stronger measures against them were popular in Uthwalm, where Shadow was a very real threat. Soon he became elected their Sage, and he used his influence in the conclave to block all calls for reconciliation and cooperation with the Shadow Realms, being the de-facto leader of the anti-shadow faction of the sages. It was not the most powerful faction, that being the conservative status-quo faction, but it was among the top powers in Nature politics.

Somewhere along the timeline though, holes started to appear. Points in time shrouded in darkness, impenetrable to Ish'Faithal's vision. He quickly realized that this could only mean one thing, either Trebor was the murderer, or he was in league with him. He must be the shrouded entity that Arqwan's vision had told about, and he had used this vision to cast suspicion on Ish'Faithal, to undermine his credibility and perhaps even try to destroy him. Ish'Faithal knew that he could not now achieve what he had come here to accomplish, but he had accomplished something. He now knew that this murder, and probably also the murder of the Frost Queen was merely a part of a much larger and more sinister plot, and he was the only one who could stop it. He must move on as quickly as possible, and gather information about this secret organisation, trying to bring about the end of the world. Ish'Faithal knew that he must act carefully now, or all would be lost.

His precognition told him that Arqwan was the key, while he couldn't be persuaded to abstain for retaliation, he could be persuaded that Ish'Faithal was not the threat his visions had shown, and that he should act with temperance. And thus, Ish'Faithal was able to author his response, "Forgive me wise sages, for my interruption. I know you cannot act on my advice before I have evidence for my claims, for I realize that they are beyond the parametres of what is considered believable, I ask of you only that you consider it, and remember what I have told you, for one day before too long, I shall return with proof of my allegations. I ask you therefore, do not strike out with such force that it cannot be stopped. All things must be done with temperance, and in the end, balance must be restored. Do not upset the balance beyond the point of restoration, for then it will mean doom to us all."

Ish'Faithal could feel Trebor's fury, but the conclave took his words to heart. While he could not end the war before it began, he now had the key, he must find the truth behind the shrouds, and he had only one lead: Trebor.

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The path was long, but comfortably calming. The crisp rattling the dull, grey pebbles of Akylos made under Araxes' claws had never grown to be a nuisance. Every step he made always sounded different, echoing endlessly throughout the silent lands of the dead. It was remarkable how dark Akylos had become over time. During the Twilight Wars there was still some grass and sand to be seen due to the Harbinger extending his reach, but that was now over. Araxes had been wandering across blackness, void and death for long after the wars. He always considered these lands to be far from dead, despite there not actually being any form of life within Akylos itself. Souls, Spirits and Ghosts made for a compensation for all the life force the rest of Nyn had accumulated throughout the history of the world itself. Not even just humans, ogres, elves and undead, but additionally insects, avians, and small lizards scurried across the dark, gloomy terrain. All of them had one thing in common; they were heading towards that brightly glowing gate to the point of no return. It was a strange phenomenon. It made Araxes feel as if he was the only one who was completely uninfluenced by the mesmerizing, luring glow of what every single soul would assume was a better life. Of course, there were the occasional group of rebels that would endlessly wander due to not being able to atone for whatever sins and regretful actions they had committed, but even they eventually found their way. 

He slowly made his way through a convoy of souls, one of the many cyan streams that could be seen from the dark hills and rocks of Akylos. The streams would mostly include families, armies and every once in a while the elderly and deceased. Araxes had been watching the intriguing streams for decades, to the point where he could even determine whether a battle was being held or a horrifying disease had swept over Nyn just by looking at the width and intensity of the queues of the dead. It was a long way to the gates of Ashia from here. He could only feel pity for those having to walk this far and make their ways to the Wailing Lands only to serve no further purpose and never returning from the underrealm to the sheer beauty of Nyn itself. 

"Oi! Where be ye headin' this fine day?"
A familiar voice. A familiar face. A tiny yet confident and proud human soul stood in front of the dragon, waving whatever was left of his right arm to get his attention. Bardor always seemed to keep an eye out for his favourite dragon, although this was an insanely harsh and time-consuming job, considering the fact that in the lands of the dead he had no crew or Corsair ship to command. The only flying ships within the realms of the souls were those that were living entities themselves, such as Spitfires. As an ex-captain, he was always determined to seek out the mightiest beings and keep them as his friends. A bandit mentality at its finest, as the fittest shall survive and to the survivor go the spoils... except for that fact that he would not be considered as a survivor in the first place. He was a decent form of company and a long-lasting one at that. Years of plundering and pillaging are not exactly easy to atone for, especially if one regrets these actions. 

Araxes looked down to Bardor and growled. "Captain." His fearsome but slightly friendly-toned voice resonated through Bardor's mind as usual. "The moment is finally ours." a wide smile formed on the (ex-)captain's face. "And so I be hearin'. Many lads, mainly lasses, tell tales of lil' Frost queenie and that old Nature sage meeting their makers at exactly the same time, no marks, no trace. I be jealous of that..." he said, grabbing a handful of pebbles and scattering them across the sky with a large amount of force, the rattling echoing melodically as they hit the dark ground. He listened carefully, counting every stone falling. "This means the broken mountain is no obstacle whatsoever." Araxes continued monotonously. "Aye." Bardor replied, still listening for the last stone to drop. It never dropped, to his excitement. "I be comin' with ye." he then decided. "If I get to Ashia while yer gone it might be the last time I see such a fearsome Dragon in me entire afterlife... wouldn't want to waste that opportunity. Besides, might help ye get out while I be at it".  Araxes appreciated the gesture. He could easily handle a single squadron of Frost or Fire troops on his own with all attention diverted towards the war, but he wouldn't mind Bardor accompanying him. His information was valuable, his blunderbuss was lethal, his attitude was complimentary. The dragon nodded and proceeded to walk. Bardor followed, proudly walking next to him. "May I ri--..." he wanted to ask, but Araxes interrupted him immediately, roaring "NEVER".

The worn-out ex-Corsair-captain chuckled "That's the attitude I like, ya monster...", as he proceeded to follow the Dragon into the darkness. 

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Ish'Faithal left the conclave and unattached himself from time. The meeting would go on for several more hours before finishing for today, and he didn't feel like waiting, so Ish'Faithal took a shortcut through time, arriving the same evening in Trebor's hut. Trebor was talking to a hooded figure, neither of them had noticed him yet, so Ish'Faithal stayed quiet, letting events unfold. The unknown figure was speaking, "... are glad you share our concerns. The shadow realms are a threat to us all, especially now, after the assassination of Aerion by their agents." "Yes, about that," Trebor responded, "a spirit came to the council today with allegations most disturbing, claiming that the Shadow Realms are not to blame at all, but rather some secret brotherhood." The hooded figure was quiet for a few moments before responding, "This is disturbing indeed, that a spirit could be mislead like this, and would bring such nonsense to the conclave. How did the conclave respond?" "Sadly, it was not immediately dismissed as the nonsense it is, but at least the council stated that they would not believe it unless they were presented with proof. Luckily, this will mean that his efforts will be fruitless, since there can be no proof of what does not exist. It is a shame however, that the conclave seemed to take his plea for caution to heart. Now is not the time for caution, now is the time for action! We must strike the first blow in this war, for it will be a blow of retaliation!" There was a long pause before the hooded man spoke again, "The armies of Nature and Shadow must clash before long, or all will be lost. We must use more powerful means of persuasion to ensure that the conclave makes the right decision. We must convince them that the Shadow Realms are the real threat, and that they must act immediately, or all will be lost. I am glad that I can count on your support and your persuasiveness." The shaman was eager, "Yes of course, anything for the cause!" this time the hooded figure replied quickly, like a sinister echo of Trebor, "of course, anything for the cause."

From the folds of his cloak, he drew a blade and stabbed Trebor in the heart. "Have no doubt. This will prove persuasive." He left the dagger in Trebor's chest, the blood flowing from the wound, as he opened the door and left the hut, into the darkening night. Ish'Faithal moved faster than the laws of physical space would normally allow in order to reach Trebor's side. It was as he had feared, the hilt of the blade protruding from the dying shaman's chest was unmistakably that of a Nihil Blade, a type of blade used solely by the top shadow assassins. Unlike most Nihil Blades however, it was coated in godsbane venom, one of the two poisons used by Spirit Hunters. Lifebane venom was the fastest working, but at least there was hope. If poisoned by lifebane, one could be healed or shielded. It took longer to die from godsbane, but godsbane was always fatal, no exceptions. At least among mortals.

Ish'Faithal threw a slowing field around Trebor's heart, buying him a few more seconds of life. Precious seconds to talk. "Who was that man?" Ish'Faithal asked, Trebor, his eyes unfocused, replied with an uneven voice, "He is the prophet. He is the guiding light in a world of darkness, he will help us defeat the shadow." Those were Trebor's final words. Ish'Faithal sensed strong magic on the hilt of the blade, undoubtedly to cause grievous harm to anyone who might attempt to remove it. He would no doubt be able to remove it, but it would take time, and time was of the essence. Ish'Faithal had quickly put two and two together, the hooded figure must be an agent of the secret organisation working against the doom of Nyn. His past had been cloaked in veils, and his future had been indeterminable. Ish'Faitha's only hope of finding him, was to act fast, he must follow the faint trail the figure left in the timeweb as he passed throught the world, before it dissipated. He left Trebor's hut, and quickly picked up the trail, and he followed it away from the clearing and into the forest.

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The faint trail led Ish'Faithal through the woods until he reached a clearing, he had used his magic to move faster along the trail than any mortal would, and here, under the faint light of the stars, where they shone through this hole in the woodland canopy, he caught up with the so-called prophet. Ish'Faithal called out in his most intimidating magically amplified voice, "Arrest your movement, murderer!" The hooded figure stopped immediately, in shock. Not so much because he was intimidated by Ish'Faithal's voice, but rather because he had never imagine that he could have been followed. He had hidden his tracks so well, no mortal would have been able to detect him, who was this figure behind the voice, beckoning him to bring his escape to a halt? He turned around to look at Ish'Faithal and drew back his hood. This revealed the face of an elderly man, but he had markings across his bald head that shone as if with some inner light, as did his eyes. Gazing into his eyes was akin to looking directly at the sun. This man obviously commanded powerful magic. "Who are you, who presumes to tell me what to do?"

Ish'Faithal just stood there, watching the man silently for a while. He was wondering how much to tell him. He should of course tell no more than he had to, but by talking to this man, he might gain some information about his identity, his goals and his compatriots, for surely he wasn't working alone, and it was obvious that he had a deeper goal. After what seemed like an eternity, but which was in reality a matter of seconds, Ish'Faithal responded, sounding no less formidable than when he had commanded the man to stop, "I am a protector of this world and these woods, you are a threat to the balance, and you must be dealt with. Balance and justice shall reign." The mans lips moved slightly, becoming a smile, before he began chuckling darkly. "So you view us as a threat, do you? How do you mean to stop us, how do you even imagine that you will stop me? What army are you hiding among the trees that you think can bring me down? I have some news for you, you cannot win this. I suggest you walk away before I have to kill you."

So he had been right, Ish'Faithal thought. This man was part of something larger, and he must be a powerful sorcerer. He would still have to find out his motives however, and if possible what this group was. He imagined that this man might be the type who would reveal his secrets, if he deemed that the recipient would have no chance of escaping alive. Ish'Faithal would play the part of the brave fool then, and hope that he was only playing the part, rather than becoming it. "There is no army, there is only you and me, and you will not escape, I will stop you, for I am the protector of this world!" The man chuckled again, maybe it had paid off. "So you think that you, a mere forest guardian spirit, can stop me, a prophet of the Order of the Circumradiant Dawn? Please, do not take me for some village conjurer. I have set things in motion that you cannot even begin to imagine. The balance shall be broken and the darkest night will fall, but after the darkest night, shall come the brightest day, and the world that was dead shall be born anew in the light of the Circumradiant Dawn, cleansed of all that has polluted it. This world is sick and must be euthanized, so that a new world can rise, like a phoenix from its ashes. It is a shame that neither of us will be there to see it, but such is the price of purity; nothing can be saved if everything must be cleansed." then his smile faded, "Now, however, I have told you too much and I must destroy you, lest you should jeopardize this vision. I am sorry, but you will protect this forest no longer."

In a split second, just about half the time it takes to blink, the man had raised his hands and an arc of lightning originating from the man's palms struck the ground in the exact spot where Ish'Faithal had been when the man had begun his movement. Now however, Ish'Faithal was right behind the man, his staff moving with frightening speed towards the prophet's right temple. Just before it hit its mark, however, it hit some sort of energy shield and Ish'Faithal was pushed back. The prophet pirouetted and sent another bolt towards Ish'Faithal, this time it was avoided by a much smaller margin. This way they continued for a while, neither was able to harm the other, at some point, possibly hours later, both had lost the track of time, the prophet began to tire. He decided that it was now or never, he had to strike the killing blow or escape quickly, preferably both. He built up a massive amount of energy, all of his reserves, in his palms and launched it directly at Ish'Faithal, the force of the blast sending him flying in the opposite direction. Ish'Faithal saw the blast and realized its power, in order to escape its blast, ha would have to move so far away that he wouldn't be able to find the prophet again, so he saw only one option: He stayed in place.

He did not merely stay in place, however, he filled the entire clearing with a stasis field, allowing no other magic. The energy bolt dissipated immediately and the prophet was thrown against a tree at the edge of the clearing and he fell to the ground. All magic had ceased, so the glow in his eyes and his head also faded, and what was left was an old man with holes in his head and open cavities where his eyes should have been. He then uttered in a frail voice, the three words that were to be his last, "What... are you?" Then his body, unable to hold itself together without the aid of magic, became dust and was blown away by a passing breeze.

There was nothing more that Ish'Faithal could do here, but he had gotten what he wanted: information. Additionally, he had defeated an agent of the enemy, though this robbed him of the chance of extracting more information from him. He had to go somewhere else to gather more information about this so-called Order of the Circumradiant Dawn, the only other place where he was certain of their activities, to the City of Lyr in the Frost Kingdom, where Tyria, the Frost Queen, was murdered.

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The snowy, dark peaks of the astonishingly huge Broken Mountain towered into the starry skies of Western Akylos. No matter where one would stand, the peaks would always seem to touch the same constellations in the sky at any angle. A gigantic, black hollow scar split the mountain into two identical parts. The two fragments seemed so realistically identical, it would be considered as unnatural, man-made... perhaps made by the Skylords or the Old Gods. This phenomenon so unreal and mystical made the passageway to the world of the living ominous and threatening. Araxes never bothered with such simple matters as the shapes the environment around him attempted to threaten him with. A passageway is a passageway, no matter how dim or eerie it would appear. He would likely be the most threatening thing in there regardless. He used to fly around the mountain peaks to find enjoyment in scaring the living hell out of the Broken Mountain Guard Post's patrols, using deafening, spine-chilling roars and soulfire storms while flying high above them. Never did he cross the Akylonian border. After all, this would be a foolish attempt at suicide. The guard post was always well-guarded; the pulverizing forces of the Fire troops combined with the sturdy and devastating Frost defenses made for a versatile, resilient opponent not to be messed with. With the war going on, however, it would be very likely for either of the factions to abandon the post and leave the passage low on guard. Nobody would defend a post against dark threats if their sworn enemy would be right in front of their eyes. And so it was that the pitch-black dragon and the former Corsair captain stood to enter the dark scar, ready to face an expectedly weak army at the other side of the mountain.

Bardor stared at the high peaks above him, gulping, slightly frightened. He then quickly tried to hide his feelings by apathetically loading his hand-crafted blunderbuss with shards of razor-sharp Lost Mana Wing feathers and bones he had been collecting throughout the journey, throwing pebbles skywards with great force, causing flying creatures to crash down, perfect for ammunition scavenging. The dragon noticed, but cared little. "No way out now..." Bardor mumbled. Araxes remained silent and moved on into the enormous mountain-splitting passage. Bardor followed, quietly and slightly shivering. The passage seemed darker than the void itself. The only way the darkness could be repelled in front of his eyes was through the soothing soulfire flames of Araxes' wings and manes. In the distance, voices could be heard. Araxes suddenly lowered the brightness of his flames to a near-extinguished state and proceeded further towards the voices with utmost caution. Stay where you are, don't move a muscle, or else... the dragon's frightening, echoing voice resonated through the captain's mind. He swiftly obeyed, leaving Araxes to listen in anticipation.

[[OOC: Will extend on this ASAP. I used to have more stored but it got messed up in the new IPS update...]]

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Prologue, Part 1: - An old "friend" -

There is a fiery landscape seen, probably recently burned. Suddenly a Giant Slayer is seen facing a group of 16 Alpha Juggernauts. "There are just too many of them" he said. He swiftly takes out 1. Then 2 more simultanously. Right after that he kills another one. He took those out by carefully cutting their vital organ wires. But on the 5th he missed the wires and fell on the ground. The angry juggernaut hit him with his large horn, blowing him away. As the juggernauts are about to run him over. They suddenly die; someone cut all their heads at the same time. It was Fumetsu. Then the Giant Slayer responed:

"I'm sorry Father, I'm still too weak...."

Fumetsu immediately said: "No you are doing just fine, 1 month ago you couldn't even kill 1 of them! I put an end to this training session. Also I'm really proud of you spotting this large horde in that volcano. Their blood is going to fuel my Blood Mist for at least 5 months! Next we are going to teach you about the weak spots of another dangerous creature, the Harvester. Man that thing is a pain in the ass."

Then the Giant Slayer nervously interupted: "I guess we don't have enough time for you to feast on these Juggernauts. " Fumetsu looks at him puzzled. "I was trying to tell you something before you rushed me to practise. On that last village you sent me to gather supplies and water, I heard word the Skylords got exciled and the Elements are at war. This might be the perfect opportunity to get your revenge on the gods, Father."

Fumetsu Kyofu , surpised, seemed to snap out of his inbetween moody and bright attitude and cheered up: "Yes! This is the perfect opportunity. But even us cannot bring the forge down on our own. I will need to invite some old friends perhaps....." Fumetsu said and started smiling and laughing weakly and sneakily.

Kyojin no Kyofu (The Titan's Fear, and the Giant Slayer's Name) was seeming nervous asked for answers.

Fumetsu said: "Once I fled into Akylos to eat some souls to fill my Blood Mist, right before I adopted you. There I had entered using a secret passage no one, but me, knew of. There I met a special lost soul.... named "Araxes...."

KNK(Kyojin no Kyofu): "So what is so "special" about this lost soul?"

FK(Fumetsu Kyofu, Immortal Fear/Horror): "He is like me; a rebel lost soul who isn't taken over by the dark side of the lost souls's nature. He is not aiming for Ashia, like me, but is not a demon either. We once spoke. Well he ambushed me and after fighting for a bit we became a bit like friends. He wasn't very friendly though. Well while we spoke about our previous lives, we found out that we are both aiming for the Forge, the gods.... After I found out, considering his power, I invited him to become equal partners, but he insisted on getting out only during an elemental war, for some reason. So I told him about the passage and he escorted me there. I told him, when the time was right, he could use that, but a Lost Soul attacked us. I got out, but the passage was destroyed. Well, since the war has now begun, we are now going to break him out of there."

KNK: "But how do you know he is going to help us? He didn't say yes to your proposal!"

FK: "He didn't say no, either. So I suggest we give it a try, we got nothing to lose. The guarding forces are going to be weaker now with the war, so we won't have much of a problem. He might be trying to break out right now so we must go and help. So.... Kyofu Junior... he he...."

KNK: "I told you to never call me that! Just call me plain ol' Junior please..."

FK: "Go find someone who fears going near The Gates of Akylos. I'm going to use his fear to create a portal. Since I will be immobile you push me in there. But before I do that I want you to know, Araxes doesn't go well with strangers."

Two hours passed when Kyojin no Kyofu returned with someone. "Ok, I'm starting the proccess......" Fumetsu said. The next thing he remembers is waking up on a mountain near the gate and watching it from afar. "Give me that guy" Fumetsu said, and devoured him. "This should last my Blood Mist until we are done. I can feel his life force.... He is trying to get out. Let's go. This is your first real mission, where your life will be in danger, are you ready?". "YES!!!!!!" said Junior overwhemingly. "So let's head out!".

KNK: "Wow I think I know what you mean with special dragon... There he is, matching your description"

FK: "What???!!! Where?

KNK: "Right there." said him pointing about half a kilometer away....

FK: "Sweet God. You always had that Eagle-Eyed vision, I'll give you that. He seems to be hiding, so let's not blow his cover. If he needs help, use this artifact to launch me with your strength over there, even if it means using your 'Rage' ability. Understood?"

KNK: "Yes, Father!"


[OOC: @MrXLink I have made up a story between us. I made it so that nothing is taken for sure. Actually the way I made that up, the only influnce is that we met, and talked about our interests. So If you want to team up with me and the Giant Slayer, you can make a post controlling my character in any way. So you can make us come in to help, and after that you can initiate a converstation, which I will continuou in my post. If you don't wish to team up, however, I would still prefer it if you made it so that we come in to help, since we would have come anyway, and initiate a talk again. After my post you could express your ideas and preferances.]

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Prologue, Part 2: - Remembrances -

They were still waiting for Araxes to make his move, when the Giant Slayer became troubled. He knew they weren't related, that he was adopted. He could remember him picking him up from the streets, to raise him. It was the happiest day of his life:


Kyojin had a familiar feeling. Waiting like that seemed scarily familiar. A faded image of them in a rainforest hiding from something and observing it. Burried memories started coming up, on the surface of his mind.


It was another day. The first day he didn't have food. His parents had died in a bandit raid, and now he was all alone. He was too young and had the childish innocence:


K(Kyojin): Um, Mister. Would you be kind to give me some food? I'm starving.....


*The same question was asked again, again, again and again. But everyone ignored him*

After being denied so many time. He got tired of asking. He sat against a wall trying to figure out, how to find some food. Then a person was walking in front of him. He looked diffrent, he felt diffrent, he seemed diffrent. "Maybe this "diffrent" person will help me" Kyojin thought. As he approached from behind he could see him mumbling and looking around:

F(Fumetsu): *Mumbling* Great I lost my cloak escaping Akylos, and now no one is going to come near me. Not for good at least. *Kyojin grabs his shirt and holds him a bit back*.

Fumetsu turned around angry.

F: WHAT DO YOU WA--......

He stopped trying to shout when he saw a sad figure of a child.

K: Um... Hello sir. Would you mind helping me... My parents died yesterday. No one is willing to give me any food, I'm starving... And..... And..... I'm scared alone... Would you mind if I come with you?

Fumetsu seemed surprized as a tear run down from his eye.

"What the----. What is this, that I am feeling. It seems familiar...." Fumetsu thought. "Why isn't he scared of my figure, my appearance??!!" [OOC: I don't remember if I said this on his appearance, but demons have scary and hideous looks. Their body is grayish black (really close to completely black but not completely, like Lost Dragon's skin which gives a brown tone, but instead with a grayish black tone) with sometimes curved symmetrical spikes (like a thin , almost 1D, rectangle that extends up to about 2-3 centimeters out of the body, and then curves inwards or outwards about 6-8 milimeters. Polish the corners of the rectangle to make it circular and neat and you are kind of done) accross their body, with red eyes. That devlish and hideous look is what gave them the name "Demons".

F: Of course little fella. So you don't have a family anymore. My family died a long ago too. That makes two of us. So we can be a family of our own.

K: Like adopting me?

F: Yes just like that. *He said and smiled*


A few weeks passed and the 2 of them are walking through a rainforest.

Kyojin is worried about Fumetsu, seeing some strange scars like from injections.

K: What are those scars Dad?

F: Oh those..... Um..... They aren't scars I just..... Uh..... Rolled down a small hill and I got those injuries that's all. They will heal eventually.

K: Oh, I'm glad you are ok.

A few minutes later they came across some chickens.

F: A-ha! Perfect opportunity. You know in this world we need to hunt for our food. So how about I teach you how to fight?

K: Fight? Um..... I don't think I'm cut out for those stuff.

F: Come on; Everyone is! Besides I'm not going to be always here to protect you.

K: But you said you are immortal.

F: Uh.......... Yeah..... I am. It's just Ummmm.......... I might be far away and you might need to defend yourself. So I'm going to train you. You see those chickens? Try catching them.

Kyojin Tried but he couldn't do it because the chickens ran.

K: It's impossible.....

F: Well the key is patience, it always is actually. You need to approach them hiding and reveal yourself when too close. The same applies if you are being chased.

K: Ok I'll keep trying.



We come back to the present. Kyojin stands up. And asks:

K: What are you hiding from me?

F: What do you mean?

K: Remember 14 years ago? You told me those scars would heal and that you wouldn't be dying. I couldn't see you were lying because I was still a child there. I'm not a kid anymore, so I want answers. What are those scars?! And why are you going to die since you are immortal?!



What will be revealed to Kyojin in the next part? What is hidden in Fumetsu's secret past?

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Prologue, Part 3: -Emotion Severing-

Fumetsu was caught off guard. He had to answer. He couldn't do otherwise.

F(Fumetsu): I----

K(Kyojin): Oh, and something more. Why did you adopt me of all children? There were a lot of others starving and with more potential.

Fumetsu then thought:

F: (I've got to buy myself some time before Araxes moves. I will answer him the most non vital questions. Araxes will have made his move before I will have to go there....) Ok I will speak.

K: Ok, then you can start.

F: Long ago when I first became a Demon.... My fear manifestation ability was unstable. The first year of being a Demon I didn't have any abilities. Then when I got my ability I couldn't control it. My fears would come out bursting at me. Harmless, but they would always surround me. If someone came near me I would bring their Nightmares in reality too.

Suddenly Fumetsu made a quick move like he was remembering something he didn't want to and continuoued:

F: Day by day rumours spread about my ability. I was..... still a kid with an innocent consiousness.......


F: Two months after my ability had popped up, a group of 10 Dreadchargers and 32 Ripper Squadrons, as well as 24 Forsaken Squadrons and 78 Skeleton Warrior Squadrons leaded by a Rifle Cutlist Squadron approached me. The leader of the Rifle Cutlists, approached me. He was afraid, I could feel it, but he could hide it deep enough, that my unstable power wouldn't reach him. "We can help you" he said. They then Instantly took me to their Leader, The "Mighty" Wrathgazer. He was speaking strangely so I couldn't understand. The Rifle Cutlists then took me to a strange room. Then out of nowhere they made me pass out. When I woke up I had some injection injuries all over my body. But I didn't feel pain, and my fears were gone:

F: What did you do to me? *Fumetsu said unexpectidly calmly, seeming to want to go mad but he couldn't*

RCL(Rifle Cutlist Leader): We have cured you. We have killed your emotion system. You shouldn't feel anything by now. Therefore you can't feel fear anymore, you will be able to control your ability.

F: I will make you pay. *Fumetsu said calmly again* I want my emotions back.

RCL: I'm afraid that's not possible. Those injections were done by special blades. Not even a Blood Mist can heal those. You will now fight for us.

We return to the present:

F: Then I used my ability to spawn the fears of everyone in the, and temporalily blinded the Wrathgazer with it and escaped. This story is also why I adopted you.


F: Ever since before I found you all my expressions were artificial. I would remember how I used to do them and perfom them. I knew everyone was scared of me, which made me angry and sad. That day you come at me, showing no fear at all, calling me kind. Feeling no unattraction towards my appearance. I................. felt the emotion of being happy. I gave off a real smile, not an artificial one. I tried to not smile but I couldn't hold myself. I was thankful, and you were the only one who didn't criticise me for my appearance, so I adopted you. Apart from the Gods I have sworn revenge to the Wrathgazer. I also know the current Rifle Cutlist leader is the descendant of the one that killed my emotions.

K: So why are we first going to the forge?

F: Once I set foot in the Forge. I had made a deal with the current Shadow Skylord to make me a sword, unlike any other. The sword had extraordinary abilities. My original plan was to get the sword and kill the oldest god. Master of all 4 elements. But I fucked the plan up, and had to flee, to fight another day. However I had to leave my sword behind. According to the Skylord it was indestructible, that not even the Primal God couldn't destroy it, so it probably is still held there. Before we can take down each enemy we must retrieve that sword.

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Prologue, Part 4: -The Sword Of Creation-

Kyojin seems surprised after hearing about the sword and asks more about it, giving Fumetsu more time to prevent revealing the harsh truth to Kyojin:


K(Kyojin): Could you tell me more about the sword? It sounds... destructive and dangerous.

F(Fumetsu): Sure thing; The sword was named after the Forge, because of the similar abilities they had.

K: What does that mean?

F: You know, my ability and the Forge's ability are similar, like the Yin and the Yang, two opposites. The Forge can recreate the dreams/legends of mortals, while I can recreate their fears that are also legends sometimes... The Sword was a legend of the mortals inside a sword. The Mortals had made legends of me, so he recreated me, but in the form of a Sword. Therefore, because of the similarity between me and the Forge, the sword was named "The Sword Of Creation". The sword was made of the ultra rare material, Primal Stone, which can even pierce my Blood Mist effortlessly. Also the main purpose of the sword was to get rid of my main weakness. The sword is a living me in the form of a sword. When I touch it we are in connection. The sword can use all my abilities, but swords have no eyes,ears and can't feel anything touching them, therefore they can't be interrupted. So while I hold the sword in my hand I can telepathetically give it the location I want it to summon fears, thus effectively utilizing my ability without being immobile.

K: You must be really strong with that sword.

F: Yes I was. But I didn't know the power of the Primal God.

K: ?

F: No one can face the Primal God alone. We need 4 Afinities, one of each Element:  Nature, Fire, Frost and Shadow. Hybrid's, like me, highlight the afinity they lean towards. So I have a Shadow Afinity. Araxes, before he died, was a Northland Drake and he has a calm and defensive/catious character from what I can tell, so he clearly has a Frost Afinity. You being uncontrollably offensive, no offence (Haha the irony), you have a crystal clear Fire Affinity. So if we can make Araxes join us, we will only have Nature to go. And I might have someone in mind with a Nature Afinity.....

K: Wait.... what do you mean no one can face the primal God alone?

F: The Primal God has perfect control over all the Elements, so let's say for you he would summon Frost Creatures to defeat you easily. With one of each Afinity we will be able to defeat him. But it won't be that easy. The Primal God doesn't need any Elemental Monuments, or Power Wells to act. You know, as you surely have heard, inside the Forge of Creation Skylords can create without their use. That is because the Primal God is an Elemental Monuments and a Power Wells himself. Skylords draw power from him. He is able to summon armies unstoppably, with slight, with little, close to no cooldowns. Also I thought he would have a fear I could use against him. But, like me, he might not have a Neural Network therefore he can't fear. Well, if he is that strong he might have one, but not fear anyone or anything. Also, they can summon strong creatures like me, but one at a time. If I were to fight myself, we would probably come to a tie, to only then defeat me with weak creatures. Having 4 of us will give us enough power to defeat any one image or Skylord.

K: So with 4 Afinities, the destruction of the Gods will turn from an inaccessible and impossible dream, to a realistic task.

F: There is one more thing. The forge can float 3 kilometers in the skies, because it is fueled by the Primal God. If we kill him....

K: ..... it will fall from 3 Kilometers height??????????????????!!!!!!!!

F: Yes. And no one can survive a drop that long. We need a way to fly down after killing the god, or we will drop to the ground and break like watermelons and become flat.

K: Well we can fly on Araxes back.

F: NO! That..... is not possible.... he is too proud of a dragon to let us ride on his back. And also he is not a trusted ally, he might let us drop. Also he might want the Forge not as a destroyed structure. We will need to revive the old Wells and Orbs to maintain its flight. Besides, it would fall like a meteorite and would cause a lot of destruction to all 4 Elements and they will hunt us down. We need to maintain its flight, or even if we survive the drop, we won't survive... the Elements.


[OOC: This is Fumetsu's theme]

[OOC: Lyrics

I can tell that you've never been true to me.                                                                                                                                                                                             I can smell that you're acting so fearfully.                                                                                                                                                                                                 I can hear what you're hoping I want to hear.                                                                                                                                                                                           I can feel the alarm bells ringing in me.

I can touch, but I know you don't feel a thing.                                                                                                                                                                                          I can pray, but I know you commit a sin.                                                                                                                                                                                                  I can sense, now it's all become clear to see.                                                                                                                                                                                           You're no good, and you mean no good, Treacherously.


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  • 3 weeks later...

Ish'Faithal knew that he would have to act quickly, if he was to find the people responsible for the regicide in Lyr. He had done all he could in the forest for now, so he would travel onwards. He had in his grasp a thread of the truth, the thread that would form the core of the tapestry of things to come. He would have to follow it to the very end, to see the picture that would be woven unfold. If he were to lose it, there would be no guarantee of finding it ever again. Ish'Faithal turned his head just so, seeing the gaps and crevices of this plane, he mapped out the shortest route though the web to Lyr, and then stepped through the veil.

The guard almost fell off the wall in shock, as Ish'Faithal moved out from behind him. "Stop! Alarm! Intruder!" he yelled, brave defender of Lyr as he was. Ish'Faithal had materialised on the ramparts of Lyr's Royal Citadel. The residence of the Lyrish royal family since original founding of Lyr, before the sun went out. It had been abandoned during the dark years, when man lived underground, and when they emerged into the light of the new sun, the Twilight Wars took precedence over the repairs. Once the wars were over however, and the people of Lyr had triumphed under the leadership of king Rogan I, with the assistance of the Skylords, repairs had progressed quickly. Even in its most decrepit state, it had been a formidable fortress, towering over the city around it. The foundations were hewn from the mountains by giants in the earliest times, and the citadel had only been expanded since. Much of the complex was uninhabited, as it contained miles of underground tunnel. In the event of an outside threat to the capital city, the entire population could be settled in the bowels of this majestic structure, and there would still be plenty of room to spare. Massive quantities of food was stored in the subterrratean storerooms, and food enough to feed the city could be grown in the various gardens, both above and below ground, where many species of edible fungi thrived on the clean water of the Lyrish springs. There was even a grotto, containing a complex network of hot springs and geysers, whose waters heated the entirety of the citadel. The citadel could outlast any besieging army, and its walls could not be breached save by an act of god. An increasingly unlikely possibility, given their deaths years before. Only treachery could bring this fortress down, as it had no doubt done to its mistress, the queen Tyria. Since her death, the citadel had been sealed off, to prevent the escape of her assassin, which made the guard's yell that much more unexpected.

Moments later, a squad of imperial guards, responding to the call, arrived. They arrayed themselves in a semicircle arround Ish'Faithal and the guard, their spears pointing radially inward. The man who appeared to be their leader, judging by the amount of gold trimming on his armour, raised his visor. "So you have finally chosen to show yourself, foul demon. I knew that someone like you would turn up eventually, no brave defender of Lyr would betray her majesty. Is this your true form then, fiery spawn of hell, or do you have another, even more repugnant way of showing yourself and the flames of injustice that burn within you?" Ish'Faithal looked into the man's soul, who was this soldier, the epitome of loyalty and devotion? The man in question was Jarrik, captain of the palace guard for the last twenty-five years. Still a formidable fighter, though his speed was not what it had been. Tyria was more than just his queen, she had been like a daughter to him, as he was like a father to her. He was the one who brought her up,after her parents died in a bandit ambush near the border those exact same twenty-five years ago. The royal couple had been surveying border outposts when their party had come under attack. There had been no survivors from the royal party, or from the town they were passing through. Luckily Tyria, then a three year old princess, had been left at the citadel, so she had survived. As the former captain had died defending his king, Jarrik had been promoted. After what had happened to the king and queen, he became fiercely protective of the new queen, rarely ever leaving her side (to her great annoyance during her teenage years). A strong bond was formed between them, and as this was now severed, Jarrik had made it his life's final mission to avenge his queen, even if it was the last thing he would ever do.

"I am here for the same reason you are. I seek the truth." Ish'Faithal's booming voice suddenly dominated the battlements, drowning out the howling of the wind and the clink of armour. "And you will show me the respect I am due, for I bring grave tidings. Tidings of the utmost importance." The guards went pale inside their helmets and the one who had originally been alarmed by Ish'Faithal's presence took a few stumbling steps backwards. The spirit followed up on this, "Calm yourself and your men, Jarrik of Wetherlain, for I know what you wish for. You are blinded by your desire for vengeance, to the point where it drowns out your sense of justice. I have come here to aid you all. Please, convene the council of regents, I want to speak with them. A threat far more dire than that from an assassin of the fire tribes is upon us."

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Prologue, Part 5: -Yin and Yang-

After Fumetsu had explained, they kept waiting when suddenly Kyojin interrupted:


K(Kyojin): Wow!.....What was that.

F(Fumetsu): ........What?

K: Oh..... it's nothing. I thought I saw a light passing by. But that is impossible. These gates are always surround by those dark, black storm clouds that never storm, pour down or drop thunder. It's impossible light came anywhere near here.

F: My boy, if I have learned one thing about you, is that your eyes are always spot on;............................ Duck.

K: ....?.......!!!!!


They both duck just in time to dodge just in time 2 thin light rays, aiming for their heads. Those rays continued until they hit a mountain far away. The explosion could be easily seen from that height. It was not visible on the ground though, since it was covered by other mountains.


K: Good thing we dodged!

???: Yeah, good thing. Those were my ultra-charged rays. Hotter than the sun. Your heads would turn from solid to gas in an instant.

F: Long time no see.......................... Yin.

Y(Yin): I'm not pleased with our reunion Yang. You should stop this crazy, crusade for revenge. We are dead men walking, nothing will change.

K: Who is this? And why did he call you Yang?

F: He is my dead brother. He is a demon as well. His purpose is to complete the last wish of our parents; To stop my rampage and need for revenge. Our nicknames when we were younger were Yin and Yang, because we were exact opposites. We call each other that since they might be our actual names and we might just remember them as nicknames.

Y: Yeah, and also you were darker and colder, exactly the opposite than me. Father didn't keep you out of the fight because you were weak, but because you were too strong and he saw darkness in you. Yeah, don't ask what I mean. You will understand in time.

Fumetsu then wispered to Kyojin:

F: Now listen carefully. Yin has 2 main abilities. Once in a while he can move at light speed and partially become light; That's why you saw light. The other thing is he can manipulate and generate light but generating takes a long time. Right now we need to escape. We need Araxes for our fight against the gods and his abilities might highlight us and trigger a search. I got a plan. Yin is afraid of......... sugar.

Kyojin just couldn't resist:


F: Yeah, I know..... I could thing of all thing but sugar before I found out. I don't know why he is afraid of it, he is not alergic or anything so I have no idea why he fears it. So I cut some rocks into thin white pieces before we started talking. He'll think it's sugar and will pass out if we toss it on him when he doesn't expect it. But then we have to escape. After Yin moves at light speed, as I mentioned, he partially becomes light. This stays for a little even after he stops moving, but enough for him to wake up again. So we won't be able to kill him and he will alert the guards. So 3, 2....... 1.........

*Fumetsu throws the rocks that look like sugar*

*Yin immediately falls to the ground*

K: Wow, are you serious? I thought you were joking... I have seen it happen, but it................ still is a harder to believe than it is to believe that a juggernaut can fly while saying "I love you".

F: I was more surprised than you when I first saw it....

K: So what are we gonna do without Araxes?

F: I guess he will have to escape on his own. Now we will head to another person, or rather creature we will need.

*Fumetsu opens a portal*

F: Thing is I am plently afraid of him, so I can go to his lair using this portal I made. Now this guy will be seriously aggressive and if we take a single wrong step... he will try to kill me.

*Fumetsu smiles as he says that*

F: His name is........... Gensho/Asu/Puraimaru Suton.

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Prologue, Part 6: Nyn's State

Fumetsu and Kyojin jump out of a portal, but dissapointed they arrive at a random village:


F: I was afraid this might happen......

K: Wait..... don't tell me Gensho is a villager and a human???

F: No, no, no..... I knew this might happen. Well, a lot of people are looking for Asu, so he probably has changed the location of his base. I was afraid of him, but my abilities are limited to what a person knows. I don't know where he is, so I can't teleport to him. After all, that's what happens if you never speak to him for some million years... There used to be a mountain here. *Fumetsu takes a trolly face*

K: Whaaaaaaat????!!!! Seriously? What happened to it?

F: Well Gensho has the ability to manipulate Earth. Probably he collapsed the whole thing to destroy any information about him with it. Now let's get to a bar where we can talk.


After they get into a bar Fumetsu starts talking:


F: We need to rethink our plans now that we are here. First off all I will explain you Nyn's current state. Here is a map I got form a shop nearby:




F: Right now we are inbetween Nature, Frost, and Shadow territory. There will be a lot of clashing. Take this cloak and wear it. We don't want any Nature or Frost folk to regognize a Fire element creature. Same for me, I'm looking more like Shadow rather than Lost Soul, but either way they will be hostile to me, since they might recognize me as a Demon, which no one is a fan of. So we will need to maintain a low profile. Don't attract much attention. Now Asu is always in Nature territory where Stonekin and Nature clash. He wants to prevent fights so he will be near. We will gather information about Stonekin and Nature clashes and head there. Now I need to explain some things to you. If we get spotted, we run. If we fight, the enemy will call for reinforcements and we will be in trouble inside hostile territory, hunted by everyone. About the blood I need to live, I'm sorry but I will have to drink some from you. Also, don't trust anyone, apart from me. I repeat; don't trust anyone OR anything. Finally about Asu. Don't lie to him. He can sense if you are lying. Don't speak at all and maintain a rather calm attitude. He is blind, but he can see using his ability. With this he can also sense if you are nervous. If we convince him to join us, he can be trusted. Apart from that, he is far more intelligent than any of us two. Now let us seek some info.

Random Guy: There! A Lost Soul and a Fire folk! Ring the alarms! Don't let them escape!

F: Shit! *Fumetsu kicks/breaks the wall open (They were sitting on a table attached on a wall)* Kyojin, here! Quick! To the rooftops!

They started jumping from roof to roof. But on the rooftops there was an enemy.

Enemy: Got yo----

Fumetsu stabs him and carries him along. He then drinks his blood and drops him.

F: Finally some blood....... Watch out! Construct!

The construct shoots the energy blast, but Fumetsu jumps in front of Kyojin and grabs it utilizing his Blood Mist, then throws it back, devastating and destroying the Construct. His arm(from the hand to the elbow) was scraped in the proccess, though, leaving it with burned and half torn fless as well as a messed up bone.

K: Father! Your arm!

F: Don't worry Kyojin; I'm a Demon, remember? This will heal in a few seconds.

Fumetsu's arm started spinning round-around to put the flesh and the bone into a straight and normal position, then growing new flesh.

F: See? Like a new! Hurry! We will lose them in the woods!


Edit: [OOC: Btw I haven't mentioned that Kyojin, is not like a fat guy like displayed in the card. He a normal slim human at a medium size (Battleforge Size). He is white skined with black hair. His head looks almost like this: http://vignette2.wikia.nocookie.net/avatar/images/5/51/Wan.png/revision/latest?cb=20130720233908. He has regular clothes; a gray outfit. After he achieves his complete Rage, he will be wearing a cloak, that covers his whole body from neck to feet and is wrapped all around him acting like an outfit. This cloak will not prevent movement though, like this outfit: Avatar%3A.The.Legend.of.Korra.full.13346

with a red color but goes until the feet. Please ignore the person and the rest of the clothes and focus on the cloak. Imagine a cloak like that going until the feet and covering the front of the body as well. He is not wearing this cloak yet. I repeat he will wear it when he achieves the complete rage.]

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Prologue, Part 7 & 8: -Kyojin & The Time-Space Library-


Fumetsu and Kyojin are seen sitting on the ground, around a fire, in a clearing, deep in the woods. They didn't have to worry about being spotted since the fire didn't emmit much smoke and light to be noticed from afar. These woods have such beasts inside, that no one dares to enter. That's where they had entered to escape their pursuers at sunset, which they succesfully did. It was now midnight, with a full moon. Fumetsu remembered that three days from then was Kyojin's Birthday. That though reminded him of something he should be worrying about:


F: Kyojin.....

K: ..................?

F: How many times have you used your "Rage" Ability?

K: I have used it 23 or 24 times, I think. I know it's going hard on my body, and that's it not good so I've been trying to limit the use of it, like you told me to!

F: Yes, I know you are trying not to use it, unless necessary.


After saying those words, he was now sure that he had to be extremely worried. Then he had to decide what to do:


F: Kyojin........ I need to tell you something. It has to do with your family and your rage ability...

K: ....?

F: Your ability is not the common ability "Rage" that a lot of people have. I had to hide the true nature of your ability from you to protect you....

K: Whaaaaat????!!!!! You better explain these things to me now then!

F: First of all, I've got to tell you, about your parents.... They weren't from the Fire Faction. They were from a new faction. Your parents were technically Lost Souls infected with the Twilight Infection. That way, since opposites negate each other, Frost negated Fire and Fire negated Frost, leaving them with Shadow and Nature.

K: Then, in other words......

F: Yes..... They became Amii. The Twillight Curse was neutralized with the loss of the Fire Element. However, this is not a normal occurence. Only one in a million times will an element negate another. They were too lucky for it to happen on them both. Also since your Father and Mother also lost the aspects that kept Lost Souls nature together they were alive again, with normal flesh and bones. Closing this up..... your father and mother were Fire and Frost respectivily. So since they came back to life, this made these elements come back to them, making your Father a Fire Aimi and your Mother a Frost Amii. They both had the "Rage", no........... this ability you also have; "Nemesis". It has Five stages. On each stage it makes the user stronger. They all have their respective names, upgrades and, most importantly, drawbacks. On your parents however, this ability was unusable... On your Father it was too unstable to be able to stay in it for minutes, no matter how hard one tried, while on your Mother it was too stable to achieve high results, with a lot of strength. But this stability factor changed, when they had a child. This child, you, had taken both the Fire and Frost Elements in addition to the Nature and Shadow Elements. You were the first being to have all 4 elements. Your ability, since you have both Fire and Frost, it is neither too unstable, neither too stable. You have the power to unleash the full potentional of the ability. However this ability's stages over 2 would be sealed forever if you had used it less than 20 times before the age of 20.... But you have used it that many times. So now that you can't avoid it, you have a right to know how to use it.


Fumetsu whispers the details of the ability.


F: About where I found all this..... I found it in the Time-Space Library. It is a library, outside the bounds of time and space or matter. There is only one way in and out, the door. However the door is really hard to find since it changes location every minute. Only if one has the devil's luck will find it..... or if he is in grave need of it. In charge of it is the Librarian, who archives every single event in history. However one cannot seek information for their greedy ambitions. Not even the Librarian. If it's a noble cause it will be there, if it's greed you will walk endlessly through the library but never find what you seek. Yeah... back to how I got in. Well you could say I had the devil's luck. When I got in, the Time-Space Librarian told me I had one hour. There was an infinite road with bookshelves, that I didn't know where to look. However the Librarian knew what I was looking for, and took me to those books. However........ it was a scary experience.... I could feel his strength crashing me. I felt like if I draw to my sword to attack him, I would be dead. He is stronger than anything but he doesn't oppose anyone. Except..... your parents. With "Nemesis" you can kill the Librarian, if you enter the final stage. That's why he..... ordered the bandits to attack your family. He almost never leaves the library unprotected that's why he didn't come himself.

K: Then he will come after me too???!!!

F: No need to worry..... as I said he can't seek that info, since it's for his own greed. Also you can kill him easily so why would he come to you. Now let's go find a map, I got an idea to find Asu.


Fumetsu and Kyojin walk for some hours hoping to find a village. At some point they reached a small cabin deep in those woods. They then approached cloaked. They saw an old man just sitting on a chair outside his door.


F: Hello.... uhhhhhh...... we are two lost travellers, would you happen to have a map?

???: Fumetsu you have caused quite an uproar again..... who is that fella with you?

Fumetsu and Kyojin surprised draw their weapons.

???: No need to fight. I guess I'm too old to fight you guys. Just because you would ask I'm an old Skylord. I gave up immortality.... it was boring anyway. Here is your map, I bought it 1 week ago.

Fumetsu and Kyojin sheathed their weapons and then took the map. Fumetsu looked at it once, then gave it back to the man.

F: Um... thank you, I guess. I apologize for drawing our weapons. We were just scared. So good-bye.

???: It's alright.


Fumetsu and Kyojin then leave. Fumetsu explains to Kyojin:


F: On the map I saw a small mountain that wasn't there before. Well you know what that means....

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  • 3 weeks later...

Prologue, Final Part: -Asu-


Fumetsu and Kyojin have been roaming the perimeter of the mountain Fumetsu had pointed out. It was close to sunset, when they walked up to a cave entrance. Fumetsu suggested that they stop and spoke to Kyojin:


F: This should be it....... we searched all other places and found nothing. Now I will go inside alone...... it's not like I'm worried about you it's just I don't want anyone to interupt me and Asu.

K: Ok.


After this short chat Fumetsu goes into the cave and Kyojin stands guard at the entrance. As Fumetsu goes in he thinks to himself:


F: Good thing he believed that lie... it's more likely that Asu will devastate me, and I don't want him caught up in it. He should know that we are here a long time now so he must be ready. How do explain this feeling.... whenever he is near I feel like the Earth is looking down me and my sins, waiting to bury them deep now, when the time comes. I can feel them crawling on my back....


Fumetsu then walks deep enough that the cavern is now only lit up by some green crystals, and sees a stone-figure of a human in the center of a circular cave space.


A(Asu): Long time no see..... Fumetsu.

F: Hey Asu.... uh, no hard feelings right?

A: Of course, of course..... You have only cause me trouble 156 times! And I suppose you are here for the 157th time. You better have a good reason, or this time I'm killing you for real, shadow scum! It's strange, however...... in some of you shadow creatures I can feel Void.....

F: Well I really need your help... Me and my s----....... partner are planning on killing the Primal God.

A: HA! Even though you were dark in your heart, I always admired your intellect and capabilities, but it seems you have gone crazy as well.

F: I'm not crazy! I have a plan.....



Asu's anger caused small tremors, worrying Kyojin, making him go in the cave. Meanwhile Fumetsu sees Asu's anger and decides to retreat.


F: You don't seem to be in quite the appropriate mood for a talk... so I guess I will come another day.....

Suddenly rocks collapse on the entrance Fumetsu came in from, blocking his only way to the surface. Also the ground under Fumetsu bursts upwards, encasing him in stone.

A: I don't think I'm gonna let you go again... This time I'm going to cleanse the world of yet another trouble.

F: (Guess this is the end of me, huh? Well I tried....)

A: Hm, also you forgot that I can tell if you are lying, that kid is not your partner, he is something more, isn't he?

F: Yeah.... he is family.

A: You have grown soft Fumetsu, soft and weak. What's this strange feeling coming from his direction.... What element could he be..... He doesn't seem like any faction, but he isn't neutral either..................?!!!!! IT COULDN'T BE?!!?!?!?!?!?!


The rocks that were blocking the entrance, suddenly get destroyed, and a blue figure of a human, if it could be called that, comes through and breaks the rocks surrounding Fumetsu.


A: Nemesis, huh?...... Stage 3; Midnight Flow. So that's your so called plan? I have to admit it might work...... Alright I will help you, but when we are done with it you will help me undo the conflict between the Stonekin and Nature........ Nemesis, in case you didn't know, is an ability developed to mimic Void's power, it was a failure however....


Stone spikes shoot out from the ground, touching Kyojin in various spots, undoing his Nemesis, then going back to the ground.


F: H-How??? According to even the Time-Space Library this isn't undoable by will!

A: Well of course it isn't by will, it's forceful. I have lived way longer than the Librarian, and there are some things that he doesn't know.

F: Ok.... Now you FOOL!!!!!


Fumetsu hits Kyojin very hard at the top of his head.


F: I had eveyrthing UNDER CONTROL, THAT STAGE PUTS YOU UNDER EXTREME DANGER. DID YOU ALREADY FORGET THE "USE ONLY WHEN NECESSARY"? Well whatever, anyway we need to reach the Forge while the Factions are still confused. We will plan on the way, now let's head out!


Asu creates a stone puppet and sends it to inform the others of his departure. Asu then unblocks the way to the surface and they head out.

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Please vote in the thread over here if you want to keep participating and/or keep your storylines! I am reviving and cleaning up the RP, please be wary and gaze upon my mighty new thread:


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The Elemental Clash has now been cleaned up and revived. Some people's posts have been cleaned up due to inactivity, others want to start over. Please re-read the story so far and let's continue our epic tale! :)

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Its been 3 months since her disappearance and Dzodin started to lose hope. He didnt know where to go and he lost sight of her tracks long ago. "Why do I bother?" He thought to himself. "She was the only good thing in your life and you lost her like it was nothing." Dzodin started to sink into a state of depresion. She was the light of his life, and now he has none. For the rest of the day he just went straight, he didnt care where it went. When the dusk arrived, Dzodin saw a forest ahead. As he came closer to it, he realized it was not a normal forest, it was dead and some light blue lights were moving in it. Dzodin didnt care and went straight throught it. He was looking down, thinking of her, if she was still alive. But then suddenly he started hearing whispers. He looked to his right side and he saw nothing. He then continued onwards. But after a minute, he heards another one, this time he understood it. It said: "Pathetic." He started hearing more of them. "You left her to die!" "She is dead because of you!" "Terrible human being" "Scum!" were some of what was he hearing. As he was looking around himself the whispers came from spirits who were closely coming towards him. Dzodin was on a brink of a mental breakdown. He started going faster, but the spirits started to surround him. So many whispers in his head, black tears started coming out of his eyes. The shadow magic inside of him started to rumble. After that a mist slowly started appearing. Dzodin stopped and fell on his knees. The spirits made a circle around him and started shouting at him. Dzodin hold his head and started yelling: "Stop..stop...STOP!" he then screamed so loudly and painfully then the spirits dissapeared, but he fainted. He was dreaming and there she stood, right before him.

Dzodin: Its you....I have officially gone mad.

Dellorian: No, not yet.

Her voice was very smooth and calming.

Dzodin: So, are you dead? Are you here for revenge? I have planned on killing myself, but this would be faster.

Dzodin was unnaware that he was in a dream.

Dellorian: Unfortunately, yes. I passed away before you came in to the tower. They ravaged my body so you couldnt recognize me. And Im not here for revenge, you made my life much better. There wasnt a way for you to get to the tower in time. I know you wont forgive yourself but know this, I forgive you. Find someone who can help you be yourself again.

Dellorian said as her ghost was slowly fainting away.

Dzodin: No, please! Dont go! What am I gonna do without you!?

Dellorian: Live a happy life.


Dzodin shouted, but her ghost was gone. Then he woke up. He looked around and saw that he is in a prison cell. The architecture looked shadow, but also frost, nature and fire at the same time. He didnt recognize which faction imprisoned him. He lean his head on the wall and said: "What am I going to do now?"

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Post 1
Chapter 1: The beginning
The sounds of the birds came to a rest as the sun started disappearing behind a mountain range. The shadows grew larger as the day came to an end. The weather had been very clear that day. Normally Lyrish people would have found this the perfect day to go out and have fun with friends and family or to bask in the last sunlight of the day. But this wasn’t the case these days. Hurried footsteps, the sounds of hammers hitting metal and lots of other different sounds could be heard troughout the giant city. Lyr was at war. The brave queen Tyria had been brutally killed by what could be nobody else than the fire tribes. The fire tribes however were furious about these accusations and started an all out war against the frost kingdom. They sent wave after wave of troops to the frost kingdom and had gotten al the way to Lyr. Months had passed since the siege of Lyr began but Lyr had withstood all attacks so far. The south of Lyr was were the real fighting was happening since the lands were very plain. The biggest and strongest fire elementals and their leaders had been sent there. Thousands of creatures were fighting the brave defenders of the walls. The west and east gate were a little more difficult to get to since a mountain range made it harder to climb up. The northeren gate was left untouched so far. This was perfect as food, water and other resources could be brought into Lyr from the villages up north. Rumours were spread around that some shadowy figures were recruiting frost warriors to join the shadow army who were at war with the nature creatures. It was said they were very violent but Lyr was to busy with their own war to aid the north right now. This however did slow down the resource flow into Lyr since extra guards had to be used to aid the carts journey to Lyr. Kobold Engineers worked day and night and put the resources to good use  building majestic structures and helpfull fighters such as Ironclads and Constructs. Ironclads had been improved since the Twilight war and had stronger guns, extra armor and more magic resistance. It was however very time consuming to build Ironclads so not many had been build since the war started and the ones made had sufferd heavy damage from the enemy. The Battleship docks did a bit better. Located in the middle walls of Lyr founded by the Hero king Rogan Kayle himself they had build numerous battleships that withstood most enemy attacks. The war was taking its toll on everyone hate grew as the war went on.

Chapter 2: The ashes
Kaylen Storm named after the great hero Rogan Kayle looked around the mountains for any sign of a possible attack. He had been sent to guard duty even though he is part of a kobold engineer duo. It had been 12 days since the last attack on the west wall of Lyr and since every structure around was in perfect shape there wasn’t much left for him to do around here. As he saw nothing that could point to a possible attack he sat back down on his chair and looked over the west part of Lyr. Beautifull as ever it seemed as no war was going on in the direction of the centre of the city. This changed however when he looked down at the area around the gate. 10 Worldbreaker guns stood towering over houses their giant barrels shining in the sunlight pointing in the direction of the mountains. Kaylen had always loved working on worldbreaker guns they made him feel powerfull. Looking at the gate itself he saw two old rusty Ironclads who dated all the way back to the Twilight wars. Kaylen had been working on repairing them in his spare time not that he had a lot of it these days. He had only been able to get the guns working so far. This way they would still be usefull in a fight. There were squads of master archers marching around. The sound of hooves of the Lyrish knight could be heard as they trained. “Typical sounds around a military camp in Lyr” Kaylen tought. He wonderd what his kobold partner Dragnya was doing at this time. “Probably something more interesting than this” Kaylen sighed to himself. “Oh well it is almost time for the change of guards anway. After the sun has fully gone down that mountain I’ll be done. So I guess I’ll just have to hold out about 15 to 20 minutes more” Kaylen thought to himself. “Ahoy up there “ a familiar voice yelled at him happy. Looking down Kaylen saw Jenna a childhood friend who was a Winter Witch. Her main job was putting magic protection on structures and creating blizzards in attacks. “Heya down there” Kaylen yelled back. “Wanna go for a drink later” she asked. “Sure” Kaylen replied. But before he could finish the word he saw something black falling down. It was some sort of a black snow. More started falling as Kaylen quickly sprung up and looked around the mountains. The earth started shaking softly and the noice of engines grew louder. “What is it, what do you see?” Jenna asked with a tone of alarm in her voice”. “Fire tribe attack” he replied quietly. Next he yelled it on the top of his lungs. It was like he had gone deaf it wasn’t for the growing sound of engines. Everyone seemed to have frozen. The next second everyone started running and yelling. There Kaylen saw it, atleast 20 Thunder tanks were rolling it’s way up the passage to the gate surrounded by hundereds of smaller fire troops in a cloud of smoke and ashes.

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In a matter of hours, the council of regents was convened. It consisted of those who were the late queen's closest advisors and was entrusted with the task of leading the nation of Lyr through this interregnum. Jarrik was part of the council, having served as the queen's strategic advisor as well as guard captain. This was much to the chagrin of the other councillors, how could a lowborn such as he be on the council of regents? Who did he think he was? Rogan Kayle? Nobility should be respected, and being at the beck and call of this thatcher's son was straining their patience. Being awoken at this hour did nothing good for their disposition, but they did their duty.

Ish'Faithal met with the council in the Steward's Chamber, a small room to the side of the throne room normally used for private meetings of the Queen's Council. At the head of the table, on a chair considerably more opulent than the others, sat Vincent Chisford of Wilkinholm. He had been the queen's master of spies and had now taken leadership of the council of regents. A noble of the finest and purest blood, he claimed descent from the old royal family, before the death of the sun drew people underground. He was a strong proponent of reestablishing monarchy as quickly as possible, preferably with himself as king.

"Speak intruder," he said, "explain to us why we should not execute you for the murder of our beloved queen."

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A loud, lowly echoing laughter resonated through the Broken Mountain passageway. As sharply and clearly as Araxes could hear, his senses barely required any effort to listen in; even a long-deaf kobold could have clearly identified the clumsy yet surprisingly loud snickers and war cries of a Wrecker from miles away. And that would not even be taking the cavern into account, amplifying the sound to an extent which seemed more than tenfold. 

"That's right, run home to yer wee ice cream parler, we'll stop by for tea one day, ya hear?" he roared in the distance, following by more laughter. Underneath his bulking voice, faint chuckles of several others could be heard. They were distinctly less obnoxious, but clearly and notably deriving from fire tribes. Enforcers? Thugs? Firesworn? Araxes could not quite place the accents of the living. All he was used to would be the reverberating, ghostly voices of the spirits of Akylos; the accents of the living had eroded away in his mind. Slightly quieter, but still obnoxiously loud, the Wrecker seemingly turned to his group of militia, clearly exerting dominance. "That'd be all of 'em gone. Dumb, posh bastards callin' 'emselves Lyrish Knights." "They had it coming for years." a snarling voice added. "And we just trusted them and let them be here, guarding some wretched passageway no soul has passed through for the last decade. And even now they go run home in fear, as if their beloved queenie were to save them from her grave. Ha!". Quiet mumbling in agreement followed. "Now that they're all gone, all these ice cream towers could prove useful. I've always wanted a new barn." "If we can't use 'em as is, we may as well WRECK EM!" the Wrecker joyously replied. "FOR THE TRIBE!" he screeched. "FOR THE TRIBE!" the crowd responded in unison. 

As expected, this was the opportune moment to strike. More than opportune, as it seemed like the fire tribes had no clue as of how to operate the frost kingdom's tower defenses, and although being in a minority, the frost troops having vacated the passageway. Nobody would expect a 20m tall flame-engulfed dragon to emerge from the gates to Akylos at this time. Clearly, wrecking ancient defenses for their own good was more important than to guard a passage nobody bothered to cross for over a decade, regardless of pressing times of elemental conflict. Araxes quickly glared at Bardor, who was stood in the exact same position as he was in the moment he told him to be still. Good. At least he knew to never take a dragon's word for granted. Not even that of one used to spiralling his victims' minds into paranoia. He learned that the hard way, as a faint, burnt scar on Bardor's ghostly body would remind him of several endured blazing tail whips. Few troops. Fire tribes, not heavily armed. Selfish, foolish, blinded by greed. Easy prey, Captain. Finish them quickly. Araxes' haunting voice echoed in Bardor's head. He slowly nodded, readied his gleaming dark blunderbuss with lost mana wing shrapnel and cautiously approached the dragon, following him slowly towards the faint gleam of daylight at the end of the mountain tunnel... or was it starlight? It was hard to make out, coming from a realm of eternal night, devoid of any moons illuminating the dark plains of Akylos. Approaching the gateway, the dragon's flames lit up brightly and Bardor held on to his weapon steadily, not shivering or trembling for even a fraction of a second, aside from when Araxes' claws made the earth shake under the weight of his slow, crushing steps, despite being a lost soul.

Upon gazing into the world of the living, there were three clear but small groups of several fire tribe members, heading in different directions towards the ancient, inactive frost defenses. Though otherwise engaged, the Wrecker did not take long to realise that danger was afoot. "Ey! Guys! Get yer butts over here!" he shouted, as Araxes rapidly jumped out of the darkness, pouncing onto several sunstriders, crushing them whole beneath his claws, bathing them into a soothing, crimson pool, rapidly turning darker and hardening due to the heat of his wings. He roared furiously as he glared deeply into the tiny, rallying-staff-wielding demolisher's eyes. The Wrecker swiftly and aggressively responded "Those were good lads, ya blockhead! You got me angry... and you don't want me to be angry... FIRE!", followed by several remaining sunstriders and firesworn soldiers unloading their weapons onto the massive dragon. Most shots simply rebounded onto his sturdy scales, and the few that hit barely left a scratch and a few dents.

"Are you done with your little fighting game?" the dragon's voice rumbled over the suddenly silent group of fire guardsmen. "Perhaps you'd have made things more difficult with those towers of yours, but your pathetic little conflict and homeland seem to matter more to you than anything else." 
"If ya kill me, yer gonna regret it with yer life. If you even have any anymore" the Wrecker stumbled.
"I am not going to end your life." Araxes responded softly. Within a mere second, a loud blast launched the Wrecker forwards. Deep cuts and burns all over his back, if you ignored the hole in his chest. 
"That would be me..." Bardor grinned from behind the Wrecker's corpse, and jumped up right in time to avoid Araxes' tail flooring most of the crowd gathered around them. Paralysed, and burning with searing pain, even despite being fire troops, they found it impossible to get up properly or take aim. Shivering in fright, they looked up to the massive, brightly burning dragon as he opened his maw widely and a stream of scorching fire erupted from it, engulfing them in flames. Their screams echoed against the Broken Mountain as their flesh burnt to a crisp, their final breaths sending their souls straight to the dark realms past it.

Bardor in the meantime swiftly managed to hunt down remaining runaway troops, the sharp Mana Wing pins cutting through their skin at high velocity, crippling them and damaging them enough to make them bleed out within a matter of minutes. He was lucky enough to be able to reach the fleeing soldiers due to his slow reloading time, but most ended up being a victim to dragonfire, should they have gotten the chance to run. When at last the final striker buried his own face into the rocky grounds, all that was left was desolation; a vast area of ruin, destruction, but mostly teal flames and crimson blood. Bardor slowly lowered his blunderbuss and sighed softly. Araxes' wings darkened and his flames calmed down, the soulfire rapidly growing less bright and fiery. 

"Well... that was somethin'..." The captain mumbled. "They barely stood a chance."
The dragon nodded, and proceeded to lick the blood of his razor-sharp claws.
"Your strikes were brutal. None left alive. None left to flee." Bardor mumbled, taking a knee and getting himself in a more comfortable resting position. "Should give you some time before they find out."
"As were yours." the dragon growled quietly. Bardor smiled. "Did the grumpy ol' dragon of fear just compliment me...?" he intimidatingly and teasingly replied.
"Don't make me regret it." Araxes sharply snarled, hiding his own excuse for a smile carefully.

"Well... You best be off soon, before they find you, ya monster..." the captain chuckled. "Besides, I have no business in Nyn. It was good harvesting some fresh souls for Akylos. Should do it more often. Maybe I'll even rebuild me Osprey, 'specially for you. We could hunt down some crew at some point."
Araxes slowly nodded in agreement. "On your way then, captain." he said monotonously. As Bardor stood up and walked towards the passageway, the captain snickered, looking back at the massacre he was partly responsible for. "Good luck out there, Araxes, and see you soon. And I don't mean at the Gate. Let's avoid that bloody thing altogether."
"Fear will consume all." the dragon growled. "Thank you for the company. May Ashia be the last place for me to ever find you."

As Bardor disappeared, Araxes used his wings to extinguish the blazing array of flames he left behind with a strong wind gust, and with a terrifying roar, he proceeded in the direction the Lyrish Knight had fled to before... the Frost Kingdom, leaving the crisping sound of extinguished fire and the gentle dripping of the blood down his claws and neck to accompany the peaceful chirping of birds and the rustling of trees at the fall of dusk on the way.

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It was early morning in the Daintree rainforest, Xyalas awoke to nothing but the sound of rushing water from the waterfall she called home.. She knew something was wrong it was quiet.. Too quiet.. The usual sound of howling Werebeasts as they return to their dens to sleep through the day was missing. There was no rumbling or shaking of the ground as the herd of Thornbark's usually pass this waterfall each morning to moisturise their roots in the mineral rich and fresh water the waterfall provides. More worryingly she couldn't hear the roaring of her fellow dragonkin or the sound of their wings flapping vigorously which was a cause for more concern.


Hesitantly and carefully, Xyalas walked towards the waterfall. Just as she was about to walk through to see what was going on, she heard a scurrying noise coming from behind her. Quickly she turned around not knowing what to expect. As she turned around she couldn't see anything but the noise was still there, she saw some sort of movement coming from within a tiny crack in the cave wall. Curious Xyalas walked towards the crack knowing whatever it was in there was no threat towards her. As she got closer she could make out what looked to be a trail of scaly bright grass like green and bark brown like egg shell "This can't be a Swamp Drake egg, our eggs are a lot darker green and not as scaly as this one" Xyalas thought to herself. As she got closer to the crack she could make out two green tail blades, which she knew right away wasn't part of her kind. As she looked more carefully she saw a row of small bright yellow spikes all down what she assumed was the spine of the creature and that is when it hit her, this was the hatchling a Giant Wyrm.


Xyalas quietly and calmly laid down and whispered through the crack "It's okay little one, you're safe, I will not harm you". The tiny hatchling sprung up in shock and slowly lifted it's tiny head and turned to face her. It tried to roar but all that came out of its mouth was little half roar and half growl. Carefully Xyalas shoved her head through the crack in the cave and gently grabbed the hatchling and picked it up and out of the hole. Gently she placed it on the floor and wrapped her tail around it to keep it warm. "I guess you need a name, little fella" Xyalas said looking down at the hatchling, "How about Nozo?". The little hatchling looked up at her and let off a smile or well what looks like a smile to dragons at least. "Nozo it is then" Xyalas said gleefully. "I think we should go and find your parents" she said remembering the unusual morning. Once again she gently picked up Nozo in her mouth and carefully placed him on her back. Slowly she got up to her feet and walked through the waterfall using her wings as a cover to prevent Nozo from getting wet by the water.

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Chapter 1: The Queen of the damned

It was a few hours since he woke up and no guards or anyone came close to his cell. Then as he was thinking about that, he hears some footsteps. He recognized to guars as their armor was heavy and simple to regonize by sound, but the third person. It couldnt be almost heard, but the guards were talking to someoneIt was like it wasnt at the floor at all. Then they came infront of his cell. The third person was a young girl no more than 20, long curly hair with the darkest purple you can imagine. Her dark purple eyes were looking on Dzodin with could be described as curiosity. She was wearing a black dress from a material lighter than the air itself. Her arms were covered in gloves from the same material, from palm to elbow. She looked as a shadow sorcerer, but the guards were Lyrish. "My queen, this is the man we found yesterday." one of the guards said. "He was lying before the city and.. "Behind or in the Mist ?" interrupted the second one. "In-in the mist, my queen." said nervously the guard "Hmm" she said, while looking at him. "Balon, give me the keys and dismissed" "But, my queen.." Balon said "Diss-missed!" she said more loudly this time. "Lets go Balon" Balon growled with anger and went with the other guard. "I see you are not a spy or assasin, so tell me, my dear, how did you get here ?" "Well, If I'd know where I am then I would have gladly tell you, so where are we?" Dzodin said with a smirk on his face "You dont know?" "Nope, only thing I know is the I cant trust anything I see. I have a feeling Im going mad." "Give me your hand" she said with a soft soothing voice and he gently took her hand. In a split of a second, her eyes went from the nice small-looking to a eyes raditing with shadow magic and her whole eyes were purple. But Dzodin just stood her, waiting what will come of it. After a few seconds, she returned to her normal state and said. "Who are you?" She said uncertainly. "Im Dzodin, thief, wraith and occasionally an unwelcome guest in a place I dont know." "Im Iris, queen of this city, city of the damned" She said with a shy but a little proud tone. "So Iris, tell me, where is the city of the damned?" "Its hidden before the all factions, It reveals itself to only the ones who need the help, refugees from the stupid war this world is in." "Then why Im here?" "Not everyone here is a refugee, some people want to start a new life, mostly shadow, like me." "Hmmm, Im just trying to survive, I have nothing. I lost everything long ago." Said Dzodin with a depresing tone. "Dellorian, am I right?" Iris whispired to him "What? How..you looked into my past right?" "I did, but only past few months, my ability to see into others pasts is limited by how the certain people view me as. I will let you out of your cell. Try to find home here, we'll see each other soon enough." Iris said with a soft soothing voice. Then she started walking away, when suddenly Dzodin said. "Iris?" "Yes?" "You said that you saw my past, but why then did you asked me who I am?" "I wanted to see If you were honest or liar, If you were a liar I would have left you there." "Well, thank you, Iris" "And just a hint, dont call me that in front of everyone, I have pretty big authority in this city, so Its my queen for you." "Sure, Iris." He said with a smirk on his face. She only turned her head with a smile and then walked away.

He went out of his cell and saw a massive city. The cell was in one of the many towers on the walls around this massive city. Dzodin looked to either side and both were covered in a huge layer of mist. "So this is the Mist Iris was talking about." The day went by and Dzodin got some money, food and drink from helping others with different things. But the whole time, he was thinking of Irises soft and calm voice. It was like an angel whispering to his ear. In the night, he was sitting on the highest point on castle, which was the highest point in the whole city. What a day. Dzodin thought to himself I have a feeling, If she wouldnt talk to me, I would have really gone mad, but when I heard her voice. It was like an angel telling me "Everything is alright." He was looking onto the night sky, and then he hears a humming. He listened for a while, then he looked on the balcony under him. Iris was there, humming while gently and slowly moving one arm, like she was making a spell. A purple magic came from her arm and It looked like she was writing something. He waited for a few minutes and enjoyed the sound of her voice. It calmed him so much, he almost didnt felt any pain from his left arm, which was newly bandaged. Then she stopped humming and Dzodin said. "Its already over?" Iris was still looking on the Mist and said. "If I hummed a while longer you would have fallen asleep there." "True, but It would be my first sleep without nightmares." he said as he was jumping down on the balcony. "Tell me Dzodin, why do you think that it was your fault that she died?" she said suddenly. Dzodin's smile instanly dissapeared. " I could have been faster, I could have ignored them and went straight for her, instead I wanted to release my anger." he said, with almost tears in his eyes. Iris turned around and came closer to him. She gently put her hand on his cheek and said. "So, you could have seen her die? She was already dead, when you arrived dear." Her gloves were very soft, so soft that Dzodin coudnt focus on anything else. Then his eyes looked at hers. "You are a good man, dont let this destroy you, hmm?" Iris said again in her soothing voice. Then she slowly took her hand of him and went back into her room. As she was walking, she turned around and said. "Good night, dear" Dzodin stood there for another minute, and then he dissapeared back into the city.

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