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  1. First Rp post go check it out :)


  2. Prologue: The entire esquadron is moving swiftly in the forest, we are burning the Forest for almost 4 days now we are lucky we haven't found the wolf yet.I dont like this place if feels like something is always watching us, we dont know what, our where he is but we know someone our something is observing us.After walking for about 5 hours we found a good place to camp, everyone was exausted but i felt like that wasnt the only feeling in the air, there was something else nobody wanted to say but it was fear all of us were scared of being ambushed during the night.We had alot of shifts and lookouts around the camp just in case any danger was closing in on us but they know their way around the forest to well some say the wolf even becomes invisible around the trees.Even our captain is scared of him but he tries not to show it so the troops still have some hope.We had a shitty soap for dinner, but i guess its better then nothing, everyone seemed so happy but deep down i know all that joy was fake but i didnt care i just enjoyed the moment.Well this entry is already too long im off to bed.
  3. Hello I would like to join! Name: Last Whisper Age: Enough to see the dawn of the world... Unit & Faction: Forest Elder, Nature i guess Appearance: Its said that he is the same size has a castle, long white fur, deep black claws and bright red eyes. Alignment: Last Whisper swore to protect the Ancient Forest with his life, he has been defending it since the beggining of the times against all enemys.One day one army of the Fire Faction threaten the safety of the forest burning miles of land. Eventually he was able to defeat them but since that day he swore that he would destroy them. His only ally's are the Frost Faction often help him in the battles with their common enemy the Fire. He has encountered many demons from the Shadow Faction but most of them didnt mean no harm but he doesnt trust them. Abillities: The Forest's Blessing: Last Whisper receives a blessing from the Forest Elders and regenerates his wounds alot faster. The Calling of The Elder: Last Whisper roars calling his allies to join him in battle. They say the roar is so loud that you can hear it 1000 milles away. Strenghts: His amazing way to blend in with the forest makes it so he has almost perfect camouflage. He knows his ways around the forest, this allows him to hunt any type of enemy in that dense forest making it so even tough he is massive most of the times he remains undetected. Weakness: Even tough his main enemy is The Fire Faction, their also his biggest weakness. In a ancient battle with one of The Fire Faction generals hurt him so bad he was close to death. The Forest is also a big weakness. He was named the Guardian of The Forest, so all his power comes from it, if the Forest is destroyed The Last Whisper will be uselless. History: In the beggining of the times when The Ancient Forest first was created Last Whisper was appointed to defend with his life. The Elders trained him so he could be the best warrior the Forest had ever seen. Even tough he is one of the best warriors to exist he is humble and has a big sense of humor. Its simple but i deleted my other one so i didnt feel like making a huge text again XD
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