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Death: Brain Decay: Will take life points from the corpses, up to 300. This pool will slowly drain out of combat, but it's killer (or closest target) will lose control attacking the closest enemy. (300 life points = 3 seconds).
Fire: Unit gains Minor Swift (50% less speed than a normal swift unit). As they stay in combat (3 seconds) they gain a bonus 150 damage
Ice: Unit builds up an ice shield for 150 hp when outside of combat. If switched the shield will last for 20 seconds.
Nature: Unit gains Regeneration and gains reach

Upgrade: Pay 25 energy to give them an extra 150/150, can't be used while in combat. Requires someone to have orb 2.

Magically held: Unit has no advantage, while being small. Instead of being knocked down or trampled they take bonus damage 25% or trample does 15 instead of 10. Unit requires a monument, but not one to be chosen.

Was thinking of an sorta universal soldier that any color faction could play, but could changed based on the elements in play (enemy or ally.) Changes up it's play style in PVP/PVE depending on who you play with. (One play session you might get a swift unit who can regenerate, another you might get a unit a unit with death decay who can steal life points from the enemy, while being bulky. Generally thought it should lose any stat fight, but become some what bulky as they only take damage as 100% (or 125% vs large/extra large for an impromptu steadfast.)

Was thinking he could be an interesting way to leave an opponent guessing on your deck, or possibly running two starting elements while still being able to field something to leave your opponent guessing. But a worst unit than any 50 cost unit.

Looter 660/630 vs 450 to a build up of 600/650, looter is the clear winner
North Guard 630/720 vs 450/850
Gives nature a cheap unit to use
Generally the ability will make anything with deathwish/frenzy/armor will do and keep attacking. Just unable to pick targets. More just steals life points on the ground. More of a nuisance for T2 shadow.

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