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  1. Satanael(P) is missing from the card database?
  2. Ravenheart should have the same "very slow movement" added to the card description same as battleship?
  3. Its not really that important, but sometimes I wanna keep track of which affinity of that specific card I have bought or sold. And sometimes I forget, looking though the mail, I just think that it would be helpful if it had shown: Auction completed on 00/00/2021. Congratulations, you have won the bid for (CARD) (AFFINITY) for BFP Thanks
  4. Shrine of Martyr has different card descriptions from the Allbfcard site?
  5. NAME: Lost bfp due to outbid in market SEVERITY: 2/3 LOCATION: Auction House REPRODUCIBILITY: I mean, I rather not. DESCRIPTION: Around today 19:55 went to bid on scavenger at the auction house just before the bid ended. I'm not sure what happened, but I didn't get the card and neither did I get my battleforge points back through mail? Could anyone help me through this matter?
  6. How much is each pack again?
  7. it makes me think if boosters are really worth it....
  8. Oi you spaz

    1. Necrospaz
    2. TREX


      What de fuk does dat mean, suk a dik


    3. Necrospaz


      ye pretty much

  9. ^is a eunuch >=D Edit: some bastard gave me a minus, give me more pelease.
  10. How to counter as Shad Nature?
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