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  1. If the nerf is based population bypass that triggers lag spikes then the following cards also must meet population cap: Infect Satanael Cultist masters Banzai Lord Sunken Temple Harvester Corpse Summoning Nightguard Sawp Grim Bahir's infectious spit and etc Nether warp Is definetly a big problem when teleporting more than 10 units across a field, it is undeniable that users have faced crashes from nether warp and its most likely happens throughout netherwarping teammates units towards the final boss. I suggest a teleportation limit of 'x" amount of units being able to pass and warp.
  2. Infected Tower: I would like to refute this absurd nerf, what purpose would you have for Infected Tower other than it being a defensive tower? Why on earth would I even use the twilight bug ability in the future? I am an avid Twilight bug deck user and have been using such deck in Battlegrounds for a long time but I have to say ever since the new update on battlegrounds, the deck has become even more lackluster to single unit clear + Infect/frenetic/disenchant, which brings up the point on why hasn't the team been revising changes on these kind of one man army strat since they obviously allow you to get top 10 in the speed run rankings every time? -------------------------------- Lets' dispel the myth the common opinion that everybody thinks is that the twilight bug deck strategy is easy and requires no skill when in fact: A) Limited Air Counters: A typical twilight bug deck (SSFN) has limited choices to Air counters, lost dragons, spitfires, and any other flying units do tend cause problems. Your choice of options are: Soulshatter - Damage is not reliable and spread amongst other units within the vicinity Thunderstorm - Decent but also faces the same problem with Soulshatter Revenge and Sandstorm is unreliable and does little damage and DPS is dependent on variables AOP, does the most damage out of all spells and is excellent but does not typically kill the unit Frenetic is dependent on being lucky and hoping that there is a ranged unit able to target the flying units. Bosses such as Lost dragon and Bandit Corsair relies heavily on your teammate being able to provide support OR the use of spamming tower of flames which is manageable but conflicts with the idea of the micro and macro-ing bug strategy - Which brings me along to the next point: B). A Twilight Bug deck requires you to be very Micro and Macro intensive: This deck requires you to be efficient in spawning bugs as if you do not keep up with the reinforcement, your units will deplete faster than you can send the next army along the way. This is why the strategy is so fun as it has similar elements to Dota (and in some sense is the only substance in Battleforge that is similar to Dota) which consists of: Micromanagement is intensive and requires good command input, the input consists of: Selecting Cultist masters Input command ability to summon Nightcrawlers Selection of 2 Infected Towers Input command ability for Infected Tower to activate ability (20 seconds) Drag selected units and select group Form new group (CTRL + Number) Select new group and dispatch army Repeat step 1 but also during this time, you would have to account for a ten second interval in order to reactivate Cultist Master ability, (however, this is also dependent on you having the power to activate Infected tower ability as most of the times you would be using spells to support your first/second dispatched army but this should is also leveled out during the mid game as you would have more inbound power and infinite void return) Select and command first batch army to the next enemy base Repeat step 1-7 Drag to select and input new command to create a new group when one army joins the next and progress further on Repeat 1-11 Other variables to consider during theses steps: Map awareness and movement, requires you to switch back and forth from enemy camp and Infected tower camp. Input of spells which requires more input commands and selection of what ever it may be - Usually consists of 10 spells (Also account for the 0.1 interval for next spell selection and activation) - This hinders and slows down the time on when you can switch back onto your own base and continue with the Twilight bug spawn Enemy anti magic zone - restricts your spell activation in some certain areas thus making you use more time to search out 'non-anti magic zones' in order to play out spells Splitting your army into two different locations, Incidences like these occur when you have killed the majority of an enemy base and have too many units hugged around a untouched flying unit(s) or boss unit(s). Units that are not attacking are inefficient and serve no purpose, this is why you should split and send your army to the next enemy base while the others are taking care of the former enemies. Division of armies is even more difficult requiring even more micromanagement and map awareness. Unit distribution is generally difficult and requires good map awareness. (In this instance, one should not rely on the card "tunnel" or "Portal Nexus" to channel such strategy but rather summon units from the tower and send them alongside to your other troops as this is the most effective and fastest method to build up your army.) C. Deck is impractical in Fire Rpve, pve and pvp; Fire RPVE: The twilight bug strategy is inherently useless and almost impossible in Fire RPVE battlegrounds, enemy output and damage from the fire faction will kill all bug armies due to their mediocre health. Volcano, FIre dragons, batariels, Pyromaniacs and spitfires will melt through your bugs like butter leaving you with a non existent army. There are ways to defeating enemy fire camps but this consists of establishing a constant 300+ army but at that stage, your teammates would have already cleared 3/4 of the map (You would also have to take account of the time for your army to travel up to the latest enemy camp). General PVE: I can't comment much on PVE maps but generally unless you are not looking to clear the map somewhat efficiently, then yes it is viable (but it will take hours). Otherwise, I guess the average user would be looking to complete the map in an orderly fashion. A majority of Expert Maps have time constraints and will not allow for you to perform such strategy making it unviable. PVP: If you have enough time to set up 2 infected towers and a few cultist masters in order to summon a few twilight bugs then your opponent must be doing something wrong. The only time I can see it working is within a 3 vs 3 where your teammates can stall long enough for you to get the setup right but even still this would be farfetched. D. Lag?: I've played enough twilight bug games in my time that I have received no complaints on lags or lag spikes from teammates, the general output of bugs that you produce at the end of the game is usually in-between 150-250 units. Generally there is not enough time for you to produce more as map clearage is very fast (especially if you have teammates on baterials). If you are spawning in 300+ units then you and your teammates must be doing something inefficient, it is not wrong to spawn more but additional units over 250+ serve no purpose as they have no attack targets and would not be soaking up damage either. All enemies have a hitbox to unit cap and it would be a waste of time to spend effort in spawning more bugs rather than using spells to eliminate them. E. Nobody plays the deck (except a few) Why kill off a unique game element when there is only a very few who play the deck anyway? its not like it's game breaking or super overpowered, the twilight bug deck has counters and can be entirely lackluster / killed off if not enough effort is spent. Most if not all strategies right now induces Tunnel vision to one location only, there is almost no effort needed in sending your army forwards and clicking a few spells. What other strategy requires you to be as intensive in Map awareness and switching back and forth on different locations? My complaints about the nerf: What is the sole point in capping the twilight spawn at 40 bugs when I have invested time and power in creating a few cultist masters and a few infected towers. Why should I even use the infected tower ability in the first place? Hypothetical t2 usage; problems and queries: Induce me the idea that I would use the infected tower ability at t2? which Fire Nature or 'Fire' or 'Nature' unit would I use to invest in making a 40 bug army? How long will it take me to get a 40 bug army assuming you are not using free generated units such as Nightcrawlers from Cultist masters? And at what point do I want to kill off my units to make a twilight bug? e.g. Is investing in a sunstrider enough rationale to make a twilight bug? Seeing how Sunstriders are the cheapest unit, would I want to spend power on 40 Sunstriders to make an army = 2000 power + 60 (Infected tower ability) to make any army? Hypothetical t3 usage; problems and queries The same po,ints from "t2 usage" applies to "t3 usage" On presumption on not using Cultist Masters (due to lack of t4 orb), It makes no sense on why I would I use such strategy when I can summon twilight minions/bandit stalkers (60 Power) which is much stronger than the twilight bug itself which costs more power invest in? At this point, there are far more efficient/stronger cards in the game in order to make an army with. Hypothetical t4 usage; problems and queries Now please really do tell me on why I would cap myself with 40 bug units at t4 when I can summon 4 bloodhorns and 2 giant wyrms? The case for Tower Defense? What about willzapper? If the case is to situate Fire Nature with a tower which can defend then why are you not changing Willzapper, a card which is relatively unused in PVP and PVE? You have to acknowledge that WIllzapper is a relatively underused card which serves no purpose in PVE. Although it might be situational in PVP, I assume that there are very few players that use it when there are other favorable strategies on the market. If you are counterweighing changes for the increase in Tower defense in exchange for Nerfing the ability then you have to revise on what Fire-nature/twilight faction is about. TLDR: Please do not kill the most unique strategy in all of battleforge, my overall opinion on unit cap is that it is illogical and you would be changing Infected tower for the worse, if anything, the changes you are making would make it similar to that of incubator. There is no point in using the infected tower ability anymore because you would be rendering it with a useless ability. Like @JarodDempsey said: The buff is not enough to make it worth using anymore.
  3. There needs to be different fail state notifications (end of game) on Ascension in order to distinguish which Map had problems. There are too many times where I have lost in Ascension and no one knows which map has failed to do their job (Often M1 and M2). That or no one from their Map will admit that it was their fault which leads to the blame game resulting in a toxic tirade. I do believe that the map Ascension is/has one of the most toxic lobbies seeing how: 1. Newer players do not like to adjust their decks and/or cannot afford the right material/cards which may not fit the map's needs. 2. Older players will scruntinize newer players if they do not have the specific cards to complete the map (E.g. MOTK, Mana wing, Lightblade and so forth) 3. Continous losses leads to distaste resulting in long lobby times and more often than not brings out toxicity in terms of "complete the map with my exact strategy with these cards or be kicked because I don't want to waste another 20/30mins". My Reasoning: And this is the thing, I want there to be more transparency, I want to help newer less experienced people on that specific map however, half of the time I do not know which map has failed. Usually when there is a map failure I would ask which map had lost but most older players would ignore and leave due to their own pride and asking newer players doesn't help because they wouldn't know how they lost in the first place. The fail states could be as simple as: 1. "The Skylords could not protect jorne!" 2. "The Skylords could not stop viriyda!" 3. "The Skylords could not kill the Guardians!" Ascension is my all time favourite map on BF because of the very little intricacies is what makes it interesting, things like 'The faster that the avengers are killed, the quicker viridya appears' or 'not taking any power wells will not attract any Energy Parasites' or even the simplest of things such as 'healing jorne with shamans'. I do really believe that there is a lot more to be explored, and that the understanding of the map is neglected at times. My ultimate goal is to teach or at least improve the game state to the point where the majority of players would think that Ascension is just as easy as PTD.
  4. Satanael(P) is missing from the card database?
  5. Ravenheart should have the same "very slow movement" added to the card description same as battleship?
  6. Its not really that important, but sometimes I wanna keep track of which affinity of that specific card I have bought or sold. And sometimes I forget, looking though the mail, I just think that it would be helpful if it had shown: Auction completed on 00/00/2021. Congratulations, you have won the bid for (CARD) (AFFINITY) for BFP Thanks
  7. Shrine of Martyr has different card descriptions from the Allbfcard site?
  8. NAME: Lost bfp due to outbid in market SEVERITY: 2/3 LOCATION: Auction House REPRODUCIBILITY: I mean, I rather not. DESCRIPTION: Around today 19:55 went to bid on scavenger at the auction house just before the bid ended. I'm not sure what happened, but I didn't get the card and neither did I get my battleforge points back through mail? Could anyone help me through this matter?
  9. How much is each pack again?
  10. it makes me think if boosters are really worth it....
  11. Oi you spaz

    1. Necrospaz
    2. TREX


      What de fuk does dat mean, suk a dik


    3. Necrospaz


      ye pretty much

  12. ^is a eunuch >=D Edit: some bastard gave me a minus, give me more pelease.
  13. How to counter as Shad Nature?
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