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  1. SilenceKiller99 liked a post in a topic by Eirias in Turducken Invitational (Announcement)   
    As I type this, this Turducken Invitational Tournament is underway!
    What is an Invitational?
    Invitational Tournaments are NOT open to the public. They feature top players who qualify based on some criteria, or are "wildcarded" (or invited just because). Typical qualifications might be to have an ELO greater than XX or to have won a tournament before, etc. Since we don't have ranked PvP yet, I invited some players that other top players recommended. It's hard to know who is active, and several people did not respond. But if you feel that you are one of the best PvP players and you want to be invited to the next invitational, just make sure that I know!
    Who is playing?
    Johnzyna, SaintStryker, RadicalX, Hirooo, Navarr, SunWu, TopS3cret, Raupy
    Is there a prize pool?
    YES! There is a prize pool for the winners, which will be split 50/30/20. There is also an additional prize pool for the most interesting game. IF YOU WANT TO DONATE BFP/CARDS, I am accepting donations to boost the prize pool. I will be investing at least 1/2 of my BFP for prizes, and we already have a donation of 500 BFP. If you want to donate, just send me an ingame mail in the forums with whatever you want to donate, and make sure to mention if you want this to be donated for the regular prize pool or the "best game" prize pool.
    When will I see the tournament?
    I will be recording tournament games and I will upload them to the BattleForge Creator's Guild once the rounds are finished!
    What is the tournament format?
    Swiss System
    Rules for Contestants:
    1.     There are no deck restrictions.
    2.     Games are best 3 of 5.
    3.     Pairings: I will randomly seed each player for pairings. Note that the seed doesn't really matter, because it's a Swiss System.
    4.      Tie-breaks: If necessary, a playoff will decide 2nd and 3rd place. For tie-breaks beyond 3rd place: Solkoff, with direct encounter taking priority.
    5.      Abuse: If the game allows it, you can play it. Just remember that we are advertising this as the tournament of the best players in the game, and every game is recorded and commentated. You may/will get hate from other players for playing "lame" or abusing something (like phasetowers). I will also be critical in my commentary if I feel you are doing something unsportsmanlike.
    6.     Prizes: I'll donate from my own supply, but more importantly I'll ask viewers for bfp donations. Winnings will be split 50/30/20 for 1st, 2nd, 3rd. I'll also have a "best game" prize pool, where viewers will vote on the most entertaining game. Both players of that game will split a separate prize pool.
    1. Starting map: I will randomly assign each as Player 1 or Player 2. Player 1 bans the first map, then player 2 bans two maps. Player 1 bans the final map. Player 2 chooses whether he would like position 1 or position 2.
    2. Starting map options (game 1 only): Haladur, Simai, Elyon, Lajesh, Uro
    3. Counterpicks: The winning player bans 2 maps. The losing player chooses from the remaining maps. Additionally, you may not return to the map of your most recent win. [example: if P1 wins on Haladur, P2 wins on Uro, P1 may choose Uro (but not Haladur, so it makes no sense to ban it). However if P1 lost game 4, he may choose Haladur for game 5]
    4. Counterpick map options: Simai, Haladur, Elyon, Wazhai, Lajesh, Uro, Yrmia, Lajesh, generated.
  2. felkin liked a post in a topic by SilenceKiller99 in "PVP FEAR"   
    Those 'Tree Tips' though xD
    Something that might also help with 'PvP fear' is not giving a sh*t about the rank you are... just play when you have the time and feel like playing.
  3. FarRockBF liked a post in a topic by SilenceKiller99 in FarRock 1st Video on YouTube   
    I was so suprised to see a video from you  a happy suprise tho. Also good to hear that you plan on making more videos!
  4. SilenceKiller99 liked a post in a topic by FarRockBF in FarRock 1st Video on YouTube   
    Hey Guys!
    A short RPVE (not short enough  sadly I'm terrible right now) video about me, my life, what I've been up to, etc. Catchin y'all up to speed. Looking forward to some real PVE matches and even PVP when it gets real!
    See you soon!
    Sorry for the delay. It's processing quite slowly.
  5. SilenceKiller99 liked a post in a topic by MrXLink in Important Progress Update and Clarification   
    Greetings Skylords, Skyladies and Skythings!
    Throughout the past few weeks we have noticed increasingly negative comments and remarks with regards to Skylords Reborn, its progress and its development time. Accusations of us scamming supporters are made on a daily basis, and while that is simply false in every aspect, we do understand that a lot of you have major concerns and are worried about the project, whether it's still a thing, whether we have run off with Patreon funds, and where we are right now after 3 years of development. Don't worry, though! We live, and as you will soon find out, we are doing well and are going nowhere!
    The thing is, and beta testers know this, that we are actually making a lot of progress to the point where we are busy stress testing the servers with the Closed Beta testing group, improving server stability and creeping closer to Open Beta with every single test. And by the Old Gods, it took a while to get here. A lot of you have an idea of how long a game development cycle can take, and so it is only understandable that 3 years seems like an awful lot just to bring a game back. However, it's a lot more complicated than that due to this being a passion/voluntary project that we don't get paid for, and finding/fixing bugs being way more complex due to us not having made the client code at all. This makes it an unpredictable process in which we can't set deadlines or promise fixed release times. For a more detailed explanation, refer to the quote below from the Open Beta Information thread:
    Rest assured, we are happy to inform you that we don't want to make money from this project (even if we wanted to, it would be illegal), and that your support is not in vain. Supporting the project is also completely voluntary, and we do not give any game rewards to patrons at all. Thanks to every single one of you who has been having faith in this project and supporting us by being a thriving and friendly community, we have managed to come a long way in 3 years, in which we faced managerial issues, legal complications, several server rewrites, and a lot of swapping regarding staff and partnerships. Our team right now is very solid and progressive, though, and we're getting closer and closer to that glorious Open Beta. We are reaching important testing milestones, which is fantastic. For example, @Kubik has evaluated our latest Closed Beta Stress Test, which was held yesterday. He has collected the following results:
    For more details on the stress test results, there will be an update on our Developer Platform soon!
    "What does all this mean?" you may wonder. In essence, it means that we are ironing out some of the last bugs in the current server code (as far as we can see), are getting further in making 12-player maps work properly, and the server is currently able to handle quite some players at the same time. In other words, progress, progress, progress! Keeping this in mind, we would like to give you the following information:
    Something BIG is coming.
    Though we will not be reaching a full open beta state just yet, something large and important will be coming to the Skylords Reborn community in the near future. To present this and to provide you with details on this big development milestone, we will be announcing a new, important official stream very soon, so stay tuned!
    Hopefully this update will clarify things and ease away some of the major concerns you may all be having regarding the project. Be sure to check the forums, discord or other social media for the stream announcements, and for weekly updates about all the progress we are actively making, check our Developer Platform!
    Thank you all again for your undying support and dedication to the project and the game, and we hope to bring all over 21 THOUSAND of you Skylords, Skyladies and Skythings (*GASP*) more great progress and updates in the near future!
  6. SilenceKiller99 liked a post in a topic by Xeapor in Open Stress Test Information   
    You both misunderstood what I was saying, I don't think it's a scam.

    What I was saying was I don't understand how people think this is a scam.
  7. SilenceKiller99 liked a post in a topic by batorfly in Open Stress Test Information   
    Take MY money and take MY soul and take MY GF, also take MY Happines, and make it happen. 
    I don't have any of the listed things tho. 
    Ofc take your time i suppose. Game will be better than ever in the history of never. 
    What am i and who we are, where we are going, and what i will be eating next. Questions that cannot be answered.
    Jeez, wat am i doing with my life. Browsing forum in work. 
  8. SilenceKiller99 liked a post in a topic by Ultrakool in What the heck?! My rep is gone!   
    used to be possible through google webcache but unfortunately I dont think its cached anymore. There is a log though from what Ive heard from link.
  9. indubitablement liked a post in a topic by SilenceKiller99 in Actual Damage Spreadsheet   
    Hi fellow Skylords!
    Today I took the time to note down all the damage values from some cards (all the units with primary ranged attacks) in a google drive spreadsheet. I also calculated how much damage a ranged unit would do within 20 seconds (which should be equal to the amount of damage on the card). I came to the conclusion that a whole lot of cards have inaccurate damage values.
    I calculated the damage with: (((min damage+max damage)/2)/seconds per attack)*20. For example aggressor deals 112 to 168 damage every 4 seconds, so: (((112+168)/2)/4)*20 = 700, which equals the damage value on the card.
    There are two extra columns. One says if the calculated/tested value is equal to the value on the card. The other column with 'significant damage' says if the calculated/tested value differs more than 10% from the card value.
    The rows marked in black gave ridiculous values, so can someone please check my calculations and/or ingame test this?
    This is a link to the spreadsheet I made.
    This is a link to the Excel document that Mental Omega made.
    If you see any mistakes, miscalculations, misspelled things or vague things, post it here and add @SilenceKiller99 to the post.
    To be Tested List:
    - The units in the black coloured rows.
    - Cards that have 'significant difference'.
    - Cards that have not yet been tested (see the 'confirmed?' column).
    * Changed Gunner damage to 1200. (21-02-2016)
    * Changed Stormsinger damage to 576,9. (21-02-2016)
    * Changed Commandos damage to 660, which now equals the amount stated on the card (21-02-2016)
    * Added a extra column (name: 'confirmed') which tells you if the calculated/tested value is confirmed by alpha testers. (21-02-2016)
    * Changed Skycatchers damage to 4333,3. (21-02-2016)
    * Added a link to Mental Omega's Excel document in this post. (21-02-2016)
  10. SilenceKiller99 liked a post in a topic by Ladadoos in Minigames   
    Here's a map I actually 'finished' a few months a go already, it is called Rogans Revenge and it is a 2 player PVE map. It is 'finished' and not finished because I couldn't be bothered to spend more time texturing the map and fix some annoying things. All of the scripting for the map works. Basic idea is that you have lyrish people trying to defend their bases from the twilight and bandits. The thing is that the twilight and bandits are also each others enemies. Your goal is to free some imprisoned lyrish units, defend both lyrish camps and destroy both the twilight and bandits. The map is quite easy on easy, but is extremely difficult on expert difficulty, if I do say so myself.
    Here's a description of the map:

    Five years ago, the famous Hero Rogan Kayle became the King of Lyr. At first everything seemed to be going well, but he soon became tired of leading people who needed to be saved all the time. Despite his good heart, he decided enough was enough and he joined the bandits, seeking revenge on the people he once lead! As a masterful Cobbler and former king, he easily rose through the ranks and now finds himself as their leader! Now does not only the Twilight want to attack the remaining lyrish base, but the Bandits too. Both Twilight and Bandit send attack waves to the remaining lyrish camp located north-west,  but luckily they just end up killing each other every time and barely reach the lyrish base. Your goal is to destroy the Twilight and kill the traitor, Rogan! Be warned, if you destroy either Twilight or Bandits, the other enemy will react by sending a massive final wave to the lyrish camp, killing them all. You, Skylord, must therefore destroy both bases at nearly the same time and may utilize the old lyrish cannon located south-east.

    Here's the map itself with the minimap:

    PS: Thank you Johnzyna for the help testing and designing the map and stuff.
  11. Ironshaduw liked a post in a topic by SilenceKiller99 in Keep the card in the beginning   
    Sorry for the confusion, I may have understood this wrong. I thought that there will for sure be a reset between the beta and the full release, and that the reset between the two beta phases possibly became obsolite due to the postponing of the beta.
    Reading it again makes me even more confused. Lets just wait and see what is gonna happen xD
  12. Lotte2525 liked a post in a topic by SilenceKiller99 in [Important] Open Beta Delayed   
    You can enter the giveaways by joining the discord server. 
    Also, @Kajamaz. I would like to tell you that begging for keys will results in you not getting access to the beta and ending on the blacklist xD better be carefull
  13. SilenceKiller99 liked a post in a topic by Lotte2525 in [Important] Open Beta Delayed   
    I hope that it will finally be finished at the end of February. 
    I am very confident

  14. SilenceKiller99 liked a post in a topic by Twinson in [Important] Open Beta Delayed   
    Now I have to reset my Countdown.
  15. SilenceKiller99 liked a post in a topic by MrXLink in Skylords Reborn Booster Ratios   
    If anything I would personally prefer to balance Lord Cyrian out a bit more rather than to exclude him from the promo drops. However, Lord Cyrian is a special case as the only way of obtaining him would be through the promo system, therefore he either needs to drop regularly (which makes little sense), be given out by default, or remain some kind of a niche card in general that is not utterly essential or strong for use in PvP. Lord Cyrian is the only non-seasonal card that solely exists as a promo. Since it's got its own model and looks impressive on its own, I'd rather balance it so that it becomes at least a bit more useful than it currently would. If this is not a possibility, I may decide to turn it into a seasonal promo instead. That's what I had in mind at least.
    Santa Claus and Easter Egg won't be in boosters. The rest will be, as we want promo cards to become more accessible to everyone without requiring to win a tournament. We may still give out promo cards for such purposes though, and they would be obtained faster.
    The 0.5% is pretty experimental, but up to now has resulted in a decent ratio among testers. We aim to accelerate the process of obtaining rare items, more so than conventional games. Some items in games such as Unusuals in TF2 (1%), Legendaries in vanilla Overwatch (5%), or Ancient Legendaries in Diablo 3 (~2%) drop at higher rates, often with more frequent ways of obtaining them. 0.5% seems reasonable so far, especially considering the community size as of right now. But hey, if promos drop way too much, we may alter this for enjoyability's sake.
    Actually, UR cards and promo cards already were at relatively low chances in the original BattleForge by means of generating income. We increase the drop rates to compensate for this, give players a quicker start-up and a more enjoyable and safer grinding curve.
    As I said in my post, all boosters used to contain 1 UR or R, 2 UC, and 5 C. Getting an UR had a 16% (1/6) ratio.
    You sort of contradict yourself here. You want a 1/6 chance, which I assume you mean UR rates, which is a lower drop rate than I proposed, and pretty much exactly the same as the old "p2w" ratio. As for 0.4, which I infer as the promo ratio, see the above response to wojt5's comment.
    I posted them over here. While I appreciate you consider I know what I'm doing, feel free to be a judge to that
  16. SilenceKiller99 liked a post in a topic by fiki574 in [Important] Open Beta Delayed   
    Sorry, people
  17. Raphi54 liked a post in a topic by SilenceKiller99 in Marketing   
    Probably just 1 hoody with 'skylords'. Everything related to battleforge is copyrighted to EA, so nobody (except EA itself) is allowed to use it or make money with it.
  18. SilenceKiller99 liked a post in a topic by gnomgrol in [Official] My Improved CardBase   
    @SilenceKiller99 Jesus you people make up new features faster than I can create space on the UI.
    It's implemented, check it out!
  19. SilenceKiller99 liked a post in a topic by xHighTech in Twitch Channel   
    Hello Skylords,
    I got many requests in the old time but my PC was not able to stream/capture the game.
    Now the time has changed and i hope, that we can get the same strong PvP community like before. 
    Just wanna let you know that i created now a Twitch channel where i gonna stream mainly BattleForge 1v1 & 2v2 PvP and some PvE's at the beginning in the upcoming open beta
    Everyone who wishes a stream or is interested in PvP gameplays, tipps & support can leave a follow to get a notification when im live.
    Do you have any ideas or deck wishes what you want to see?
    Leave a comment and i'll pick it up
    Best regards,
  20. SilenceKiller99 liked a post in a topic by gnomgrol in [Official] My Improved CardBase   

  21. Episode liked a post in a topic by SilenceKiller99 in How much BFp is worth your time?   
    If you mean upgrading cards, that will for sure be in the game.
    Tombs? not so sure... Tome cards definitelly not if you meant that.
    Insanehawk, one of the project leaders, said that it would be possible for multiple accounts to play (even at the same time) from the same router/IPaddress
  22. GESC liked a post in a topic by SilenceKiller99 in Closed beta to Open beta   
    First of all, lets not tone down the hype xD 
    I am pretty sure that they mentioned that everyone would get access to open beta at once, and that the chance they would give out closed beta keys is pretty slim... So I think the 'let people enter is waves' is not gonna happen. 
    It would probably be good, because of the stress testing part that you mentioned, but I doubt it is gonna happen. Maybe @InsaneHawk could tell us.
  23. GESC liked a post in a topic by SilenceKiller99 in Closed beta to Open beta   
    First of all, lets not tone down the hype xD 
    I am pretty sure that they mentioned that everyone would get access to open beta at once, and that the chance they would give out closed beta keys is pretty slim... So I think the 'let people enter is waves' is not gonna happen. 
    It would probably be good, because of the stress testing part that you mentioned, but I doubt it is gonna happen. Maybe @InsaneHawk could tell us.
  24. Pandzia liked a post in a topic by SilenceKiller99 in Current Proposal: Tokens & Gold   
    Splitting the currency (like it was, and probably will be) makes sure that the currency gets spend on what it was meant for. This way beginners wont make the mistake to totally neglect upgrading, or upgrade shitty cards while they could have better bought new boosterpacks or actioned some cards.
  25. SilenceKiller99 liked a post in a topic by gnomgrol in [Official] My Improved CardBase   
    @SilenceKiller99 On it

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