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  1. This sort of issue seems to be also present on other (campaign) maps: (roughly same error message) I btw tried, and could not even download the map in the community map section, so something is broken at that point already.

    Old Replays

    Replays are just step by step playing the game for you. Scenario: For example, let's say Eruption was changed to cost 20 energy more. In the game the replay was recorded, a unit attacked your monument. You defended it the last second before it got destroyed with an eruption you could just afford powerwise. When you now playback the replay on the current patch, the Eruption would cost you more power than you have at that moment in the replay, so no spell is being played and you thus lose your monument. This creates a desynchonization issue where the playback starts to differ more a
  3. Well if you reduce the gold reward then this obviously includes the upgrade disenchant cost. Going just for the upgrades itself, the map has only like 3 valuable ones;
  4. Mind control does not work because Generic_Uncontrollable is a hidden ability of the bandit windhunter card. It is implemented in the worst possible way, allowing the player to spend power and then get nothing for it. Try on test server though. There a nightguard should at least no longer be able to waste your power, as the orb requirements of the windhunter should prevent swap. At a later stage the hidden ability would probably get removed and thus mindcontrol would work.
  5. @Zyna Afaik the upgrade is not a leftover from EA, as the card was a promo card there and hence no upgrades were defined. Zyna just quickly put something meaningless there as promo cards are actually internally just U2 with U3 values.
  6. Dude it is not like t4 is everything, just to list a few t3 cards I am surprised that u don’t need: the relevant void return cards like cultist master, or sow, mutating frenzy, infect, frenetic assault, Ashbonr pyro, bloodhealing, fallen skyelf… Lots of great stuff! And just to give you another reason you missed in ur list why not to use amii sometimes: it slows your map clear down.
  7. Haha that’s not a fact. Lots of great cards are at T3 and for some maps u don’t even need t4.
  8. I guess changing name in the achievement is indeed easier 😉@Ladadoos
  9. I would be glad to see you join here. There is always need for more Russian translators, that are fluent in English. https://discord.gg/WMqvMVYgCH
  10. No, there have been suggestions thoguh to make additionally tracked rankings without amii/ other cards.
  11. The second one seems new. Would be nice if we could get a replay for that one. If you didnt save it maybe an admin can recover it for you.
  12. Should use the new Dreadnought terminology of also affects the caster.
  13. Due to technical issues, this will likely be entirely removed in the longterm : They might get converted into a soft exceed of the cap (a category that was not shown in the list, but is already the case for stuff like viridya's tree spirits.) Then you could summon them at least X times if you have already exceeded the cap, but not unlimited.
  14. Everybody who has ever tried to transform a campaign map into a community map knows this is sadly way more work than it might seem, usually a lot of things break. It certainly can be done but each map will require a customised solution. I could imagine a slightly different solution, but we prolly need to wait for the new updater to have something like that be realistically possible…
  15. The taunt fix is a general issue I think. Try it in the forge. Taunt a unit with lightblade and then kill the lightblade. For me the unit stops moving there too.
  16. Actually the range of the comet catcher does indeed increase, but not the impact radius of the ability. Unfortunately the impact indicator gets increased here too, this issue is present for many more cards. @Zyna Perhaps this can be fixed using a different preview for the comet impact? Like one with a fixed radius? If that works, same thing should be done for World breaker. Reminder : Reconsider usage of fixed indicators for ranges due to potential issues with bandit sorceress / bandit lancer! 😞
  17. Clearly this is not a goal atm. Also if this what u propose here was implemented. The map would require the unpleasent auto lose of empire. Cause otherwise u end up stuck after x crystals cause you cannot access the remainig ones without teammates. And I think removing the option to solo the map in the sense of actually playing alone could really be considered a drastic map change, stopping them map from being what it used to be for those. 😉
  18. Well keep in mind there is also work being done on tuning the reward system that might impact Bad Harvest and other maps to some extend.
  19. Hi, NAME: Blight crash due to MissionTimer "12300_01_01_SecondTimer" already set. DESCRIPTION: This is a bug report on behalf of @DutchyDutchy. The scenario Blight reportedly crashed for him on Friday evening, 27. August 2021. He played on position 4. Player 3 has killed the 1st garrison exactly at the moment the timer was up. REPRODUCIBILITY: Untested but very likely possible. SCREENSHOT/VIDEO/LOG: Attached the displayed error report and the slightly longer lasting replay. Blight Crash.pmv SOLUTION: Add a condition to the events in the goals.lub file to cat
  20. Here is an additional suggestion: To further encourage exploration of the proposed new boss area in Passage to Darkness, one could also move one of the gold chests there? Since the map has an achievement of opening all gold chests for 10k gold, for that achievement's sake people would clear the area then for sure. Let me know what you think.
  21. Na, neither am I gonna use them nor do I have photoshop. reason would be they are outdated, it was only a suggestion though. But if actual users do not bother, neither should u ^^
  22. As the minimaps were I updated I suggest you could use the new ones in your template? At least the provided screenshot appears to use the old haladur. i.e.
  23. For now a workaround can be: Select all thugs and issue the movement command as usual with right click. Select all nomads and issue the movement command with alt + right click. They should now arrive at the same time. 🙂
  24. The whole thing is pretty unambiguous to me. If you are responsible for any damage dealt to enemies this constitutes an attack. Now excluding less popular use cases of cards at random from this rule especially at the end of the challenge does not make sense to me.
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