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  1. Nothing that can't already be done with Amii Monument or regular old orb-switching.
  2. Better booster luck than me. All I've had is a Lost Spirit Ship, from a mini-booster no less.
  3. I've added a poll with three options to see everyone's general thoughts.
  4. My suggestion is not a legendary, all players should be able to place one. It's mentioned in the OP for both variants suggested. Sure but a 5-orb deck is just a 4-orb deck with extra options. It would be no different than balancing to 4-orbs. Additionally, unlike Amii Monument and Enlightenment, this wouldn't break maps. Like you said, it's already easily doable with orb switching. Spawn in your T4-XL units, then swap out an orb for nature to get access to its strong spells (and 100 power which is nothing at that stage). At the cost of a card slot (a pretty big deal), this makes i
  5. Corsairs are a really fun unit to use. I support the motion of making their summons not bound to the unit cap. The unit cap really only affects late-game and by that point, the summons get thrown around a lot anyway.
  6. I do, but Amii Mon is accompanied by the imbalance of skipping Tier-3 which is a pretty debated topic atm as well as it's high cost. My suggestion emphasises the use of orb-switching by giving it zero cooldown and making it cheaper to support 5-orb decks better. It also allows for multiple players to use it in the same match. TL;DR Amii Mon focuses of skipping T3. My suggestion focuses on 5-orb decks. Edit: you seem to dislike the idea of 5-orb decks, why?
  7. Not necessarily, could easily just make it an uncommon card or even an achievement reward for completing the campaign in standard.
  8. Overall, I really enjoyed this map. I handled the north, whilst my teammate handled the south (though they joined me with the attack on the final camp). Of course, I had some glitches that I messaged you privately about, looking forward to giving it another go. I would say that it's roughly Advanced difficulty. The patrol was quite fun to fight against. I had to time my attacks on the camps accordingly so I wouldn't bump into the patrol (and specifically the twilight hag) until I got my second orb. I did feel that power generation may have been a little bit low. Recovering from a failed a
  9. Honestly, you've hit the nail on the head regarding my suggestion. My aim for this card is to take the T4 elements of Amii Monument and Enlightenment and merge them. You're already at T4 and are most likely capable of dealing with any threat anyway. This card would just expand the options you have without breaking the game like Amii Monument and Enlightenment do.
  10. Please note, this isn't a discussion regarding Amii Monument, I am proposing a new card. Amii Monument allows you to have 5 orbs, when typically, you'll only have 4. I like this functionality but believe a new card would serve this functionality better. A new, far weaker version of Amii Monument. Proposition: 4-orb (neutral). 100 cost (or similarly cheap). Semi-unique building (all players can spawn one each, but only one). Orb-switching is free (or cheap), and has no cooldown. Alternative proposition: 4-orb (neutral). 200 cost (or sim
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