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  1. Something along those lines Vys, yes. However, right now you can put it to some use for defending - where if you connect everything through root network, and put some root nexus here, root nexus there, Sylvan gate here, and sylvan gate there - you would spare yourself the trouble of having to move your units from point A to point B. The firepower would be the same as if all units were attacking at once, but cannot exceed that firepower above your "all units are attacking at once" mode. Which units get the attack buff - still beats me, I have zero idea. I could see it being "the first
  2. Thanks dontshoot for joining this thread. You have posted your reply just as I was editing my original post - and I have noticed exactly what you had just said. I have to admit, that my previous post included numbers that made no sense, because they have been made upon an assumption that 1 more unit provides additional 10% firepower (when I tested it, a unit with 5 supports attacked 50% faster. While in reality, 4 of those were occupied and only 1 was providing the attack benefit - getting to my 50% faster attack numbers). If the functionality is as intended, it would be nice to have
  3. NAME: From attacking squads in the root network only 1 gets the attack bonus. DESCRIPTION: The description of the root network ability clearly states that all entities in the root network support each other. However, if units in the root network are attacking - they no longer contribute to the "support each other" part of the mechanic. Also, if 1 unit (like Sylvan Gate) is supporting 5 other units, only 1 will have their attack boosted. REPRODUCIBILITY: Buff Suppression while attacking: Spawn 6 units of the same kind (treespirit is the best for test) at one side of t
  4. I can confirm this phenomenon. DESCRIPTION: There are two instances that I am aware of when this is happening. Multi-unit squads (like windweavers or Forsaken), if knocked down, will scatter. If this happens, their hitbox spreads and widens. This means the hitbox spreads <for the entire unit> as one radius, and is NOT recognized as <6 separate entities> with individual hitboxes. Instead, if knocked down numerous times over and over - they may be knocked so far away from each other thay they may in fact block an entire area from being moved to (because every single pixel is con
  5. NAME: Parasite Swarm 3rd upgrade Spell Desc Typo DESCRIPTION: Upon upgrading Parasite Swarm - the description of the ability says the unit can take over a unit up to 2 orbs and 150 power. The upgrade allows to take over 3 orbs units (and still 150 power). Spell works as intended, functionality OK, the problem is just the typo of the SPELL. Card description is fine. REPRODUCIBILITY: Spawn and select Parasite Swarm - fully upgraded (doesn't matter if from the auction or from the deck) and hover over the spell icon on right top. Spell says 2 orbs restriction. Hover over the card - says
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