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  1. SunWu liked a post in a topic by YaBro0 in I need your PvP Replays for casting! Now!   
    Good evening fellow skylords, 
    As some might recall @Eirias and I did some commentaries on PvP matches quite a while ago on Eirias YouTube Channel and on the Official SkylordsReborn Channel.
    Since the game has entered the realm of the living again, it is also time for me to wake up from my slumber and start annoying Eirias again. Sadly our only way of communication is through the commentary of PvP Replays. 
    I am currently still pretty rusty and even though I played some games against top 20 players, many weren't that interesting.
    Because there is no real source of new Replays, I wanted to asked all you guys to post or send me or Eirias your PvP Replays for YouTube. 
    If you have any good, special or weird games you want the world to know about, just give them to us. 
    Rewards: 100 BFP
    for each Replay that ends up on Youtube (on top of the fame ) for the one sending the Replay to us.
    I hope we can make something work and flooooood the World with Skylords!
    Love YaBro0 ❤
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    When you meet a top PvP player in rPVE

  4. ndclub liked a post in a topic by SunWu in Remove lending LVL120 PVP decks   
    Can't stress this point enough. At the moment the pvp experience is the best since 2012. I feel like some players who feel bypassed because someone gets something for free dont realize pvp would just die again if we dont have the free decks. Or they dont care but thats just mean
  5. Eirias liked a post in a topic by SunWu in Remove lending LVL120 PVP decks   
    Can't stress this point enough. At the moment the pvp experience is the best since 2012. I feel like some players who feel bypassed because someone gets something for free dont realize pvp would just die again if we dont have the free decks. Or they dont care but thats just mean
  6. Dallarian liked a post in a topic by SunWu in Remove lending LVL120 PVP decks   
    Can't stress this point enough. At the moment the pvp experience is the best since 2012. I feel like some players who feel bypassed because someone gets something for free dont realize pvp would just die again if we dont have the free decks. Or they dont care but thats just mean
  7. SunWu liked a post in a topic by VolvoxGlobator in Remove lending LVL120 PVP decks   
    All those agains free PvP deck - please realize that PvP is endangered mode. It needs certain critical mass to be playable - you need enough players online. During beta this was not the really the case. Something had to be changed and free PvP is it. It does the following
    - removes huge barrier to entry for newcomers (described above multiple times)
    - Hooks players for longer time. E.g. in orignal BF I had to invest some money and time to get one deck. At that point I was very reluctant to do it again to build some different PvP decks. But this barrier made me lose interest gradually. With free PvP decks everyone can "spice it up", try different factions and thus keeping players hooked for longer.
    When you are arguing that you like to grind you mean for your favourite PvP deck. Have you considered trying different faction? Add 3+ more "grinds" on top of what is needed for your deck to actually have all PvP factions available.
    Also, I dont think that splitting PvP modes is good idea - at least until the plaerbase is really really large enough
  8. SunWu liked a post in a topic by Zyna in Merry Christmas and Balancing Changes   
    Merry Christmas everyone,

    We hope you all are having a jolly time. Christmas has also reached Nyn, and therefore we'd like to give all of you a little special present. Yesterday we added a new ingame achievement which will be active until 31.12.2020 and will allow you to earn Santa Claus as a card!

    Furthermore, we're quite satisfied with how well the release launch went. There have only been minor issues and hiccups, which all were fixed relatively quickly. However, with the increase in playerbase and player activity since release, we have to take extra measures to ensure we have healthy servers. One of those measures will be an automated weekly server maintenance. This means that from now on you can expect the servers to go down every Wednesday at 7:30AM CET for a brief moment (couple of minutes at maximum), after which you will be able to play again. There will a Discord and multiple ingame notifications when the servers go into maintenance. We hope you understand this measure.

    We are currently also working on a roadmap on what you can expect from future updates. One major topic on that roadmap will be balancing changes to cards.
    As some of you might have heard already, we've been working on some changes for the last couple of months. We believe the balance between factions has drastically improved, especially in regards to factions which start with nature and frost in PvP. Therefore, the first iteration of those changes will be released on the live server on the 01.01.2021. A detailed list of changes will be released within the upcoming week, but you can already view the current list of changes from the public test server on the community wiki.

    That's it for now. Enjoy your time in the forge! Best regards as always,

    Skyords Reborn Team.
  9. SunWu liked a post in a topic by RadicalX in Remove lending LVL120 PVP decks   
    -> The absoluteley unique Voidsystem and the mechanic of passive ressource income, which makes this game less APM heavy and allows you to focus on combat and strategic decisionmaking only
    -> Full information gameplay allowing you to make alot more precise calculations
    -> The ability to adjust your cardset and individualize your faction based on your playstyle and strategy
    -> The possibility of spawning units and spells directly into the battlefield
  10. SunWu liked a post in a topic by Cocofang in UPDATE: Free PvP Decks and upcoming livestream   
    I think they are trying to soften that blow by making you pick 2 decks at a time for one week. So you don't have *everything* at once, always only one part.
    I guess it depends on what you consider the bigger issue. PvP being virtually locked for you until you have upgraded cards and can even begin to compete on a raw power level? Or the economical impact of providing a set of cards for free and undermining of the collection aspect?
    You also have to consider that originally all these things were baked into the monetization model. Want more charges? Pay up. That means that being more competitive in PvP was an incentive to spend money. That's not the case anymore, you can't just buy progress. So they have to somehow try to dissect these methods out of the game design.
  11. SunWu liked a post in a topic by Zyna in UPDATE: Free PvP Decks and upcoming livestream   
    Greetings, Skylords, Skyladies and other Skyfolk!

    The time where PvP players had to grind cards and upgrades in PvE in order to unlock the PvP mode will soon be coming to an end. Today we're rolling out a patch where we'll be introducing free pre-built level 120 PvP decks. All cards in those decks will be fully upgraded and charged. This will reduce the entrance barrier to PvP and ensure fairer conditions. Every week you will be able to choose 2 out of 16 different PvP decks. These decks are not locked! You will be able to freely modify these decks by adding cards from your own collection. However, the cards offered in these free PvP decks will not be usable in any of the PvE modes.
    We'd like to offer thanks to RadicalX, Hirooo, and TopS3cret, as they were the ones who designed the decks! They are among the most experienced PvP players, and have carefully arranged these decks so they are accessible to both new and veteran players.
    On a side note, we will be live on Twitch this upcoming Sunday on the 1st November 2020 at 14:00 CET! We want to talk about some future plans and answer some of your questions. There will also be a very important announcement in regards to the release and reset you are waiting for. You will be able to find the stream here: https://www.twitch.tv/skylordsreborn
    You will be able to choose between these decks:
    Tainted Darkness (Pure Shadow)
    Gifted Darkness (Shadow Nature)
    Blessed Darkness (Shadow Frost)
    Infused Darkness (Shadow Fire)
    Tainted Flora (Nature Shadow)
    Gifted Flora (Pure Nature)
    Blessed Flora (Nature Frost)
    Infused Flora (Nature Fire)
    Tainted Ice (Frost Shadow)
    Gifted Ice (Frost Nature)
    Blessed Ice (Pure Frost)
    Infused Ice (Frost Fire)
    Tainted Flame (Fire Shadow)
    Gifted Flame (Fire Nature)
    Blessed Flame (Fire Frost)
    Infused Flame (Pure Fire)

    Best Regards,

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    Why should popular/strong cards become rare and unpopular/weak cards become common? Makes it even harder to get a good deck at the start and everyone will accumulate even bigger piles of cards he doesnt use. The only reason i can think of to implement such a system would be generating more money wich isnt an option for SR. Getting new players on the other hand is an aim, wich this sytem wouldn't help at all.
    From the beginning the relation of card strength and card raritiy had been rather random, but i think that's just because the original developers had no idea wich cards are actually stronger than others. I wonder if the rarity system does any good at all these days where profit doesnt play a role. Maybe there's some psychology behind it wich lets the ,,collector'' type of player get more enjoyment out of the game this way, i don't know. For me it's an (in skylords reborn case) outdated money making mechanism wich confuses some new players cause they think rare = strong.
  13. Treim liked a post in a topic by SunWu in Buddelmuddels suggestions for the game   
    Using bloodhealing isn't that hard, and remember it's only 50 power wich is a big advantage over the nature heals. Yes, regrowth is easier to use and a stronger heal but as far as i see it you will either displease a lot of casual players by nerfing it or buff bloodhealing endlessly and people still won't use it as long as you don't change its mechanic and make it a generic one click AOE heal.
  14. SunWu liked a post in a topic by Treim in Buddelmuddels suggestions for the game   
    3. I think that these spells should stay within the theme of their faction. I think Blood Healing does that pretty well and is definetly playable and enables a lot of fun decks already. I think with the changes to Martyr shrine currently proposed Frost has a reasonable way of defense as well which only really leaves Fire out there. Currently you have to get very creative around stuff like Moonshine's heal to get stuff done, but I think that is fine overall. You might want to get healing a bit more accessable for that faction, maybe one could work around some kind of rage effect which enables healing similar to Batariels aura damage, where after certain threshhold of damage applied the amount of healing is increased and make it a small AoE similar to blood Healing but no clue if that is even possible to implement. Also I do not think that making healing easily accessable to all factions is all that desireable. I do not want pure nature to have access to mass massive damage spells either. I'd rather see new cards introduced that further strengthen the identitiy of these factions. For nature you could introduce a mass cc spell that is pure nature, For Frost I think Shrine of Martyr changes go into that direction. Fire you mighth want to introduce a spell that ramps up damage of units in a certain area by x amount, kind of similar to Unholy Hero or Flame Crystal and Shadow is strong enough as is i think. I think that splash decks will almost always stay stronger because a well balanced deck is almost always more beneficial. I do not think that making certain unaccessable for these decks is the way to go. I'd rather see better options for pure factions that double down on their strenghts. if that is a viable path to take even from a developmental viewpoint I do not know.
    4. I think i stated this multiple times over the years on the forums already, but I think that the current jump from level 9 to level 10 is just too insane for most players at the moment while level 9 itself might be a tad bit to easy, a few Lost Souls maps excepted. I mean if pretty much anyone with a somwhat passable deck can beat the second highest difficulty something is a bit messed up imo. The jump currently is partially due to the vasst differences in difficulty depending on enemy faction, but I think that the current layout difference between level 9 and level 10 is the far bigger contributor.
    I think currently the level 10 structure introduces two characteristics that people do not find on any other difficulty that just makes them unable to face these things as they simply dont have any experience with these things.
    1. Clearing a camp results in being attacked at a different place on the map early on
    2. Clearing camps with spawn buildings by themselves
    That in combination with the average understanding of key game mechanics by the general player base that beats level 9's being low further enhances this rather massive spike in difficulty which in turn leads to players being overwhelmed instead of steady increase in difficulty where people can slowly discover the importance of these few concepts. In current level 9's you most of the time do not need these concepts to beat the map or only a very very rudimentary "understanding", so why bother learning. Sometimes i feel like that concepts like aggro ranges, spawn mechanics or base structures and strengths are totally foreign words to some players, even in the relatively repetitive formats of level 9 maps. To be fair especially the latter point varies between factions which does not help.
    I think that most level 10 maps are reasonably well balanced as they are, maybe tone down some of the LS maps a bit and enhance difficulty of Bandit maps a bit and I think you got a well balanced top difficulty that still allows for a reasonably well diversity of decks and strategies to beat while the different factions have different spikes in difficulty that require certain type of cards to be in decks of at least a few of the players as well as knowledge of playing around certain concepts. E.g. CC cards against Twilight aswell as understanding how to play around enemy cc, strong t2 card combinations and playing around XL units in lower orb tiers of play. Lost Souls - understanding of debuffs as well as playing coherent t1 strategies to beat overarching strength at t1 stages.

    In terms of changes to steady the difficulty curve for level 10 you could delete Level 8 maps, which essentially are no different than Level 7 maps for Lost Souls, Bandits and Stonekin and are close to difficulty 9 for Twilight imo. Make current level 9 the new level 8 and add a level 9 that differs in structure. I had a structure in mind that iirc was in the game back in the day and was patched out later on, might be wrong on this but not quite sure as its so long back:
    Have t1 to t2 the same is it is now but afterwards positions do not have shared t3's and instead the map opens up into two paths. At each end you find a camp that is roughly the strengths of a t3 camp right now or maybe the current t2 camps for level 10. That means you get 2 incomes upon clearing t2 and and you have to clear your orb alone against while having to defend at another point on the map simultaneously. This should be a bit easier overall, because in t2 you have more options for play and cant be surprised by attacks at t2 because they start as soon as you attack t2. After t3 camps are cleared both players on one side have a shared t4 again.

    I am aware that a lot of people will currently probably not be able to handle that, but I think that is fine, it is after all the 2nd highest difficulty there is, why should it be easy. Make the difficulty according to that. Even beating level 8 shouldnt be as easy as most current level 9's are but that would be more of a minor issue after this is fixed initially.
    Again I am not sure if any of this is even possible right now or ever will be, just my current ideal scenario for rpve difficulties.
    P.s. I think the easiest fix to op Lost Souls maps is to not allow enemy towers at t2 camps which severely weakens Lost Vigils after the spawn building is down, maybe remove shielding Lost wanderers as well (the non shielding variant is fine though) if the camps are still a bit too unfair, would require testing for sure.
  15. SunWu liked a post in a topic by Zyna in [PvP] Delete/Change Yrmia/Wazhai from the mappool !? + Random Maps   
    Random maps will be added to the ranked pool for 1vs1 and 2vs2 in the upcoming weeks.
  16. Chimaka( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) liked a post in a topic by SunWu in True PvP Experience   
    phasetower go pew
  17. Loriens liked a post in a topic by SunWu in Skylords Reborn Championship (11.07)   
    Esepcially against the slow frost T1 you can and should always block a close well with swift units. Regarding the tournie's map pool a tower ban makes T1 relatively fair, i think. For example frost T1 might now have a certain advantage on Yrmia (short distances) while still being the underdog on Uro (looong distances).
    I personally like this towerban cause it means less turtling into T3 and more action: more fun to play and watch.
  18. Loriens liked a post in a topic by SunWu in True PvP Experience   
    phasetower go pew
  19. SunWu liked a post in a topic by Zmaxter in True PvP Experience   
  20. SunWu liked a post in a topic by RadicalX in Skylords Reborn Championship (11.07)   
    Hello Skylords and Skyladies! Today I want to announce the next big Battleforge PvP Tournament!
    Who is going to be the new Master of the Forge to show the world, that he mastered his decks and strategies to beat them all for fame, glory and obviously tons of bfp? Time to find out! 
    Who can participate?
    Everyone! I will be thankful for every single participant! Even if you're not that confident at reaching grand finals to get a shot for winning the whole thing, there will be lots of opportunities to win prices and I would like to stream and review as many games as possiblle through all skillbrackets! It would be great to see a large variety of decks and playstyles! 
    SIGN UP TO THE TOURNAMENT: https://challonge.com/tournaments/signup/aUNkP0atnG#/signup/205xjl4u7pp
    If you end up having problems with the registration talk to me! 
    It will be a 1vs1 Double Elimination best of 3 tournament, the grand final will be best of 5 (one match, no reset). Winner and losers finals will be all played on stream (the basic Toggy-format).
    Prize Pool 
    1st place: 5000 Bfp + Promo Construct
    2nd place: 3000 Bfp + Wheel of Gifts
    3rd place: 2000 Bfp + Juggernaut
    4th place: 1500 Bfp
    Every other participant, that shows up and plays his matches gets 1 Booster!! You don't have to reach top 4 to win something in this tournament!
    There will be special awards for special and entertaining plays during the tournament. Everyone, who sends me the replays at the end of the tournament gets a shot at winning!! 
    -> Best match of the Tournament: By that I mean the closest and most instense games! Perfect mechanical execution isn't necessary to win this award, it just has to be super exciting! The 3 best games will be rewarded with 500bfp for each player who took place in one of the matches. 
    -> Creative Player Award: Make a creative deck or non meta strategy work in this tournament! The 3 most impressive strategies will be rewarded with 500bfp each. 
    -> There will be even more hidden awards like the Toggy Award, so stay tuned! In total I will use up more than 5.000 bfp (I might even increase that number) to reward special plays and matches regardless on how high you placed in the tournament. UPDATE: We got another 10.000bfp donation for awards!
    To be considered for the award ceremony you have to send me your replays! You can upload them in this forum thread or send them to me via discord (RadicalX#0952)! Please consider, that I had to change my discord account, so don't send your replays to the old one! I want to upload as many tournament replays on my youtube channel as possible!
    On 11.07.20 starting at 2pm CEST (Berlin time), the stream will start about 30 minutes in advance! 
    How to watch?
    There will be a livestream during the tournament: https://www.twitch.tv/radicalx5 
    I also want to cast alot of replays on my youtube channel and also announce the award winners: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3rZG7pzo3GYO0wR3Jx9F7w
    Will be thankful for every viewer! 
    Disconnection during a game results in a default loss. If both sides agree it is possible to have a remake!
    Not showing up to your match within 15 minutes results in a default loss. The plan is to play a round of matches every ~30 mins.
    After your match go to Challonge and insert the result. That is done by clicking on your match and selecting the winner/stats. The brackets will be updated automatically.
    The Map Pool is: Haladur, Simai, Wazhai, Elyon, Lajesh, Yrmia and Uro (same pool as in ranked duel). The first match of the round will be played on Haladur, then it is losers choice. Second round will start with Simai, third one... you get the drill.
    The brackets for the tournament will be shuffled before the tournament starts.
    Please save your replays by renaming them after you game or selecting the safe all replays option and send them to me unless your game were played on stream! 
    Internal rules like "no wall agreements" have to be agreed on in text form to be an official ruling and if any of those internal agreements are violated it counts as a default loss
    No insulting! 
    BANNED CARDS: CURSE WELL; MORTAR TOWER; PHASETOWER - using one of these cards results in a default loss. If both sides agree it is possible to have a remake! 
    Reply in this thread, if you have any questions! Big shoutouts to Yuah & MephistoRoss for donating huge amounts of bfp to make this large price pool possible! 
    Quick reminder, that we have a discord tutoring server. If anyone wants to prepare for the tourney, feel free to join here: https://discord.gg/dZzKexQ
    All I can do at this point is quoting Toggy: "I would love to see this community grow again and the competitive scene develop aswell. Because BF is fun!" 
    Looking forward to a great tournament!  
    Best regards,
  21. Emmaerzeh liked a post in a topic by SunWu in Battleforge undocumented details   
    Another interesting thing i witnessed earlier: When a ranged unit fires a projectile and gets swapped by nightguard while the projectile is mid air, no damage is done. Probably also works that way with parasite swarm, mindweaver and mind control.
  22. SunWu liked a post in a topic by Emmaerzeh in Battleforge Music remix   
    Years ago i did a remix of Battleforge music. Nothing special just took me some hours.
    I was asked to upload it.
    Here you go.
    Kind regards
  23. SunWu liked a post in a topic by Treim in Battleforge undocumented details   
    Some additions that i missed here which might otherwise lead to people not getting the whole picture - also the info is redundant in some places:
    Onto my additions:
    Essentially there is different types of damage buffing and then there is also debuffing.
    Buffing consists of spells that are pure damage buffs such as Motivate, Home Soil and Unholy Hero.
    I believe that Unholy Power stacks because it is not a pure damage buff but a hybrid card --> as in the effect applies to either reduce damage or increase damage based on which action the unit  does/effects first. It is the only card of its type.
    Then there is unit abiilitiies that increase damage such as Bloodhorn which are independent of these buffs and stack with all of them --> I am not sure if this is allows the maximum amplification of 300%  to be circumenvented (requires testing)
    In addition to this there is damage debuffs that do not effect ones own units but enemy units --> While snapjaws is a premiere example of this there are many more examples such as Frostbite(tainted), Mumbo Jumbo (fire) as well as Fallen Skyelf (unit ability).
    Swfit Cavalry M units can also trample S units and deal 3 damage per hit squad member. This category consists of only Dreadcharger, Nomads and Lyrish Knight (only works if you have a building nearby --> damage buff applies to trampling).
    This is true for any and all attack animations and abilities. The buff has to be on the unit when the damage is actually applied. The start or end of any (attack/ ability) animation is not relevant for this at all.
    That means that e.g. you can apply buffs when projectiles from ranged units are already midair and it still counts for those projectiles (This also applies for melee attacks) . That also means that if units die before the last projectiles land, those last projectiles will have no buffs to them applied. This is most prominent with Shadow Phoenix which can not be buffed as the game applies the damage after the unit is killed by its kamikaze attack.
  24. SunWu liked a post in a topic by Emmaerzeh in Battleforge undocumented details   
    I found this in the depth of www and repost it here. Hope there is no similar thread existing allready. Some things might be outdated if so tell me then I ll change it. If you know more undocumented details post them in this thread. 
    Kind regards
    Battleforge undocumented details
    * Frozen units only take 50% damage.
    * Corpses last on the ground for just-about 17 seconds.
    * Embalmer's Shrine, which makes corpses give more life points, does not help your enemies' corpse gathering, but it helps your allies.
    * Homesoiled units have their bonus for a little (about 2-3m) less than the max root link distance.
    * Damage buffs not stack only biggest buff is applied. 

    * Damage reduction does stack until 90% is reached.The damage can further be increased by cards that say "the unit only takes x % damage" instead of the unit gets x % damage less.  But not clear how this 2 different kinds of 
    DISENCHANT (GREEN): It's Debuff-blocking allows you to use a unit's abilities under a Mark of the Keeper and also prevents Mind Control.
    I also saw this conversation on bfcards:
    Kaldra: you know when you abort and not build orb you gain 75 power back? means you just waste 25 power...
    If you have no charges left on a card, its recharge time is equal to half of its cost in power or its stated recharge time, whichever is longer. Upgrades that reduce power cost can reduce recharge time in this way.
    Breeding grounds reduces not just the base cost, but the real cost of a unit. i.e. A drake is normally 100, with 90 going to void on death, with BG it is 70 with 63 going to void on death.
    I was amazed the first time I heard about paying attention to a unit's attack mode (Special, Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large) in regards to the opponents unit, as if they match said attacking unit will be dealing 150% damage (total. Meaning 100% + 50%).
    I wouldn't say it's not well known, but the damage number on a card is the amount it will do in 20 seconds of constant attacking.
    Regeneration stacking thread:
    link1 and link2
    In short, wheel of Juvenesce stacks with any 1 (one) other form of regen Except Viridya. Any other regen combo actually cancels all regen. Nature affinity root nexus is notorious for this.
    * Strength and Resilience stack since the last patch; juves does not.
    Did you know you can shoot at buildings and XL units over walls? But not anything else?
    You can shoot at buildings and XL's through walls only if they were targeted before the gate was closed. Otherwise they will just shoot at the gate.
    hmmm i believe breeding grounds work for allies
    but not sure if juice tank does
    Breeding Grounds does work for allies, but Juice Tank and Resource Booster do not.
    * ground units can not pass over unused monument/well slots. obvious? yes!
    but why are these mos and juggernauts always ramming into my well/monument clusters, instead of stampeding alongside of them?
    if you want to destroy wells/monuments standing in a line, stampede parallel but very close to this line and destroy all of them (or at least get your stampede max dmg out) instead of running into it from the side, thus destroying only 1-2 wells.
    * XL units stampede S and M units, knocking them back and dealing 10 damage for each squad member. L units stampede S units, knocking them back and dealing 10 damage to each squad member.
    ** UPDATE 2009.11.06. **
    PVE enemies are classed differently on each PVE map when it comes to mind control abilities. Some maps you can swap stonekin warriors, some you can't, some maps you can swap vilebloods/destroyers/horrors and some you can't. 2 good examples of this: Soultree all destroyers and horrors (at the beginning) can be swapped, but they cannot be swapped on Nightmare Shard (one of the first fights is against a horror). On Convoy all the stonekin warriors (the one's with charges) can be swapped, but on Soultree (on the path where you protect Viridya) they cannot.
    So in other words, just cause a mob can't be swapped on one map, you may want to test it on another, on many maps anything up to L is fair game for a swap, including rageflames/stonekin warriors/vilebloods/destroyers/horrors/aggressors/windhunters/alpha birds and I'm not sure on some of the bandit lieutenants, but I doubt any of them can be. This probably is also true for many creatures when it comes to parasite swarm, and amazon beast control.
    ** UPDATE 2009.11.09. **
    *Like the fact that 'rage' makes an attacking unit build up attack power while attacking until it has 4x base damage. This resets after not attacking for 5 seconds.
    * It's 5 seconds for most cards, the only one I know of that is longer is the Fire Dragon at 10 seconds.
    ** UPDATE 2009.11.11. **
    * There can be 2 legendary units on the field, if they dont have the same upgrade level
    * Flying units under the effect of Gravity Surge (Tainted version) are not damaged by Aura of Corruption.
    * If a Parasite Swarm mind controls a Shadow Phoenix after it has started to crash dive, the dive will not be interrupted and it will damage the units of the Shadow Phoenix's previous owner.
    * you get "only" 75 power back when you destroy your orb while beeing build. Therfor you loose 25 power. (new orb costs 100 afterwards)
    ** UPDATE 2009.11.13. **
    Damage amplification:
    I've done some extensive testing and found that Unholy Power stacks up to 2 times for +100% damage, this double stack can also be stacked with any of the following buffs.
    Soul Splicer
    Unholy hero
    Of all of these buffs none stack with one another besides with Unholy Power and that the highest achievable amplification of damage is 300% Via Unholy hero+ Unholy Powerx2. Snapjaw (fire) will also increase this damage on whichever target is the focus of the fully buffed unit.
    Damage Reduction: Stacks such as life weaving, defenders stance, and crystal fiend (frost)
    Frozen units take 50% normal damage
    2. Unit size:
    When choosing what unit to counter another with it is important to pay attention to the unit's attack, and the unit's size. By choosing the correct counter for a given unit you can save time and power. It works as such. A units size determines the best effective attack against it. If your unit's attack size matches the enemies unit size then your unit will do on average 50% more damage. The same is true in reverse. Cards like lyrish knight, who is a medium sized unit with a high small attack are an excellent counter to small units since the majority of small units also posses a small attack which means that they will not receive the +50% damage vs your lyrish knight, but you will receive the +50% vs their small units.
    I have also done some testing on unit size to determine that the +50% is average, not the rule. XL units have a variety of attack animations, and while some prove more effective (up to +64%) other animations are less effective (44%) , so based on the luck of the draw,and how your unit wants to animate you could potentially be doing +64% damage to a unit with a size disadvantage vs your attack depending on the animation (Axe chop, two handed blow, horn sweep, stomp, etc. Most xl units have 5-6 attack animations depending on the size of their foe.
    XL units can stampede small and medium units: Knocking back and doing 10 dmg to each squad member.
    L units can stampede small units: Knocking back and doing 10 dmg to each squad member.
    3. Legendary Cards - Promo cards
    Legendary cards like Ravenheart can be played with their promotional version to bypass the legendary unit limit.
    Promo cards of existing units are considered different from the non-promo version for the purpose of buffing such as motivate.
    4. Void and Power
    90% of a units actual power cost is returned in void power from suicidal units. This is effected from breeding grounds thus instead of refunding 90 power from a 100 power skyfire drake it will return 90% of the actual ammount of power it took to summon in the unit. Eg. U3 breeding grounds = 30% Thus making skyfire U3 cost 70 power instead of 100, the void gained on a suicide of that unit is then 63 (90% of 70).
    Power enhancing structures such as Juice tank and Resource booster will both effect your own power wells (and stack effects), but they will not effect allied/enemy wells.
    Breeding grounds: The effected power savings (15%-30%) will work for allies summoning in the effective area, saving them a portion of the summoning cost.
    Orbs: Each orb costs 100 power + a one time power fee for each tier after the first.
    100+50 = T2
    100+150= T3
    100+ 200 = T4
    If the wrong orb is accidentally built, destroying the orb before its completion will result in 75 power of the 100 being refunded.
    5. Corpses/Corpse Gathering
    When using something like embalmer's shrine's special ability it will effect all friendly units corpse gathering abilities as well.
    Corpses last approximately 17 seconds before they vanish, so time those Undead armies, and harvesters appropriately.
    6. Walls:
    Important things to remember are that XL units and Buildings can be targeted through a wall while S, M, L units can only be temporarily targeted by other S,M,L units if they were visible through a hole in the wall or, if the gate was down. Only XL units and buildings can attack S, M, L units over a wall unless the unit attempting to fire is placed on the wall defensively.
    All small units can be placed on walls, this includes melee units. While they cannot attack, they do provide something else for enemy units to focus on, thus reducing damage on the walls overall.
    Snapjaw, being a small unit but with a squad of 4 can compact more units onto a group of wall segments than the other 6 member squads. A two segment wall can house 3 units of snapjaws while only being able to support 2 units of 6 member squads such as master archers.
    7. Rage:
    Rage abilitiy will allow a unit to do up to 4 times (400%) its normal damage when fully enraged. To maintain this most rage units must attack every 5 seconds, while Fire dragon must only attack every 10 seconds.
    8. PvP
    In collection battles awards are given as such
    Battle Tokens = 2 for matches lasting at least 2:31
    Battle Tokens = 3 for matches lasting at least 8:31
    Battle Tokens = 4 for matches lasting at least 11:31
    Battle Tokens = 6 for matches lasting at least 14:31
    The loser is awarded half of this number rounded down to the nearest whole.
    For tome matches: i'm pretty sure it's just double the normal tokens, but maxed at 9 tokens. (i.e. you get 8 tokens when you would get 4 in collection games, and 9, when you would get 6)
    ** UPDATE 2009.12.02. **
    - it only works versus buildings that your opponent built, not including wells and orbs.
    - you get a certain percentage (i think it's 40% at U0) of the buildings powercost as extra power into your usable power pool if you completely destroy the building just with units that have the looter ability.
    - you don't get that power in one big bunch when the building is destroyed, but rather every time you damage the building, you get a small part of it.
    - so if a building has 1000 health points, and you make 100 damage to it with your looters, you will get 4% of the buildings power cost.
    - the opponent will still get 90% void, so the power is not "stolen" but additionally granted.
    - normally you won't have many opportunities to use this ability, but if your opponent loves to spam buildings, you can make a lot of extra power with this.
    ** UPDATE 2009.12.07. **
    ............. U1 ...... U2 ..... U3
    Common ...... 50 ..... 250 .... 500
    Uncommon ... 150 ..... 500 ... 1000
    Rare ....... 400 .... 1000 ... 3000
    Ultra rare . 800 .... 2000 ... 6000
    ** UPDATE 2009.12.09. **
    The Root Network
    A lot of people really don't understand how the root network works, and don't get to use it at it's full potential.
    It is actually fairly simple to use and if done properly can make for one of the best defenses in the game in most situations.
    How does it work ---
    The following cards have the Root ability...
    Living Tower
    Howling Shrine (tainted and gifted)
    Spore Launcher
    And two support buildings
    Root Nexus (gifted and blessed)
    The buildings are automatically rooted but the units have the ability to become rooted (immobile) and gain special attacks, and can be un-rooted and moved to a new area. You will know they are connected when a faint green colored line connects between the units, as long as they are linked to one unit in a network they will be connected to the whole network. You must be outside the linking range and have seperate units not connected the to first network in any way to have a second seperate network.
    Every rooted unit/structure that becomes part of a root network supports the other units in it by boosting attack power and or speed. However the most important part of this function to know is that if a unit or structure is attacking, it -does not- add its power to the network i.e. only unit/structures that are idle will add their power and boost ONE of the linked attacking units -unless- the root network is maxed out (for a level 3 upgrade that is 11 linked units) then any additional units will add power to a second attacker.
    Only one unit per network can receive a power boost (unless network is maxed out for that unit with additional supporters for secondary unit), this is determined by the attacker closest to the network.
    Two Spikeroots one in front of the other, connected to 7 living Towers.
    The spikeroot in front will have the attack boost, until enemy units move into range of the second spikeroot, as soon as he starts attacking the first spikeroot will lose and bonus and now the New attacker closest to the network will receive a power boost.
    If the enemy units move beyond the spikeroots and engage the living towers, then all power boosts will be lost. This is part of what makes root nexus so potent and useful in a root network. Root Nexus does not contribute OR subtract from the root network, it does however connect units, allowing you to have a large group of stationary towers, and keep using their power by moving your unit(s) and creating cheap root nexus buildings as you go. They also have useful abilities which they give to any unit connected directly to them.
    Gifted Root Nexus - Any unit connected directly to this structure will regenerate 2% of their life points every second
    Blessed Root Nexus - Any unit connected directly to this structure will take 25% less damage
    If you build one of each of the support structures at the edge of the root network (every 25m-ish)
    so that each root nexus takes less damage and regenerates health, then surround them with living towers in the center, and place your attacking units at the outside edges making sure everything has one of each nexus connected to it. You will have an entire defensive force (units and structures) all of which are self regenerating and take less damage from attacks, meaning no repairing, and in some cases, no healing required.
    This strategy is for example perfect for defending the gold wagon on Bad Harvest, using razorleaf for attack. You don't even need to bother destroying the cannons because your defenses will regenerate themselves and take less damage from them.
    At this present time it seems that Howling shrine doesn't work as the description states ( 4 turrets each deal 325 damage written on the card) yet no matter how many supporters it only fires one turret.
    However each one has a special ability, gifted paralyzes an attacker tainted roots them. on a maxed network they activate this special nearly every second if you place the rooter out front it will hold and attack enemies and with the paralyzer behind any that get through the roots will then be paralyzed and attacked, they can be powerful or just used as another structure supporter. At this time though the damage they deal however is minimal (seems to be glitched).
    Mark of the keeper works well with root network as well, providing some defense and preventing special attacks like disintegration or paralysis that can shut down heavy damage linked attackers.
    Combined with breeding grounds you can create a mass of unit supporters and create an entirely mobile root network, which turns it into a more effective offensive weapon. This is where Thornbark really shines, it gives you extra network supporters to work with and provides mobile anti air support since Spikeroot attacks ground units only. A razorleaf out front with an equal mix of spikeroots and thornbarks can make a powerful offensive force, anti air, heavy attack and support ground fire all in one if things start to look bad you can pull your razorleaf back to a defending network while your other units create a wall for it's escape.
    PVE Random Loot List
    Difficulty 1: 0 Honor Tokens, 0 Victory Tokens, 2 Battle Tokens about 3minutes
    Difficulty 2: 0 Honor Tokens, 0 Victory Tokens, 3 Battle Tokens about 4-5minutes
    Difficulty 3: 0 Honor Tokens, 0 Victory Tokens, 4 Battle Tokens
    Difficulty 4: 0 Honor Tokens, 1 Victory Tokens, 6 Battle Tokens
    Difficulty 5: 1 Honor Tokens, 2 Victory Tokens, 10 Battle Tokens
    Difficulty 6: 2 Honor Tokens, 3 Victory Tokens, 15 Battle Tokens 16 minutes
    Difficulty 7: 3 Honor Tokens, 4 Victory Tokens, 20 Battle Tokens 19 minutes
    Difficulty 8: 4 Honor Tokens, 6 Victory Tokens, 30 Battle Tokens 600 XP 22 minutes
    Difficulty 9: 5 Honor Tokens, 7 Victory Tokens, 40 Battle Tokens 900 XP 22 minutes
    Difficulty 10: 6 Honor Tokens, 8 Victory Tokens, 50 Battle Tokens 1125 XP 42 minutes
    There is a cap on the number of melee creatures that can attack an opposing creature. Actual numbers depend on size of the attackers and size of the defenders.
    First i would like to define 3 different melee attack classes:
    * Normal (most M and S size creatures, with M counting twice as much as S)
    * Reach (some M and S size creatures, with counting M twice as much as S)
    * Huge (all L and XL size creatures, with XL counting twice as much as L)
    The following creatures are in the Reach class:
    * Spearmen
    * Ghostspears
    * Mauler
    * Drones
    * Phalanx
    * Imperials
    * Lyrish Knight
    * Silverwind Lancers
    * Ice Guardian
    * Wrecker
    * Enforcer
    * Scythe Fiends
    * Giant Slayer
    * Executor
    * Shadow Insect
    Note that both Nomad and Dreadcharger are not in this class even though they use lances!
    And now the caps on the numbers of melee attackers for creatures of different sizes:
    * a single S creature can be attacked by at most 4 Normal, 6 Reach and 2 Huge attackers
    * a single M creature can be attacked by at most 6 Normal, 10 Reach and 2 Huge attackers
    * a single L creature can be attacked by at most 8 Normal, 12 Reach and 4 Huge attackers
    * a single XL creature can be attacked by at most 12 Normal, 14 Reach and 6 Huge attackers
    Similar mechanics apply to melee attacks against buildings, but the number of attackers seem depend on the footprint size of the buildings.
    * Disintegrated targets doesn't revive with second chance or promise of life.
    * Reducing damage effects like life weaving or freezed also reduce damage from self damage like instability or blood healing. However, self-damage from disintegrating (shadow worm) can't be reduced.
    * Soulshatter's secondary effect doesn't trigger from death of air units.
    * Bandit walker doesn't count as XL unit (units with XL attack doesn't do more damage vs them). Construct does.
    * Buffs like unholy power/hero/motivate increase damage from shadow mage's foul play, but only if buffs are here when bomb explodes, not when bomb planted.
    * Damage to allies from wrathgazer's pain link calculated before his resilience or any other reductions.
    * Overlord can store corpses up to X points (max hp - current hp = X), then he use them to regenerate even if there are no more corpses around.
    * Armored tower's active ability works on buildings under construction.
    * Defenders, Commandos and Darkelves get thier range decreased when activating ability.
    * Pve Units and buildings of Lost Souls cant be controlled by f.e. mattermastery or mindcontrolled and so on.
    upgrade lvl / disintegration rate(hp/sec) / hp loss(per sec per unit)
    disintegration rate of 100 means it can disintegrate unit with 1000 hp in 10 seconds.
    Church of negation
    U0 / 80 / 60
    U1 / 85 / 60
    U2 / 90 / 50
    U3 / 100 / 50
    U0 / 135 / -
    U3 / 150 / -
    Shadow worm
    U0 / 110 / 70
    U1 / 115 / 60
    U2 / 125 / 50
    U3 / 150 / 45
  25. SunWu liked a post in a topic by Ultrakool in Introducing .. The entire team !   
    I guess this is a bit overdue now but better late than never  . I'm Will or otherwise known on-the-line as Ultrakool. I'm from Vietnam, currently living in Germany. It was a silly name I chose a long long time ago for BF and it kinda just stuck. Now basically I use that name in every single online game I play(It comes with putting up with those jokes about my name :D). I enjoy mostly PvP in BattleForge, but back in the days didn't take it so seriously, being younger and all. PvE is fun too but not my main interest. I remember back in the days, getting into BattleForge because of a friend, then he left after several months but I stuck with it on and off until the unfortunate demise in 2013. Like many others here, it was a game I always come back too, even after taking a lot and rather long breaks. In addition to playing the game, I was also involved with the battleforge forums, in the trade section mostly, but in other sections too. Furthermore I was also asked to be a moderator in a fan-made forum by a Dutch person who was known as Lithaladin. I was so involved with the game and the community in fact that, after the game was shut down, were invited to join a Skype Group by MrXLink I think. I wasn't ALL too active in it, but I remember sometimes popping in to reminisce the good ol' days. I moved on to other games but none could compare to BF. Furthermore, I really came to appreciate the community that is BattleForge, mostly compromising of happy and helpful individuals. Compared to other games, playing and conversing in the battleforge community was a breath of fresh air.

    Never did I know that I would ever even breath that fresh air again. Alas, the wonderful surprise came when MrXLink linked the new forums in the Skype chat of veterans from BF. Joined the forums few days after it was made and the rest was history. At first it was just @Ladadoos and me spamming for our lives, but people quickly joined. 100,200,1000,5 000,10 000, and now a whooping 57 665. Fast forward to March 2018, when I was (sorta) asked to become Moderator, I was elated, this was my chance to contribute to the wonderful unique BF community I know and love, that never could compare to any other. Being here over the years ( Project started in June 2015) there has been many ups and downs, many lulls, I've witnessed many iterations of the game development, 2 servers, going from only having access to the forge in techinical alpha, to being able to load up maps and entering games, and now with thousands of skylords being able to connect at once. We have improved steadily, and while progress might seem slow sometimes: (The usual reasons of this being a volunteer project and all), like me and thousands of you out there, we always come back to BF, and progress will be achieved once again. The project may slow, but it will never stop. Some time soon I hope to be able to meet you guys in the forge after the reset we have planned! Don't lose hope! Also dont shy away from dropping me PMs if you need anything at all, I'm always happy to help.

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