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What do you guys think is the worst dual orb combination for casual PvE/rPvE?

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This is something I thought of during the original Battleforge when I realized playing fire frost (2 fire, 2 frost) results in zero playable XL melee units, whether it be T3 or T4. Now I think FireFrost can be even worse if you go three frost, one fire, as the fire doesn't contribute much outside of emberstrike, boom brothers, shrine of war, and earthshaker. At least if you go three fire, one frost, you have access to earlier spells that are still useful in T4, like homesoil, coldsnap, but it still seems worse than just going two fire, two frost.

Now I think the worst combination would be 3shadow/1fire or 3fire/1shadow. Three shadows, gives you access to things like death ray and plague (yes I know you still have frenetic and infect, but you don't need three shadows for those). Plague is cool, but death ray doesn't go up to its full potential without a reliable healing spell given by nature. You also don't have access to bloodthirst. On the other hand, 3fire/1shadow gives you access to unholy hero fire dragon with fire sphere, which can do a lot of damage, but you lose out on infect and frenzy.

What do you guys think is the worst dual combination?

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1 hour ago, Sopwith said:

Plague is cool, but death ray doesn't go up to its full potential without a reliable healing spell given by nature.

Undead army and bloodhealing is usually enough.

:frostorb::frostorb::frostorb::fireorb: gives you access to winterwitch and she's pretty strong, so i don't know if it's weaker than :fireorb::fireorb::fireorb::frostorb:. Still one of those or :fireorb::fireorb::fireorb::shadoworb: would be the orbcombos i would try to avoid in most cases, so i'm thinking in the same direction as you as what might be the weakest. A solo shadow orb is always wrong in my book (unless you wanna spam LSS), a second shadow orb simply quadruples the potential (resource booster!). makes me notice im a 2x/2x guy (or 4X), never really play anything 3x/1x...

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:shadoworb::shadoworb::shadoworb::fireorb:  grants access to Banzai Lord & Bloodhorn (arguable the best T4 units rn), so you are not reliant on Deathray. While the deck might be not as durable as others this combo is far from the worst when played casually and even the absolute best deck for speedrunning in rPvE. For more casual gameplay you can stack a lot of Banzai Lords, activate the ability early and use Nether Warp right into a camp. With enough birds this will probably burst down more than 50% of the enemies and with Emberstrike + Bloodhealing you have more than enough durability. Use Plague whenever you can afford it. Offering can be really good to replenish charges if necessary (use it on banzai birds or emberstrike for T4 charges). Against any strong XL boss you can add bloodhorn as an excellent counter (ability stacks with unholy hero). You can methodically take out one camp after another, which is really fun to play and not hard to execute once you get used to the pattern. 

I would consider :frostorb::frostorb::frostorb::fireorb: to be the worst combination for casual play, simply because of the weakest XL unit line up you can get (Ironclad + Construct). I agree, that Winterwitch provides more than sufficient durability and the deck would be playable for casual rPvE 9, but to me it offers less than other options. :shadoworb::shadoworb::shadoworb::frostorb: might be another contender as it proivdes the least amount of durability and you might get some serious trouble with reaching spawn buildings. But with Plague, Infect, Frenetic and Lost Spirit Ship green for additional healing it should be okay for rPvE 9 and your damage output is actually good. 2 or more fire orbs will always grant value for casual runs because of XL unit stacking + unity and strong damage spells. 3+ Nature orbs are not that amazing, but with primeval watcher you have a powerful XL unit that can be supported dependend on what you are splashing into (Transcendence for shadow, Earthshaker & suppression for fire, Gemeye for Frost). As strong crowd control and healing spells are easy to use these decks should be rather convenient. 





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