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  1. FlameForge

    Battleforge on OSX

    Hey guys, just FYI, with MacOS 10.15: Catelina, all 32bit application support was removed. Wine will therefore not work until they update this. Furthermore, the current implementation of the Battleforge launcher is written in WPF and makes use of functionality that is not present in MacOS, and will therefore not work until a new launcher is made. I will update the thread to indicate that it is broken until further notice.
  2. FlameForge

    New Map - FlameTD (coming soon™)

    actually a ripoff of https://tropicaltowerwars.forumotion.com/ from Hekatonkier. He made it back in War3 days, was one of the most popular custom maps.
  3. FlameForge

    New Map - FlameTD (coming soon™)

    Flame TD (pron: F@#! lame TD) is an economy driven, player versus player, tower defense map. Two teams play against one another in an attempt to decrease the opponent's lives to 0. Players will have to balance offence and defense to grow their economy, and ultimately overpower their opponent. Fog of war is enabled, to hide your defense strategy from your opponent. How to Play: 1. Move the unit that represents the faction you choose into the magic aura. 2. Use the teleport activators to select and send creeps to your opponent. 3. Build a Maze(ing) towers Mechanics: Lives - Each team is allocated with 30 lives. For every "Creep" that you successfully get to the "Goal" area, one life is lost by the opponent. Strategies may vary, from saving up to send overpowered (and more costly) units, to spamming large numbers of cheap units. Income - Forget wells, income is a reward system which provides players with power every 30 seconds. Starting at 0, income is increased by a small amount every time you send a unit to your opponent. The more units you send, the larger your income will be. Kill Reward - Whenever you successfully kill a creep, a portion of its power cost is given to the attacker. Tower Defense - Players will have to reserve some power to build towers. Team strategies may be used to find synergies between the different factions. In addition to overpowered towers, players can build complicated pathways to force units along a preferred route. This will allow your towers multiple opportunities to attack creeps, making them even more efficient. Factions - Each faction will provide the player with orbs per the table below: Fire: Frost: Shadow: Nature: Stonekin: Lost Souls: Bandit: Twilight: The Laundry List: These are the things I still need to complete Balance (in progress) Update map to support 3v3, 2v2, and 1v1 game modes. Rework map's look and feel. Want to Learn? Source code available here: https://1drv.ms/u/s!ArQ4hvwFUQaK5k4OAii0Ts8K6sPS?e=xUvRpO Want to help? I need people that can map test, and provide constructive feedback on improvements to overall balance and user interface. Special Thanks to: Kubik Perendi / Spitzkopf Emmaerzeh Omeiwa
  4. FlameForge

    Open Stress Test Information

    The first 90 percent of the code accounts for the first 90 percent of the development time. The remaining 10 percent of the code accounts for the other 90 percent of the development time. — Tom Cargill, Bell Labs
  5. FlameForge

    Battleforge on OSX

    Not 100% sure on xCode, but it should be the debugger tool that allows wine to load additional libraries. xQuartz is to provide an x11 desktop environment which wine depends on.
  6. FlameForge

    Battleforge on OSX

    you can manually install xQuartz. Brew is nice since it makes it easier to update to latest version. These steps should work in Linux too.
  7. FlameForge

    Battleforge on OSX

    NOTE: Below is broken until a new launcher for MacOS is made. I will update once this is confirmed to be working I am sure there will be one guy out there that wants to run Battleforge on his Mac, but isnt sure whether it will work. I will use this thread to document my experience as a Mac only user. Installation: Easy Step 1 - Install Homebrew package manager: in terminal type: ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Homebrew/install/master/install)" Step 2 - Install latest version of xCode from AppStore Step 3 - Install prerequisites using: brew cask install xquartz Step 4 - Download the latest Development Release of Wine from https://www.winehq.org Configuration: Easy The only configuration we need to do, is disable DirectX 11. Wine only has partial support for it, and it currently does not work with Battleforge. By disabling the library, the game will fallback to DirectX 9. Open Wine Devel from Spotlight (CMD + Space to open spotlight) in the terminal type: winecfg Under the Applications tab, click the New Application button Navigate to the Battleforge.exe file and click open Make sure the Battleforge application is highlighted. You will see the title of the window change to "Wine configuration for Battleforge.exe" Under the Libraries tab, we will specify an override setting for the DirextX 11 library In the "New override for library" dropbox, type d3d11 to perform a quick search for the library, then click Add once you found it. Hilight the d3d11 entry in the listbox, then click on Edit. Set the load order to Disable Done Performance and Issues: Minor Game would sometimes not capture input on launch. Fixed by alt-tabbing in and out of game. Launcher does not open a window. When closing the game, you also have to close the launcher using terminal. Example:
  8. FlameForge

    Launcher Interface

    Hi Skylords, Some pet grievances I have had since I started playing Battleforge, was the lack of proper support for custom game versioning, as well as the lack of voice for ingame. Because of this project, I believe you are in a unique position to resolve these issues, should you choose to. Some ideas that I would love to realize, are: Dashboard to advertise news, features, upcoming events, quest progress, etc. View a list of custom games, facilitate secure download (SFTP), manage newer versions, etc. Perhaps even facilitate login automation using a trusted backend for voice and text ( https://discordapp.com/gamebridge ). No need to manage accounts and passwords if you can piggyback off someone else. I will make a sample launcher to demonstrate these features. I would very much appreciate if this could be made part of the official game as delivered by skylords.eu. I am rusty in my C#, but something like this would not be difficult for me. Please share your ideas on this matter
  9. FlameForge

    Current Proposal: Rewards

    This thread has become a little long, so I don't know if someone said this already. I foresee that there will be 3 types of players, the Hardcore, The weekend Warriors, and the absolute casuals. A multiple daily reward will surely help the community gain that sudden influx of BFP to kickstart the economy, however I think that the reward system should perhaps be split into tiers to help even it out for those who simply cannot play daily. Another problem is that you are cultivating a system of bots, where players would create 20+ accounts and grind hours to generate the passive income. My Recommendation would be as follow: Daily Objective (3BFP) - Complete RPVE { 5 = 1 BFP, 9 = 1 BFP, 10 = 1 BFP } This will allow newbies to do something to increase their net worth Loyalty will be rewarded, as those who nurture the community will slowly start building up value on their account Anti-Grind, since players will have to put in effort, reducing the amount of repetition that can be done with alts. Skill based, to promote better player base Weekly Challenge (100 BFP) - Complete 3 expert maps, Complete Ascension, Complete PtD Allows those who can only play on weekends to catch up Promotional Events (1000 BFP) - Kill X, Complete Mission in under X minutes, Use only Tier 1 Cards, etc Allows community to look for new challenges Breaks the Monotony of a game that wont see new missions or releases (Devs) Will it be possible to do challenges in Custom Maps?
  10. FlameForge

    What should I expect latency-wise from the server?

    My hope is that the community grows well, coz then you can justify NA and EU communities. As for Africa and AU, we're screwed
  11. FlameForge

    The New Cardbase and More

    Wow, this is really nice! So, when do we get the offline account manager and deck builder jk.
  12. FlameForge

    Anyone playing MMORPG´s ?

    GW2 - Totally addicted to raids
  13. FlameForge

    [Giveaway] Tell us your story !

    My story has an unlikely beginning.. wikipedia!? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_games_with_DirectX_11_support A recently upgraded graphics card had me looking for something Visually Awe Inspiring. Funny that the reasons I love BF so much, has nothing to do with why I started playing in the first place. I am a big fan of RTS, some of my fondest LAN memories come from the old C&C series games. Nothing however compares to Battleforge. My story started a long time ago, in a galaxy far far away... A latecomer to the game, I joined after the first expansion pack was launched. Having just charged through the introduction mission, I found myself in a matchup I was not prepared for, the Bad Harvest mission! With me, 3 players, two of which clearly did not understand the amazing array of colors that made up their UI. Fortunately, there was a saving grace, the first friend I made in BF. A player named Newbeez decided to play with some newbies (Punny) to get them started. Willing to take the time to explain concepts of the game, and even give deck advice after, he set me on a path I never looked back on. He stole the show with his Epic T4 heroes, those Grinders, that seemed unkillable at the time. He showed me some of the amazing cards that laid ahead, and his unique take on deck building. This is where I decided to invest some cash in the game, to purchase some BFP and build my first deck worthy of Expert play. Like a proper first timer, I invested all of those BFP's in a Tome and some booters... (hello sadness my old friend)... I lost quite a lot in value, but learned an important lesson.. Collections don't come easy. This is where I found another surprising aspect of the game I liked, the Auction House. I started trading my crappy booster cards for BFP, buying things I needed. I would sell them eventually, making small gains at first, until I noticed I had enough BFP to do something worthwhile. I started power trading. Trading went well, and soon I had enough of the popular cards to build a skeleton deck for each of the pure colors. It was about this time when I realized that I am OBSESSED with collecting cards. This obsession never stopped, and eventually I had made enough BFP profit to buy my first Promo card, a modest Swamp Drake at 5900 BFP. This was a steal at the time, considering they normally traded for 6600 - 7700. One turned to two, then three, then four. I played Stonekin almost exclusively and soon realized they were rather over powered #enlightenment. It was at this point where I decided to rebrand myself, and choose a new color. It seemed like all the mixed colors were a bit too powerful, so I started playing only Pure colors. I got rid of the swampies, and bought myself a Promo Harvester, Jugger, Firedancer, and Lyrish Knight. (my precious!). At one pont, I stopped playing BF and replaced it with Guild Wars 2. I returned with a rumor that big changes were coming, and at the same time an thought to be friend conned me out of my promo's. I suddenly went from great fortune, to great misfortune when the news broke that Phenomic was offering discounted BFP. It threw the markets into spiral and soon the 6k promo's jumped to 100k. I resorted to peddling Rares and Ultra-Rares, but after a few months I came back swinging (with help from Kaldra). I restored my collections, and eventually worked my way to owning every card in the game, level 3, fully charged. I also restored my Promo collection, apart from one card that always eluded me, Promo Construct. I hated the card, never played it, but I still wanted to own it, just for completeness. Ooh and I found links to my old decks, they dont reflect the final builds, but at least a point in time view: http://battleforge.wikia.com/wiki/User:FlameForge/Burning_Bushes http://battleforge.wikia.com/wiki/User:FlameForge/StayFrosty http://battleforge.wikia.com/wiki/User:FlameForge/BANdit http://battleforge.wikia.com/wiki/User:FlameForge/Hippie_Powah http://battleforge.wikia.com/wiki/User:FlameForge/ColdNite http://battleforge.wikia.com/wiki/User:FlameForge/FEARtheDARK http://battleforge.wikia.com/wiki/User:FlameForge/Flameforge http://battleforge.wikia.com/wiki/User:FlameForge/Minty_IceScreams At the same time, I met a player that took a very different approach to Expert missions, by using P4F decks ONLY. His name was MrAceOfSpades (https://www.youtube.com/user/MrAcesofspades). He tought me a lot about speedruns, and strategies around survival. Together with another player, Katakleismos, we attempted to do a 3 man P4F Passage To Darkness run. Unfortunately, due to exams, I had to take a break, and by the time I returned, they had stopped playing. I have still never been able to finish it!! PLEASE LET ME FINISH IT!! The Hunger for speedruns grew, and I started joining players like @Treim, @Pritstift, @tbpeti, and many more (Battlegrounds), and Coldmind (Campaigns) to skill my self up for speedruns. Its a small community, but we were quite passionate about getting record times on all the expert missions. There was a community challenge to create custom maps for the game, with a map (The Last Soultree) made by Aliyon that really stood out to be. It was made with exceptional quality, perhaps even as good as the Phenomic made maps. I studied up on the scripting of the game, and started fiddling with a map that seemed very simple, but turned out to be stuck in development for its entire lifespan. The maps name was Castle Wars, which was a Hero Battle map, built around Zone Control, but with a spawn wave system developed by none other than Aliyon (Mad Credits to him!!!). I eventually got help from a player named fragggy, who is an artist in his own right. He made some of the most Beautiful custom maps in the game. In testing, I met a few very cool people; Kaerion (what a troll), @drakonz (Fire Baws), @beijingguy, @Obesity (Nature Bawses), Cyruel (Shadow Baws), Kaldra, and friends from speedruns (and a few noble strangers), whom all helped me extensively with testing infinite buggy versions of the map. The map became so complex, that I had requested Phenomic EA to make changes to the games code, long after development had stopped. TheBlackOne even helped create a special function to modify the health of objects beyond what the game had allowed at the time, and was working on allowing customization of Unit type, Damage Type, Damage amount, etc, all which could not be modified programmatically. And so, when they announced the closure of the game, it felt like a very niche community of people had gone homeless, with no other common interest outside our beloved BF. Its with this great passion, and a megaton of nostalgia, that I started looking at ways to bring the game back. It even lead me to the get in contact with the Owner of Phenomic to ask for assistance. Strangely, it was almost the same day, that this project went live. I found the post on facebook by InsaneHawk mere hours after it was posted. It was almost surreal that after the game had gone dark for so long, that a group of people felt inspired enough to bring it back to life. I am in great support of what you are doing, and willing to help out in whatever way I can! Also, for greedy self interest, I want to summon a card so badly!! No other game has ever made such a great impact on me!
  14. FlameForge

    Server Slots and Runtime !

    People have really gotten accustomed to Stretch goals. Nice way to lure in bidders

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