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  1. Hi mate! how u doin? 😄 are u still doing ur flame TD map? im still looking forward to it 😄 if its unfinished can you send me the test version of it?

    1. Dallarian


      Recently I found out that you can decompress a map to get access to it's scripts and .map file.
      Scary it is.

  2. actually a ripoff of https://tropicaltowerwars.forumotion.com/ from Hekatonkier. He made it back in War3 days, was one of the most popular custom maps.
  3. Flame TD (pron: F@#! lame TD) is an economy driven, player versus player, tower defense map. Two teams play against one another in an attempt to decrease the opponent's lives to 0. Players will have to balance offence and defense to grow their economy, and ultimately overpower their opponent. Fog of war is enabled, to hide your defense strategy from your opponent. How to Play: 1. Move the unit that represents the faction you choose into the magic aura. 2. Use the teleport activators to select and send creeps to your opponent. 3. Build a Maze(ing) towers
  4. The first 90 percent of the code accounts for the first 90 percent of the development time. The remaining 10 percent of the code accounts for the other 90 percent of the development time. — Tom Cargill, Bell Labs
  5. This thread has become a little long, so I don't know if someone said this already. I foresee that there will be 3 types of players, the Hardcore, The weekend Warriors, and the absolute casuals. A multiple daily reward will surely help the community gain that sudden influx of BFP to kickstart the economy, however I think that the reward system should perhaps be split into tiers to help even it out for those who simply cannot play daily. Another problem is that you are cultivating a system of bots, where players would create 20+ accounts and grind hours to generate the passive income.
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