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  1. Please make sure you use the corret template given as a pinned topic in this part of the forum: As far as i can say to this title i have to admit that lost souls battlefiled is 3 times harder than the other ones imo. I also experienced a camp on rpve9 which had over 6 dragons in a single camp. But the fact that 2 camps have been together could be the answer for this. Also the running track was beyond any rpve9 i had before there has been a single lines which had to be followeed line by line like this at the upper end of the map: -------->------------------------------>-----------| | |-----------<----------------------------<--------| | |------------->------------------------>---------- Conclusion: I do not believe that this might be a bug. This could be called a possibility to balance out the game a bit maybe in the near future since sometimes lost souls is just impossible to solve especially on rpve 10.
  2. Headbanger

    Cards always getting bugged

    I believe this theme here is strongly related to that one: I can confirm that this sometimes happens if you drag a card into the trading window. Happens for me as well.
  3. Headbanger

    3 - Trade sometimes doesnt work

    I can confirm this happens to me, too. I traded a bunch of times and around every 3rd to 7th time either the accpt button freezes, both players tick accept and nothing goes on, both accept and the trade immediatly gets as done instead of giving one player the 5 seconds delay time or if you place a card into the trade the trade window itself somehow does not fully accept the card and gets stuck. Somehow it removes it from your inventory (clientsided only ofc) and you cant trade with it again. Also the game spits out a system error called: unknown error! (translated from german "Unbekannter Fehler!"). EDIT: I believe the grouping system could increase the "chance" to let a trade freeze or something. I remembered that i often traded with people who were in the same group as me. Surprisingly the trade did not go right way more often then usual.
  4. Headbanger

    1- Error: "Upgrade combine failed"

    Hello there everyone. I experienced the same problem as you guys on one aggressor (blue affinity) and one stonewarrior. I could solve the problem of this 2 cards by placing them into the auction house, canceling the auction and trying to upgrade again. A friend of mine somehow had the same problem but instead it looked like every card in his inventory was bugged. He couldn´t suddenly upgrade a ot of cards. He tried the same like me. Worked, too. But still very confusing. I recommend everyone to try the same like i did. Selling in the auction house for 9000bfp for example. Then wait some seconds and cancel the auction. If you ask me theres a controllng value/variable which gets indicated the wrong way when you trade with other people. I have just had this mistakes when i was trading cards with my friend. Maybe this helps finding the bug.
  5. NAME: "Create a scenario" button is hidden SEVERITY: 1 LOCATION: Worldmap, while trying to create a group for a scenario no matter which one REPRODUCIBILITY: nearly 100% (around 20/22). Sometimes i was able to press the button anyway because the buttons hitbox seemed to be somewhere else close to it. DESCRIPTION: The picture mostly presents the whole problem. Creating a group for a scenraio is not possible for me because the "create a scenario" button is hidden behind the second chat window. I am not sure if this second chat window has to be there. This makes it impossible for me to play any scenario. I hvave tried it with other scenarios. Retsarted the game multiple times with different resolutions and graphic details. As far as i have seen i was not able to produce anything which solved it so i decided to bring it into the forum here. Hopefully this is helpful. SCREENSHOT/VIDEO: As listed below ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: The second chat window also disallows me to press anything else, too. EDIT: The resolutions i tried out was the following: 1920x1080 (usual 16:9 res.) 1824x1026 (custom resolution from my NVIDIA setup because the screen somehow was not able to get 1920x1080 fully) I have also tried it with the program "Borderless Gaming" which maximizes a windowed screen to a borderless windowed screen. No succes either. I am going to test it with other resolutions.
  6. Headbanger

    Games you play while waiting

    Killing Floor, Castle Clash, Fallout Shelter, Fallout 4, sometimes Garrys Mod.
  7. Headbanger

    which card gives you the most nostalgia?

    Definetly the wheel of gifts. I will never forget this tactic around there. The grinder, too.
  8. Headbanger

    Map Editor [Activation Guide]

    Will test this out soon. Cant wait to maybe have some time left to make a map.
  9. Headbanger

    Open-Beta Announcement Stream !

    Cant wait for it. Sadly i got really less time to follow this project because of studying. Anyway i would definetly suggest this game to all my friends AGAIN!
  10. Headbanger

    Current Proposal: Rewards

    Looking forward to it. Great ideas here
  11. Headbanger

    Current Proposal: Tokens & Gold

    Looking forward to this
  12. Headbanger

    Opening Tournament

    I would also participate in the Tournament. I messaged bobfrog already. Does someone else manage this?

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