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  1. Totally not true as i´ve experienced completly otherwise. At least for Umbabwe TD 4P map. I prefer this one since it allows way better strategies and teamplay needed to survive. 🙂
  2. The problem only appears if i really plug out the connected device. I have tested this now with the headphones as well as with the monitors and the speakers. The moment the device gets disconnected from the OS and thus being not recognized anymore it happens. At least on my side.
  3. Hello Kubik, usually i have my audio headphones ( 3,5mm plug) being connected in the game. I do have a total of 6 different audio inputs. Two of them are my two monitors. One of them comes from a virtual sound adapter from NoMachine. The other two of them are speakers. Hopefully this information helps. If i would need to guess the problem is having multiple connected audio devices and when the headphone gets plugged out it automatically switches to another output. I asume Battleforge can´t handle this since in 2009 this was handled otherwise ?!? Let me know if i can assist in any other way. Greetings 🙂
  4. Cant wait for the defence rpve one. Playing Umbabwe TD 2P and 4P a lot as well as other defence maps and im alwas having a lot of fun trying new strategies
  5. Had the same issue. I feel stupid i didnt looked in the forums before reporting. If any Moderator tries to look through this here, please consider the bug reports from "cannonRabbit1234" and me here:
  6. If any Moderator tried to look through this here, please conside my bug report here: The reports seem to be related to each other. Im sorry i made a new topic out of this. I´ll try to link both to each other.
  7. NAME: 3,5mm audio jack plug plugged out and in again causes the game to crash DESCRIPTION: Lately i have plugged out my audio headset multiple times due to using it on different computers. I recognized that when i plug it in back into the computer i do play Battleforge a new game being started always crashes after a few seconds. Also the sound itself does not seem to come back duzring this time i plugged it back in. REPRODUCIBILITY: Always reproducable. I plug out my jack plug and after a few seconds i can plug it in again. This leads to no sound being transfered. When i now try to start a game or do some other stuff which might need some packets to be sent to the server it crashes to the desktop. Since im new to crash logs in BF i asume it´s because of the sync fail at the end. This behaviour also happens if i randomly try to search a card in the market. I am pretty much sure somehow the audio not being delivered anymore leads to a unwanted state of the game which does not allow the client to be synced with the server since it seems that packet forwarding seems to not work then. Unsure here. SCREENSHOT/VIDEO: Since i cant videotape plugin in and out my headset i left it clear. LOG: For minimal log size and looking through i deleted all logs and directly just did needed stuff to reproduce the error. Added two files. One trying to enter a game after plug in and out. The other one doing some random market search and clicked on some other buttons to make the client get information from the server or forcing the client to do something at least. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: As being described i imagine the problem could be because of the change of audio output. The moment i plug out the headset the game stops working after a few seconds. No matter if i put it back in or not. Tested this. _log_proxy_0.log crashdata.mdmp _log_proxy_latest.log If any Moderator tries to look through this here, please consider the bug reports from "cannonRabbit1234" and "salatinator"here: The reports seem to be related to each other. Im sorry i made a new topic out of this. I´ll try to link all to each other.
  8. Wow this is some epic stuff ehre. WIll definetly use this 😉
  9. Please make sure you use the corret template given as a pinned topic in this part of the forum: As far as i can say to this title i have to admit that lost souls battlefiled is 3 times harder than the other ones imo. I also experienced a camp on rpve9 which had over 6 dragons in a single camp. But the fact that 2 camps have been together could be the answer for this. Also the running track was beyond any rpve9 i had before there has been a single lines which had to be followeed line by line like this at the upper end of the map: -------->------------------------------>-----------| | |-----------<----------------------------<--------| | |------------->------------------------>---------- Conclusion: I do not believe that this might be a bug. This could be called a possibility to balance out the game a bit maybe in the near future since sometimes lost souls is just impossible to solve especially on rpve 10.
  10. I believe this theme here is strongly related to that one: I can confirm that this sometimes happens if you drag a card into the trading window. Happens for me as well.
  11. I can confirm this. Sometimes this still happens to me as well. But as Toggy said, this has been reduced since the open stress test got "released". All three points pointed out by Toggy are somehow more or less the same for me. I believe the grouping system somehow also affects other systems like maybe the trading system or others since i traded a bunch of times with others while being in the same group together. At this point it surprisingly crasheda lot more than before. Maybe it was just randomly.
  12. I can confirm this happens to me, too. I traded a bunch of times and around every 3rd to 7th time either the accpt button freezes, both players tick accept and nothing goes on, both accept and the trade immediatly gets as done instead of giving one player the 5 seconds delay time or if you place a card into the trade the trade window itself somehow does not fully accept the card and gets stuck. Somehow it removes it from your inventory (clientsided only ofc) and you cant trade with it again. Also the game spits out a system error called: unknown error! (translated from german "Unbekannter Fehler!"). EDIT: I believe the grouping system could increase the "chance" to let a trade freeze or something. I remembered that i often traded with people who were in the same group as me. Surprisingly the trade did not go right way more often then usual.
  13. Hello there everyone. I experienced the same problem as you guys on one aggressor (blue affinity) and one stonewarrior. I could solve the problem of this 2 cards by placing them into the auction house, canceling the auction and trying to upgrade again. A friend of mine somehow had the same problem but instead it looked like every card in his inventory was bugged. He couldn´t suddenly upgrade a ot of cards. He tried the same like me. Worked, too. But still very confusing. I recommend everyone to try the same like i did. Selling in the auction house for 9000bfp for example. Then wait some seconds and cancel the auction. If you ask me theres a controllng value/variable which gets indicated the wrong way when you trade with other people. I have just had this mistakes when i was trading cards with my friend. Maybe this helps finding the bug.
  14. Headbanger

    hallo fehler

    If im correct this topic is already well known. Therfore you should have read the main post inside this forum category. If you did not yet please do so. Also please keep in mind that the only language n this forum being used is english instead of german. Also devs wont be able to get any information out of 2 pictures and a topic name called "hallo fehler, bitte helft mir mal einfach so schnell aus dem nichts".
  15. Dear Ladadoos,

    i have answered your question in the following topic:

    I was not able to reply to your message. So i edited my topic message. I am sorry for the issue.

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