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  1. On 7/24/2019 at 10:21 AM, RadicalX said:


    I think there is a crystal clear consenous, that PvP players want changes. But we need to be very cautious about who is in charge of those changes. I don't think being at the top of the ladder directly qualifies a person to work on healthy balancing ideas. I've seen very questionable balancing ideas from people, that are reasonably high in the ladder. Majority votes also lead to some terrible decisions by EA back then. Alot of things need to be discussed in order to find the correct cards that need to be changed and also find healthy changes. 


    I think the forum is the best place to discuss changes to have an open discussion due to better visibility of older posts. 

    Absolutely +1


    PvP would be unplayable if you would take some opinions seriously.

    There should be a circuit of players in front of the pvp & pve community who start discussion about card changes with real arguments and an objective overview without any kind of personal problems against some things.

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  2. Hello Skylords,

    we all know that Yrmia & Wazhai are not the best balanced map and EA didnt put it out without a reason. (Pure Fire, scorched earth overall mapcontroll, cliff orb -> orb)

    So instead of asking me -> start voting for a yrmia or wazhai & ranked random generated maps.

    If there are "enough" votes, yrmia or wazhai will delete from the ranked pool or random generated maps can be added to the pool.


    Hope we see generated maps again very soon !


    Best regards,






  3. Hey, just a short question.

    I got back on a decend level faster than i expected.

    So i think about some evening streams this week propable without mic. Whos still interested anymore?

    Leave a comment & let me know :)

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  4. Hey fellow Skylords, 

    here are the latest PvP spectator maps.




    Haladur (4 Spectator Spots)

    Simai (4 Spectator Spots)

    Wazhai (4 Spectator Spots)

    Elyon (4 Spectator Spots)

    Lajesh (4 Spectator Spots)

    Uro (4 Spectator Spots)

    Yshia (4 Spectator Spots)

    Nadai (1 Spectator Spot)

    Zahadune (1 Spectator Spot)


    You've to create a folder in Documents -> BattleForge -> "map".

    Put your downloaded files into the new created "map" folder. Thats it. Have Fun.


    Best regards,


  5. 1 hour ago, Noctambulist said:

    With the help of solcrow's models I successfully created a 3D printable Juggernaut. I ordered a small one to check the quality and want to make more adjustments to the pose of the Juggernaut, but am still very pleased how it turned out so far.

    It can be found under this Sculpteo Link if anyone is interested. 

    Looks insane

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