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  1. Skyla

    PvP Evening Stream?!

    I would love to see you doing some PvP again!!!!
  2. Skyla

    Closed Beta Applications

    My name is Skyla as a reference to the sea monster Scylla my discord name is Charibdis#7414. First of all the reason, I want to be a closed beta tester is because I've been in love with this game the moment I found out about it. I found this game out thanks to a friend and immediately built a fire deck because I opened the juggernaut from a pack I think I should be a closed beta tester and I deserve it more than any other person in this forum since my love for this game is never ending and I really want to take part on the improvement of this game and I hope I'll be able to make the game better when it finally comes out. While I still want to give you the reasons you should take me as a closed beta tester I'll also tell you how much free time I have right now... Right now I'm about to graduate high school and I'm pretty much done with almost every subject and I don't have a job or anything so I'm basically free from 12AM to midnight. When I was playing battleforge I was usually doing 2 player mission with my brother or 4 player missions with my friends, I really loved to play with my friends and try to do the highest difficulty on every mission. Eventually, I also started playing PvP casually, I wasn't that good but I loved to try different tactics and decks on PvP and again I also 2v2ed a lot with my brother who also fell in love with this game like I did. In conclusion, I really can go on and on about this game but it's time I should be short and honest... I hope I can be part of this great crew and help the devs in any way, so see you all in the forge!!!!

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