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  1. Hello Skylords! We hope you're having a good time in the open stress test and enjoying back the game! On our end, the development is still ongoing on many aspects, some that you can see directly in-game, some that you may not, but a lot of progress has been made since this stress test started! And we're proud to announce that we now have a Web Developer! Welcome in the team @freund17 He'll be working first on a internal web interface for the staff, but, when we'll have that working/in place, he'll be able also to work on some web interface for you guys, so you can expect a lot of improvements and new features on our actual websites and (possibly?) new ones! Thanks everyone and we'll give you more updates soon about what's next, in the stress test!
  2. InsaneHawk

    Crystal Fiends don't heal Constructs

    This is a client sided bug, so it was probably the case before too. I'll move that to the right section
  3. InsaneHawk

    Unban from discord

    He's a Discord moderator, they're mentioned in the rules and Staff https://forum.skylords.eu/index.php?/staff/ But they're not mentioned as mods on the forum since they don't moderate the forum
  4. InsaneHawk

    Buying and Selling BFP

    You really should read our topics, announcements, and FAQ, everything you're saying/asking since this topic has been created has been answered. - "Open Stress Test - All you need to know!" & our Discord announcements are answering the : "I hadn't seen anything about resets" - Our latest announcement on Discord & "FAQ" are answering this topic's question Please, read our topics, messages before posting/asking any question. #Closed.
  5. InsaneHawk

    French Discord or French chanel

    You had your answer I suppose #Closed.
  6. InsaneHawk

    Rather impolite

    Cleaning this topic a bit, went out of lines. Just to make things clear, this wasn't meant directly toward to you, you took it this way, fine, but it wasn't a harsh answer.. You're overreacting a bit. Things went out of lines during this topic, and I'll see privately about it. Anyway, please next time you're posting an issue, make sure it hasn't been posted first, that will save both moderation and development team a lot of time, and we don't have much of this, since we're working on our free time. We're not a company, we're just people like you, if people are annoying us all day long, I understand it can be hard for some people to keep their calm, but please, refrain for talking this way or exacerbate the debate. Thanks for understanding. #Closed.
  7. InsaneHawk

    beta access denied !!!

    You've been banned for Multiaccounting. Here's the extract from our rules (https://forum.skylords.eu/index.php?/topic/460-global-forum-rules/) )
  8. InsaneHawk

    Patreon - Thank List

    Thank list updated. Once again, list is only for active patrons, if you don't see your name, it's probably because your patreon support isn't active! If you want your name to be changed, please, change everything on the patreon website before the next update! Hawk.
  9. InsaneHawk

    Discord community

    You've been banned from Discord for repeatedly ignoring our moderators warnings telling you to drop the subject, since this type of content has nothing to do on our platform. No sanction would have been taken if you would have just listen to the warnings. I invite you again to read our rules: (cf n°1, 11 & 11.1) Hawk. #Closed.
  10. InsaneHawk

    [Official] My Improved CardBase

    Change any filter, and it should load, it's a known issue
  11. InsaneHawk

    Devplatform update

    Hello, Well, dev-updates on this plateform had a very specific role before, keeping you updated on the development since you couldn't see or test the game yet, now that you can and we're announcing, pushing some updates more recently, and everytime we're doing, we're telling you so on Discord, the dev-updates aren't as useful as they were before, we probably need to rethink that a bit. We'll see what we can do on that, but right now, all the development progress and insights are on the Discord ^^
  12. InsaneHawk

    Server Population Cap

    Right now it's 300, but this number is variable, it does change.
  13. InsaneHawk

    64bit Client?!

    Game is working on 32bit systems, our launcher isn't. (It's a hidden process starting at the same time as the game, making all the communications with our server possible) That's why we said, 64bit
  14. InsaneHawk


    He looks like a weather man, that's funny tho
  15. InsaneHawk

    Updater/Patcher/Launcher ideas

    There's already a progress bar implemented in the updater, but it only appears for files that are over 2mb if I remember correctly. Since all files you're downloading are from 1kb to 600kb it doesn't appear, indeed, I'm not even sure it will be relevant ^^

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