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[Forum Game] Rate the song!

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So this one is as easy as you think. You just rate the post of your foreposter, scale from 1 to 10 with 1 = super awful and 10 = amazing After you rated you gonna post a new song:) Have fun and explor

Pretty good 7/10     

7/10 I've heard better electro swing Lets shake things up once again, btw you need to listen this with good speakers + a sub  

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25 minutes ago, Ultrakool said:

I rate GEMA/10

No seriously though, love the intro, even though metal isnt my genre, the electric guitar track is pretty catchy. Would be better if I could understand what the hell hes saying. So 7/10


Well, don't forget that this is a live version, and thus the vocals will be a lot harder to understand. Try listening to a studio version if you want to know the lyrics. (they are pretty good though, kind of 1984'ish)

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Monstercat <3 9/10  best album 009 reunion

Tomorrow screams to us "hi", today beats us in face
Yesterday is history, like too wide trousers
Now one thing, what is important, is to live with yourself in peace
And next memoirs write themselves quietly
Make dialogue, you don't choose family
And no one man would like to born once again, always
It can be worse, everywhere is good, where we aren't
Rich people search love, poor people search happiness in money
I crossed this stage, I know, what money makes with people
They have too much in their asses and their feelings wilts quickly
Sell, buy, give. Life's colors fades
They change paradise for love willingly tommorow
Where to find this? And what's its name?
How many times to fall, to find balance?
Life is s. o. b., keeps pact with its people,
If you have soft heart, that's better for you to don't have glass ass.

Chorus: /x2
Today I'm waiting for tommorow surely without fear
Dawn welcomes me, I welcome him without stress
Joy's and sadness' tears half and half
Every time I withstand life without fear

Fate deals us unfair, gives fake decks
I know fathers' kids who visit prisons
They fight with life, far away flashes and carriers
Let give them power to cross every barrier
Don't fear to live normal, girl from pathology
I know the easiest is to go through worn ways
I do it consciously to draw you from shit
And without any fear take it to your heart
Don't fear crying, sometimes something cracks in every man
Next day, where everyday is torment
It's hard for losts to go away from way to hell
I want to give you half of happiness, to let you know what is smile
Half of faith in yourself, then everything will go easier
Better life's dealer, i take power of the brain
This rap cures wounds, today we ride on one trolley


I knew in my life many amateurs of adventures
Sex, drugs, dance, in weekend they went to stomp
Then i was dust for them, i didn't want to pull crap
Today I'm driving car, they lay dirty because of vomits
They were masters of life, kept in check by death
They'd like to be young longer, they stayed in evolution because od fear
Today instead to top, they have closer to ground
And i don't regret them, though I needed time, I know
You don't see this, if you sits in this shit
You think, you'll won a cup, despite you fed up in group
If he kick a dick in your ass friend, that he's not your brother,
Because real friend will go for you in fire
Worth nothing familiarities lose value after time
In me with people, like with rap - no numbers but quality
High five with fear, it's time to start better life
He gives bravery, to embrace all of this brothel.

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