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  1. Yah-Kob

    Which deck would you choose for rPvE?

    Thanks for your decks, have to try them off.
  2. Yah-Kob

    Which deck would you choose for rPvE?

    Certainly it could be good for me, my name in the game is KingJTellem.
  3. Yah-Kob

    Which deck would you choose for rPvE?

    Thanks for your reply, I will try to make your deck when I have all the cards for it.
  4. Yah-Kob

    Which deck would you choose for rPvE?

    Thanks for your input, it sounds like a fun deck. Which card is best to replace with Blaster Cannon In Level 10 in your opinion?
  5. Hi everyone, I would like to hear which decks you think are good for rPvE, something about level 9-10. Write which card you are using, and if you want, why you are using these cards. Thanks to you all for the information
  6. Yah-Kob

    12 Player Scenarios?

    Thank you for your list, I look forward to seeing it sometime in the future, have a good weekend.
  7. Yah-Kob

    12 Player Scenarios?

    Hi and thanks for the work you put into it, I just wanted to hear if there will be 12 player scenarios in the future? Have a nice day.
  8. I have also sometimes seen people in the game leave in the middle of it all, for no reason at the moment. This may well be because the game has frozen for dem. If anyone has a log file regarding it, it would be helpful to send it to support
  9. Yah-Kob

    Suggestion His/Her -> Their

    I think we should thank the team as they spend their free time on this and that they have brought the game as far as they have. I can hear about the comments that you have a lot of feelings about it, and of course it should be respected in a fair way. We should all respect and learn from each other, even though that we have different views. I hope that everyone gets a good playing experience, with the best regards.
  10. Yah-Kob

    Crash in game

    Hi I have something of the same problem, mine are _launcher_log_2019.08.26_73.log
  11. Yah-Kob

    What's better

    Maybe a Crabby Race will come in the future.
  12. Yah-Kob

    [Forum Game] Rate the song!

    I Love This One its a 10 for me.

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