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  1. eminem classic 8/10 old but gold xd : Often your eyes instead of blooming with green Are so cold and wicked In sick conversations, eyes turn somewhere else Just looking for a place to hide Your arms -not a crubling pastry Do not smell like a mint unguent I- in you arms- irrelevant discord Rain of happiness, shot over the void Whispering to you ear, I'll say That I, I abjure it... That I, I abjure it... Those mornings like an ague -at your windows like a beggar- I was sitting behind the tree, not only once Those shooting stars -drunken star
  2. 8/10 good Let all the paws fly into the air Let japes be happy now This is for those who believe in themselves Fasten the seat belts, bad vibrations away from here Let all homies no longer beating Let all the virgins be upset It's the moment, it's not time for chillout It's not the end, because it's a yo start I do not know about you, for sure I will not be lying here Like a fucking teleman, visit the world by remote control Because I have many roads here, I do not know where I am going I have missed goals and I am not sorry about it at all I have a
  3. 7/10 something different
  4. Crazy but 7,5/10 Paluch "List w butelce" prod. Sergiusz ( letter bottle )
  5. Good mainstream song 8/10 Guys give me more music genere : any !!!!! i live for the music
  6. 6/10 not bad english subtitles
  7. 7/10 [NOTE FROM MRXLINK: Removed lyrics due to its markup breaking the forum layout]
  8. 6/10 not bad English subtitles Four sleepless nights like Blade Are you impressed by violence and blood? I'm sitting alone, absorbing this sound In my family home next to Płońska 6 The same house where I rarely see myself Here, where I hid my fear behind the sofa I just wanted to disappear like Falkor When father wanted to throw my mother from the balcony The same one to which I am returning today I started to think like a "man" They said "you can not" and now you see that you can Friends, cashiers, will mock this "career", I'm sor
  9. 4/10 You just can be flying (2x) From the sky (4x) You just can be flying There is nothing like freedom, all my life mission of Apollo, vision of the cosmos, the Bible does not tell me how to get a simple, Class will not give you Montowt, I rise slowly to heaven as concorde time is running out emotions, not overtake them, not to restore continuity I like to be alone, I silence around, hey like Minecraft carry on the journey from the street to the stars, no one gave it to me, you do not count the wounds when the night wakes neon glow, l
  10. According to an old legend, Twardowski was a nobleman (szlachcic) who lived in Kraków in the 16th century. He sold his soul to the devil in exchange for great knowledge and magical powers. However, Twardowski wanted to outwit the devil by including a special clause in the contract, stating that the devil could only take Twardowski's soul to Hell during his visit to Rome – a place the sorcerer never intended to go. Other variants of the story have Twardowski being sold to the devil as a child by his father. With the devil's aid, Twardowski quickly rose to wealth and fame, eventually becomi
  11. Not bad 7/10
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