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[Forum Game] Rate the song!

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So this one is as easy as you think. You just rate the post of your foreposter, scale from 1 to 10 with 1 = super awful and 10 = amazing After you rated you gonna post a new song:) Have fun and explor

7/10 I've heard better electro swing Lets shake things up once again, btw you need to listen this with good speakers + a sub  

Pretty good 7/10     

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Okay, I'm gonna start rating more carefully as I often have mixed feelings about a song and can't describe it with just one number. (If you want to use it yourself take note that certain genres require different criteria F.E.: songs without vocals don't need to be rated on vocals, songs that are heavy should be rated on heaviness, and songs that should be danced on should be rated on danceability etc..)

Personal: 7.8 (Comparison to songs I like)

General: 9.5 (Comparison to songs of the same genre)

Vibes: 8.9 (Atmosphere)

Originality: 3.5

Composition: 8.7   (Musical ingenuity)

Vocals: 8

Performance: 7.1 (Whether the full potential of the specific notes has been achieved)

(Video: 2 - the camera work is well done, but oh god the hipsters... I liked the song much better without the video.)

Conclusion: 7.7 (excluding the video)





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Personal: 1.3 (Comparison to songs I like)

General: 4 (Comparison to songs of the same genre)

Vibes: 4.5 (Atmosphere)

Originality: 0

Composition: 1.8   (Musical ingenuity)

Vocals: 3

Performance: 1.1 (Whether the full potential of the specific notes has been achieved)

Danceability: 6.5

(Video: 1 -no, just.. no..)

Conclusion: 2.2 (excluding the video) - I have to be VERY drunk to be able to bear this






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