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Community event #4: Onslaught on the Ground

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The event has concluded, thank you for participating!



Dear fellow Skylords 


You have to prove yourself worthy – this time without air support! You have to break the walls and get yourself and Rogan Kayle to the end of the map as fast as possible! You can bring one friend on this endeavor, but that's it.



Map:                          King of the Giants

Difficulty:                   Advanced

Players:                      Either solo or duo (separate prizes)

Card restrictions:       No Amii Monument, Nether Warp, Enlightenment, and units that can fly

Goal:                          Win the map as fast as possible

Start:                          19.08.2022 18:00 CEST

Until when:                28.08.2022 23:59 CEST

Replays:                     PM in the Forum @Dutchy or DM via Discord Dutchy#4596

Replay name:             KingoftheGiants_Dutchy_time_0_20_12.0.pmv

You can send in multiple replays, the last one which I receive will be used for the event.




1st place:           5 Stonekin Boosters
2nd place:          4 Stonekin Boosters
3rd place:           3 Stonekin Boosters
4th place:           2 Stonekin Boosters
5th -10th place: 1 Stonekin Booster

Duo (each)

1st place:          4 Stonekin Boosters
2nd place:         3 Stonekin Boosters
3rd place:          2 Stonekin Boosters
4th place:          1 Stonekin Booster

Slowest solo run:         8x Juice Tank and 69 bfp

Random draw:             Rogan Kayle Promo

5th place solo:             Spitfire

Top 5 slowest overall runs gets 3 Magma Hurlers each - Nemoo SK / Hrdina Impéria


Big Thank you to:

The Skylords team for sponsoring this event.

Donaar for sponsoring 8x Juice Tanks and 69 bfp.

Kapo for sponsoring a Rogan Kayle promo

Ultralord for sponsoring a Spitfire

Nemoo SK / Hrdina Impéria for sponsoring 15 Magma Hurlers

Future events

If you are interested in helping with these (or better) kinds of events for the community, or want to host one yourself, don't be afraid and simply reach out! Contact our beloved Event Managers @Minashigo Hiko and @Metagross31 on the forums or discord. They are happy to assist you with upcoming events and with sponsoring your prize pool!

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  • Dutchy changed the title to Community event #4: Onslaught on the Ground
On 8/21/2022 at 4:21 AM, Lans said:

Took a few times review replay to figure out how to keep Rogan alive... 😄

On advanced there are far less spots that are really dangerous to him

Most of the time he just "runs away" from smaller groups and just takes a few hits

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1 hour ago, Weak1ings said:

I'm curious, why pick Advanced instead of expert? (expert is pretty easy too)

Expert is not that more difficult than advanced, I am aware. This is exactly the reason why I picked advanced. My though was that more people would try advanced as it would sound less daunting than expert. 


Another update on the prizes:

Top 5 slowest overall runs gets 3 Magma Hurlers each - Nemoo SK / Hrdina Impéria

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Not sure if I like the idea of reward for slowest N spot(s)... unless we are talking about multiple entries (1 "normal" and 1 "slow" entry etc). Anyway, I'll "put money where my mouth is" and in some near future event (only because current event is ending soon), I'll offer some common cards for new/lower ranked players for participation (ideally helping them with event a little somehow). I did "melt" some for reforge mini booster quest but still have few extra copies of various cards.

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This even was fun! And I am happy to our time we got. 1st attempt to last we shaved off like 3min or something.. That what was quite nice improvment. Not sure how we did but I have a good feeling no matter what our position is. Also I didn't even use any t4, I did build it but never used any cards and when I was thinking to use, I lost my t4 😄


Power management in this was also interesting. We did try with shrine of war and memory, but it didn't work out well. Fighting happens in this map pulses and moving from one to another seems to be just enough that normal void return was just enough.


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Winner announcement!

Before revealing the winners, I would like to thank everyone that participated in the event. It was very fun to receive so many replays and I hope you all had fun doing the runs as well. 

In total, we had 36 unique players participate, which is insane. 

Winners Solo:

1st place  Arabika    12.19.6
2nd place Kapo       12.55.9
3rd place Donaar    15.13.13
4th place Vornskr    18.55.3
5th place Mangler   19.56.2
6th place Hrdina_Imperia    19.58.0
7th place Hauclir    19.59.2
8th place Chimera     20.07.0
9th place Krodha    20.08.8
10th place Ultralord    20.10.9
11th place Weak1ings    20.13.6
12th place Masu1234    20.14.0
13th place Itap    20.17.5
14th place Kserske    20.29.5
15th place JiiPee    20.38.2
16th place Midra    20.45.0
17th place Metagross31    20.48.1
18th place Lans    20.48.1
19th place Kociula    20.56.8
20th place WaterMelonLord    20.59.2
21th place Nukie    21.09.0
22th place Titan    21.14.0

Winners Duo:

1st place Chimerae and Jiipee    15.48.7
2nd place 2022 and LordofBread    17.01.9
3rd place Sucks and SylarXXI    17.54.1
4th place Krodha and Beowolf    20.06.1
5th place Krodha and Toohuman    20.12.0
5th place Shiniryu and Sjans    20.12.0
7th place Yoooo and KingKeva    20.24.7
8th place Szhublox and Little_Ducky    21.15.0
9th place DeleriuM and Chiaki    21.37.3

Random draw winner:



Congratulations to the winner! 


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