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  1. Another way to do a "booster for gold" system is to create an exponential cost function based on the number of times said booster is purchased; this means that it'd provide some value to those with millions in gold but it'd be foolish to rush boosters this way.
  2. I agree, all of them are distinct and easy to recognize in a ~56x56 pixel image and it'd be a major consideration for future design & actual design of a Phoenix/whatever symbol is used (provided that devs can someday add such a something like this to the game) Are there any instances ingame where one of these seals is seen in higher quality than said resolution?
  3. What other limitations exist in terms of images and new cards? (or is there a place where this is documented so you don't have to answer everything individually?)
  4. Thanks for the compliments! I'd like to draw attention to the question later in the post:
  5. This is a relatively standard Twilight deck but I've found it can perform almost any map regardless of difficulty. I've noticed that having a tier 1/2 tower and a tier 4 tower are often invaluable additions and make this deck go from a offensive deck to a all-rounder, Hatecasters are excellent towers to use whether it be bad harvest advanced, Empire Expert, Raven's End, its uses are endless! Don't forget that Twilight Minions can increase the damage of all of your twilight units by 30% when transformed, I often have them transform just for this ability in combat but Gladiatrix is generally my
  6. I was curious what the rarity seal for a card introduced to the game would look like so I started drafting up a concept of what I thought it'd look like and found my work good enough to share: I chose a Phoenix-type bird because it is kind of representative of this project; bringing something back from the dead a little like a Phoenix but considering all the work our glorious devs have done, gears might be more representative as it didn't come back on its own and took many years of hard work to create. Anyways Here's a question: Is there already a planned seal and co
  7. Movement of Units: Hold shift and right click on multiple spots on the map then release to make your unit follow a predetermined path and stop Hold Alt and right click on multiple spots on the map then release to make your unit Patrol between the complicated path at walk speed, engaging any enemy unit that comes into range, It also moves at walk speed in most situations but there are exceptions as well. For clarity, once it reaches the end of the patrol it then reverses direction and walks towards the beginning of its patrol.
  8. It'd be just personal use.
  9. Is there a resource that has more PSD images for Battleforge? In the game files there are a lot of card artwork and roughly five PSDs, which are photoshop files that contain many things like layers, earlier concept backgrounds, etc. But they are much higher quality than the actual ingame cards. Does a database of these files exist somewhere or were they lost say when Phenomic closed or just never released? It'd be really cool to get a chance to look through these! Examples of a psd: unit_phantom_artwork_original.psd Has the layers:
  10. Oh well, at least someday I'll be able to play deathmatch
  11. I deleted all maps at that location and it fails, I've noticed that the maps appear in the map folder and there is no error message now, but when creating it; It downloads and then does nothing. I also tried joining the previous guy and had initial error, but since he's still there which is unusual, maybe he's bugged. Is there a way I can be more helpful?
  12. Hi, I've been trying to download custom maps ingame for PVP but I keep getting this error everytime I attempt to: "You cannot play this map, it can't be found on your local device." It occurs after what appears to be a normal download task, but it does appear to not have a filename for download. (Note that I am in the Sparring grounds to download the map, not user-generated content.) Could I get some suggestions to fix this? thanks!
  13. I just found you need them in the .pak format, so how can I turn a mapname.map and its folder into a .pak file? I think this is what I am missing, then they should some of them appear in PVP or should they all appear in User generated content?
  14. I've recently discovered that custom external maps for download exist outside of the game, and have found many on this forum but they bring two questions to the novice I am: How do I install these maps? How do I run these maps? I know that the Stress test says Custom Maps are enabled, are these external maps in that realm? Thanks for any help!
  15. I noticed that the undead armor from Skeletons makes them great units for healers too! Same applies to any defensive bonus like this, including ice shields, so while it'd make for a weird deck, one could use Imperials + Frost mage + blood healing to have a incredible healing unit which can keep pace with Constructs. (Undead army prbly better than this, but still...) So Undead > Infect for healing! Unity can help too albeit with fire orbs.
  16. What do you think about using Infect instead of undead army? (considerably more expensive is already one drawback.)
  17. Thanks for the help, I've added the Incredible Mo and Decomposer to my deck and removed Shadow Phoenix and Glyph of Frost. How do I decide whether to build another construct or use a spell? I've found that I almost always run out of void power because I am building units instead, in gameplay. (So I actually use both Constructs sometimes)
  18. Hi, thanks for the insight, I had no idea dragons could only debuff ground targets! I've been using Viridya for healing and teleportation purposes in this deck, meaning that its a good thing she is faster. So she's like a healing spell for me. Another low tier usage is with Lost Shades, she can turn them into an absolute tank with the health pooling + constant health regeneration, hence her in there. I'm definitively going to get The Incredible Mo. Why do you recommend against frost mage? For me its the card that makes your Master archers die to bandits vs killin
  19. This is my current RPVE deck and it generally does pretty well against 9s and solo 10s. (replace resource with juice tank for solo) How could I improve it? The problems with it come from mainly flying enemies with Lost Souls, Should I do things like replace Storm singer with Gravity surge and finding some melee unit for both teleportation and killing flying XLs?
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