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  1. This so much. Playing micro intensive decks is already annoying enough with shift-queue being very much useless, but if you put in a few buildings that require constant attention, it quickly gets overwhelming. Maybe do a post in the suggestions section on the forums if there isn't already one (tho I don't remember seeing one), I'm sure this will get some traction.
  2. I wasn't aware there were daily quests that require you to play x map on expert. I've always only seen advanced. Is this unlocked after completing the expert map achievement? If so, I guess I got lucky so far. Nonetheless, I agree that you should be able to reroll a quest again the next day. I quickly learned to never reroll quests after getting hit with Nightmare Shard & Nightmare's End a few days in a row.
  3. Hey. I bought a lot of daily boosters for the past month or two but never felt like selling cards until now, and naturally I accumulated a lot of duplicates, so I thought of the following: My suggestion would be some QoL changes to the Inventory - new filters to show: duplicate cards (include/exclude the ones you are currently using for charge upgrades) cards with missing charge upgrades upgraded/unupgraded cards unowned cards (maybe with the ability to test them in the forge, similar to how you can test cards on the Market) two-coloured cards (e.g. if you
  4. @Torban Thanks for the help! I will definitely drop Ice Guardians. The Range just feels way too low to make it work properly. I quite like Lyrish Knight, although I didn't play a map with Defenders yet so maybe the Knights aren't as useful anymore. After playing around with Northern Keep & Defense Tower in the Forge, the latter just feels worse, especially in combination with Defenders. Why do you prefer it? Mountaineer is a weird one for me. Sometimes it carries the entire map for me (both Campaign & rPvE), and other times it's just worthless. But I really like the fact tha
  5. Thanks for the answers so far! Will surely help me on the long run on deciding what my final deck will look like Thats great to hear! I will definitely give it a shot then once my deck is finalized, and my plan was a Frost Start anyway. Kind of what I thought before, but no harm in asking I guess. Will save me a good amount of currency on Dreadnought aswell. This sounds very nice, especially since I struggled a bit on T2. How strong would this be on offense though? I imagine with moving a lot, the 25power cost on Stand Ground would quickly become expensive.
  6. Hey, returning player from 2012 here. I started playing this week and am jaded a bit with my Frost Deck after playing a day with a basic Nature Deck (pulled Shaman in first few packs so I just started farming with that. Windweaver / Shaman start feels like a slap in the face), especially the transition between T2 to T3 or if the enemy already has a strong T1 defense (looking at you, bandits). This is my current build: I went through a couple of the easier advanced & expert maps with this, both singleplayer and 2/4man. Went okay I guess, but like I said, it feels lackluster.
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