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Introducing... Tweeto, our new 2D artist!


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Greetings Skylords, Skyladies and Skyfolk!

Today we are happy to welcome @Tweeto to the team as a 2D artist. He has shown interest, commitment and skill through numerous art pieces he has worked on in our official Discord server. Two of those pieces are attached to this announcement: one is a rework of the Amii Phantom card artwork and another one is artwork for a possible new Amii card. The end result looks very promising and we are thrilled to have him on the team, as having new artwork for cards makes it that much more exciting to add new cards. Although card artwork is a prominent task moving forward, he has shown to also have skills in other areas such as UI. This means that besides card artwork, he could also help with creating new UI elements to be used in the in-game UI. All around a very solid addition to the team! :hypetrain:

Do not forget that we are still looking for new members! You can read all about it in our open staff positions thread:

 03-19_amii_phantom.png 03-16_amii_paladin.png

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Been watching his art for some time on the Discord, it looks really good and mashes well with the artistic style the game already has. Also brings in his own flair. His progress and results look professional, does he have an official online presence?

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I followed him tightly on Discord too - glad that he is on board. Besides the amazing art, the way he is requesting and handling feedback is inspiring. I already thought more then one time "if he would be officially doing these cards for Skylords, that would be so cool". Well, here we are.

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thanks everyone, i appreciate the love! <3

15 hours ago, Cocofang said:

does he have an official online presence?

i tried to share some on instagram a few years ago, but couldnt post consistent work so it kind of died at some point.
i will try to share some work now at instagram while i work here on the project so feel free to check my page at tweeto.art

beside instagram i have a small page on ArtStation where i intend to share only my best work so it can act as a portfolio - tweetoart




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