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Cleaning up and updating card descriptions - Megathread

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Greetings, cutting straight to the chase. Some cards in the game either have very vague or confusing card descriptions, that make understating attacks or abilities hard to understand or leave out

Public read-only access to Descriptive Change spreadsheet: https://1drv.ms/x/s!Amp5ctIvumsFpiGeKdVvYU13GGj6?e=3DURft   Official Skylords Description Discord invitation link: https://d

same for shadow mage's bomb and very likely sandstorm

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Nether Warp - Gifted Teleportation

Upgrades 2 and 3 increase explicitly the duratuion of the teleportzone, but not the buff. However, the description is general: "Increased Duration +5s". 

Not only the upgrades need clarifications, but both cards (Nether Warp - Blessed Teleportation) as well. They miss the independant secondary de-/buff duration. 

Furthermore, there's some kind of teleportation immunity which is nowhere stated. 

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- Stormsinger says she attacks every 2.6 seconds. However, her attacks are exactly at the same speed as Gladiatrix who has a 2.5 second speed. So change the description to 2.5 seconds instead.

- Amii Phantom doesn't say that she becomes a melee unit when you switch her stance.


Additionally I tested the DP20 values of every ranged unit with single target attacks and there are a bunch of inconsistencies when you compare their attack value with the dmg in their desciptions. The dmg in their descriprion is correct so we need to fix their attack value accordingly:


Gladiatrix: From 790/810/840/880 to 840/864/896/944

Nightguard: From 450 on all upgrades to 400 on all upgrades

Darkelf Assassins: From 570 on all upgrades to 576 on all upgrades

White Rangers: From 528 on all upgrades to 440 on all upgrades

Stormsinger: From 560 on all upgrades to 600 on all upgrades

Amii Phantom: From 640 on all upgrades to 680 on all upgrades


Since there is a bug where ranged units have a small random value when it comes to their attack speed, I can't say for sure that the attack speed in their descriptions are correct, but after a few tests, it seems correct.

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@ChibiterasuImag made a spreadsheet about the attack values a while back, Nightguard wasnt on there and Stormsinger has another value (prob calculated with 2.6 attack time).

Just before you do the same work twice. X)


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Volcano - Lava Sea (both affinities). Does not specify that hits ground targets only.

Yes, it make sense that ground lava does not hit air, however, all other buildings with similar effects (for example Fire Bomb) have specified in description nature of it's target. Lack of description suggests that air units can be hit as well, similarly to Morklay Trap.

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German description of Enforcer (Vollstrecker) might need an update

"Vorwärts: Einheit greift Gegner an" literally means "Forward: Unit attackes enemies" which does not provide any info to what it does because yes, I sure hope it attacks my enemies

the word commonly used for a charge attack is "Sturmangriff"

maybe change the ability to "Sturmangriff: Einheit stürmt schnell auf Gegner zu"

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19 hours ago, Mynoduesp said:

Wrong attack times and therefor wrong Attack Values:

- Shaman attacks every 4 seconds and not 3. So his attack value should be: 362,5
- Dryad attacks every 2,5 seconds and not 2. So her attack value should be: 480 (U3)

from Razeroc#4175 on Discord

To complete the information:

Shaman attacks every 4 seconds with 58-87 (U0-3).
-> So the attack value should be 362,5 for U0-3 (365 if you round the average damage on hit)
=> Correction to card text and attack value needed

Dryad attacks every 2,5 seconds with 35/40/50-55/60/70 (U0/1+2/3).
-> So the attack values should be 360/400/480 for U0/1+2/3
=> Correction to card text and attack value needed

Attack Values were calculated with the splash formula (min + max) / 2 = average damage on hit

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Lifestream actually has a hidden limit on how much damage it can absorb before it will end (not mentioned in the card text)
My test showed it should be around 11000 damage on U3 (my test unit took around ~2,8k damage till the buff stopped. Since it only takes 20% of the damage, the other 80% ~= 11k have been blocked).
I hope actual values can be found in the code :D

=> Correction to card text needed

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1 hour ago, RubySauce said:

I am very interested in especially rage and disintegration. Does anyone know in general how these work exactly? How much hp is drained for the church/worm when they disintegrate a target, or at least how much HP does it "take" per second?

It's only accessible with tools, there are specific numbers on the balancing discord if you're interested. 

Else, this post is meant to compile a list of such unclear interactions and clean them up in the next step. 

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Card Description of White Rangers is really uninformative and plain wrong.
Testing showed that the correct description should be:

Bow Attack: "Every 3 seconds, unit fires arrows at enemies that deal 11 damage."
Home Defense: "Activate to fire a volley of 4 arrows every 2.5 seconds that each deal 8/10/12/14 damage to enemies in a 4m radius around the target, up to 14/15/17/19 in total..." <- The rest of the description is fine
-> Their correct attack value should be 440

=> Correction to card text and attack value needed

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