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  1. Iteration 15 Greetings Skylords, Skyladies and other Skyfolk! Iteration 15 of our test server is here. It contains a lot of descriptive changes to card and ability descriptions, bug fixes, quality of life changes and balance changes to PvE and PvP. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Where are balance changes discussed? For now we have a Discord server dedicated for this. An invite link to the server: https://discord.gg/NvSUwpf How can I join the
  2. It is not, there are two parts to the buff, although only one is shown as an actual buff on the affected unit. Both are reapplied for the whole continuation of the spell, but after it ended only one part of it sticks for 10 seconds the other does not. Discovered that in the tool and tested it in the forge. Test for yourself if you want
  3. NAME: Ironclad (red)'s damage against frozen aura continues after it finished the abbility, but only part of it DESCRIPTION: This is a special one. Ironclad (red)'s aura when using its ability has two parts: Ignore the 50% frozen reduction and increase the damage against frozen targets by 50%. So when attacking a frozen target other units deal 150% of their base damage during Ironcald's cast. After the cast the buff persists on friendly units for 10 more seconds, but only the second part. The frozen reduction ignore is lost directly after the cast. So during those 10 seconds friendly unit
  4. I'm doing the testing on the test server, so maybe it's correct on live... But I used the tool to confirm my findings and I assume the tool has what is live on both servers right now.
  5. NAME: Tempest U3 doesn't deal double damage against frozen targets like all Upgrades before DESCRIPTION: So Tempest U0-2 deal double damage against frozen targets and with the 50% reduction of freeze they deal their base damage per shot against frozen targets. U3 doesn't. At U3 it deals 50 against unfrozen targets and only 48 against frozen targets. REPRODUCIBILITY: let it attack a frozen target at U0-U2 and see their normal damage, at U3 though it's only 48 damage. ADDITIONAL_INFO: After looking in the tool I saw that it applies a second instance of damage against frozen target
  6. NAME: Winter Witch U1 uses Gift of Winter of U2 DESCRIPTION: The shield given by Gift of Winter on U1 is 1800 even though it should only be 1500. It's not only the description on the buff but also the actual value. REPRODUCIBILITY: activate gift of Winter U1 on the winter witch and walk out of the circle. Only after 6 Eruptions the shield is gone (6*300=1800)
  7. NAME: "Mo's better blues" of Promo Mo only increases damage against units by 50% DESCRIPTION: "Mo's better blues" of normal Mo increases damage by 50% against units and structures but the same ability of promo Mo only increases the damage vs units REPRODUCIBILITY: Fallen Skyelf (100 damage per attack) with the buff from normal Mo does 150 Damage against units and structures. With the buff from promo Mo it's only 150 against units and 100 against structures
  8. NAME: Core Dredge (blue) U3 doesn't deal increased damage against frozen buildings with Shatter Ice DESCRIPTION: When freezing buildings with Rageflame (red), then Core Dredge (blue) U3 only ignores the usual damage reduction of the frozen building but doesn't deal 50% more damage. That 50% works against units. Cards like Northstar and Lost Wanderer (blue) also increase the damage against frozen buildings (not only ignore of the damage reduction). REPRODUCIBILITY: freeze building with rageflame (red) and walk away with the card, attack with core dredge (blue) U2 (deals 200 damage wit
  9. Yeah it's a descriptive error, it attacks like frost mage, so in a line and not like a splash at the target. That descriptive error is already noted
  10. NAME: Frontier Keep (red) casts it's ability twice resulting in unfrozen units showing the 'resisted' text DESCRIPTION: When using the ability of Frontier Keep (red) all units hit (regardless of if their unfrozen or frozen) show the 'resisted' text. I think that is because the ability is cast two times in a row with a really really small delay. REPRODUCIBILITY: summon Keep, summon enemy, use ability
  11. NAME: Shrine of Martyr's global buff shows with a red border even though it is my own building DESCRIPTION: As the title says, the global buff of Shrine of Martyr shows as an opposing global buff even though it is your own. REPRODUCIBILITY: summon tower, activate ability (ingame)
  12. NAME: Moon applies the dark arts ability twice in a row DESCRIPTION: normally it should be 3000 hp from corpses converted into 6000 healing for units. But when testing with a Spore Launcher at 100/8300 hp and a dead spore launcher to the side the ability healed the spore launcher back to full in two ticks (~0,5 secs delay). More testing showed that it just activates twice in a row, so taking 2x3000 hp from corpses to heal 2x6000 hp for units. REPRODUCIBILITY: 3 Spore launcher on low hp + Moon + 6000+ hp corspes => Moon heals the 3 spore Launchers for 4000 hp each
  13. NAME: Ice Age (blue) applies the shield restore twice DESCRIPTION: the 800-1000 shield restore that gets applied on all ice shields when casting Ice Age (blue) is applied twice in a row (~0.5 sec delay). REPRODUCIBILITY: get a Ice Shield over 1000 (winter witch, or Avatar of frost work) and low enough that it wouldn't be full with one restore. Cast Ice Age and see the ice shield max out. To perfectly see it use the avatar of frost U3, hit him with Inferno U3 and activate Ice Age (blue). Inferno puts him at 100/2500 shield and ice age restores back to 2100/2500 (timing is iffy with av
  14. NAME: Mountain Rowdy (blue)'s Ice Block ability actually has a 30 sec cool-down instead of 15/20 sec as the card says (and as the other affinity has) DESCRIPTION: The ability has an actual cooldown of 30 seconds. Description says it should be 15/20 (U0+1/2+3) which matches the other affinity (that one has the actual 20 sec cd). REPRODUCIBILITY: use the ability and use a timer (30 sec on all upgrade stages)
  15. NAME: Mountain Rowdy (both affinities)'s Ice Block ability has a 20m radius (in text and actually) but the the circle on hover is only 15m DESCRIPTION: The ability has an actual range of 20m and that's what's written in the description as well. Just the circle that's shown on hover is too small (only 15m) REPRODUCIBILITY: hover over the ability and compare with the circle from surge of light (that one is 15m)
  16. NAME: Northstar (green) gives Ice Breaker buff to itself, the other affinity doesn't (low priority bug) DESCRIPTION: The two affinities of Northstar behave differently. One give the "damage against frozen"-buff to itself the other one doesn't. Gameplay wise it's not important since both don't do any damage, but regarding consistency smth can be gained here. Going by the description ("...all Friendly Entities...") the Northstar (green) behaves correctly and (blue) needs to be changes REPRODUCIBILITY: Just spawn them alone and look if it has the buff. The green one has it, the blue one
  17. Damn! I only tested with hurricane >.< But then I think that Hurricane is bugged, or rather the interaction with that and walls. Right now it doesn't mention the wall interaction at all (not even that they are thrown of). I think Hurricane should apply the wall debuff just like deathglider and burrower, so that it could be countered by glaciation (because that's what you would expect!)
  18. Then the card would be absolute garbage (even more so that it is) since it increases enemy damage by 50%! I think you don't understand what happens here. Earthkeeper takes double the damage he absorbes. No other nature/frost card works that way. Lifestream absorbs 80% damage and only takes 20% of that damage themselves. Earthkeeper absorbs 50% damage and takes 200% of that damage themselves?!? Eruption only targeting the absorb-target, deals 150 to that and 300 to the earthkeeper, so 450 over all when only targeting 1 unit! btw. Earthkeeper (blue) works as intented. Absorbs 100% damage a
  19. NAME: Earthkeeper (red): Infused Backup reduces damage on the target only by 50% but the full 100% original damage are shared for the stonekin DESCRIPTION: Infused Backup absorbs 50% damage on the targeted unit (U3 eruption only deals 150 damage) but the damage that is shared is not the absorbed 150 but instead the full 100%! So Eruption deals 150 to the target and 300 to the earthkeeper (split with other stonekins around) REPRODUCIBILITY: Eruption U3 on any not stonekin unit that is backed up by Earthkeeper (red) and watch the Earthkeeper take the full 300 damage even if only 150 a
  20. NAME: Northern Keep (blue) passively takes less damage according to its Blessed Trench ability DESCRIPTION: Blessed Trench of Northern Keep (blue) should make the building take 10/15/15/20 % less damage when activated. Turns out that the tower constantly takes that amount less damage, but it instead is not increased when the ability is activated. REPRODUCIBILITY: Eruption U3 on Northern Keep (blue) deals 270/255/255/240 damage depending on Upgrade Level of Northern Keep (blue). When the ability is activated the damage stays the same. Compare that to Northern Keep (red) or some other
  21. NAME: Glaciation (blue) does not prevent units being knocked of from walls DESCRIPTION: "Glaciation (blue)"'s Blessed Walls says, that it prevents mounted units from being knocked off. The effect description of the buffed walls also says that, but the units on the walls themselves don't have an effect that prevents them from being knocked of. REPRODUCIBILITY: In the forge summon units on the walls, apply Glaciation (blue) and cast hurricane as the opponent and watch them being thrown of the wall. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: I guess the spell just needs to apply an actual effect on t
  22. NAME: Differing Rate of Fire between two spawns of the same Unit DESCRIPTION: So yesterday I started analyzing the actual attack speed of units to fix the description and values on the card. I started with Dryad and used a timer to measure the time between two attacks of hers. But after double-checking a few hours later I got different values and noticed that every spawned unit has a slightly differing rate of fire. Mynoduesp linked me to another thread that mentioned the same "bug" that I was witnessing (https://forum.skylords.eu/index.php?/topic/6921-attack-speed-goin-crazy/).
  23. Card Description of White Rangers is really uninformative and plain wrong. Testing showed that the correct description should be: Bow Attack: "Every 3 seconds, unit fires arrows at enemies that deal 11 damage." Home Defense: "Activate to fire a volley of 4 arrows every 2.5 seconds that each deal 8/10/12/14 damage to enemies in a 4m radius around the target, up to 14/15/17/19 in total..." <- The rest of the description is fine -> Their correct attack value should be 440 => Correction to card text and attack value needed
  24. NAME: Healing Garden's active buff is applied to structures DESCRIPTION: Healing Garden's healing-buff also applies to structures (not sure if also wells and monuments) and actually works with things like koboldtrick. Got the spell to heal 2310 hp on a building and I don't think that's intended. The text only states units are effected (which makes a lot more sense). REPRODUCIBILITY: Always happens. Just get a tower low, active the healing-buff and watch as koboldtrick heals for 2310 hp
  25. Lifestream actually has a hidden limit on how much damage it can absorb before it will end (not mentioned in the card text) My test showed it should be around 11000 damage on U3 (my test unit took around ~2,8k damage till the buff stopped. Since it only takes 20% of the damage, the other 80% ~= 11k have been blocked). I hope actual values can be found in the code => Correction to card text needed
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