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  1. So i ran in to this issue while creating a game for the ocean campaign map on standard difficulty. when i pressed the button to create the match it happend. My game froze and i couldn´t do anything. The background was still moving. I got it 2 times in a row. _launcher_log_2020.05.01_68.log _launcher_log_2020.05.01_69.log
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    No dates!

    Hey there i got an idea: I know you don‘t tell us a date for the reset, obviously! But i asked myself if it would be helpfull to make a post with somekind of roadmap or todo-list of what things need to be done to make the reset happen! Dont add dates or estimated time for compeletion! Maybe some members of the community will contact you and say: Hey i have experience with this. I can do that! I guess many would love to help but dont have the qualification to be a dev. or know how since they dont know what needs to be done. I started playing again a week ago and roamed the discord and forum ever since, but couldnt find such a list, except 1 list Kubik created on trello a while ago. Maybe this could help you out to take some work from the shoulders of the team. And it will definitley put the minds of the players at ease. I appreciate all the great work you are doing and thank you for it. Have a great day everyone!

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