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When you meet a top PvP player in rPVE

When someone ask a way too high price for a cheap card in trade. Then proceeds to ask high

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Alright, here's the rest. Time to nuke this thread.
Some of them are not necessarily memes, but funny nonetheless.


I had to split this up into 3 posts since you can only have 10 pictures in one post xD

And then there is this one too:

We all had this problem...

This was published about a year before the game was shut down...

Poor Knight of Chaos...


For those who remember Thor from the old BF forum xD

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I can relate to this... but the other way around. Want to PvP? Better wait 40 minutes for someone decent to queue.

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[quote='Ultrakool' pid='2155' dateline='1435323042']
[quote='SunWu II.' pid='2151' dateline='1435321302']

you made these yourself? They are awesome :D

just this one + lil' unpopular opinion penguin, thx, man !

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[quote='ikke2902' pid='2393' dateline='1435579870']
:angel: :angel: :angel: :angel: :angel: :angel: :angel: :angel:

This combo is so powerfull in PVE ^^

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