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  1. 2315 2+3=5 where is the "1" euh ... i don't care
  2. Agree so much with that. And it's true, if i talk to battleforge to someone, this doesn't know the game and he is very hype to play this game for the first time. I think EA killed the game alone ^^' but now it's coming back and my multigaming come with us to play this amazing game, believe me
  3. Nice for you guys, nice for us, nice for everyone
  4. [quote='Titan' pid='2702' dateline='1435867801'] Well when this is actually playable, I can definitely recruit from the Command & Conquer community, as well as the Warcraft community, hopefully that should bring a good number of people to play, especially since it'll be free and both of those playerbases don't hate playing older strategy games. But again, it'll have to be playable first before I can hype it up... [/quote] yup ! advertise after the playability =D
  5. [quote='ladadoos' pid='2671' dateline='1435857901'] I want to play expert maps again!!! :( [/quote] soon ;)
  6. [quote='ikke2902' pid='2393' dateline='1435579870'] [img]http://i1196.photobucket.com/albums/aa406/ikke2902/All%20battleforge%20pictures/brokenhruch.png[/img] :angel: :angel: :angel: :angel: :angel: :angel: :angel: :angel: [/quote] This combo is so powerfull in PVE ^^
  7. Zelda GBA , link to the past ?
  8. [quote='Nick' pid='2353' dateline='1435517202'] [quote='Alendorf' pid='2345' dateline='1435514171'] another one [img]http://www.mestigot.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/theme-park-world.jpg[/img] [/quote] Theme park world [/quote] oh so easy =( GJ =)
  9. the number of players are less (we have not the EA's server ^^") and the speed and stability go to be testing in the beta of this server ;) in conclusion, this information would be here when the server would be up =)
  10. another one [img]http://www.mestigot.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/theme-park-world.jpg[/img]
  11. [quote='Nick' pid='2290' dateline='1435435257'] [quote='Alendorf' pid='2281' dateline='1435429365'] lord of rings ? xD [/quote] Wow, yep correct. But can you tell me what lotr game it is? [/quote] battle of the middle earth ? My brother played this game and i remember =)
  12. it's cool to see that memories =D
  13. wish granted but you don't have water around you too and you die... I wish i have a husky (dog) =D
  14. Wish granted but you sell it for free I wish to be honest with everyone
  15. Wish granted but you can't drive it ^^ I wish to have a great job in the futur :)
  16. [quote='Olej21' pid='1706' dateline='1435087292'] Awesome news i hope game again will work soon its great game and almost everone want play with F2W xD no P2W ;] [/quote] it's sure =D
  17. Mental omega, you are awesome xD i laugh so much xD
  18. [quote='JoseAlmeida' pid='1788' dateline='1435100219'] [quote='Avenged' pid='1785' dateline='1435100073'] [img]http://media.moddb.com/images/games/1/24/23945/battleforge-image-04201104201626gamersdotcom.jpg[/img] Pls to help [/quote] thats so hard man , never seen that game :( maybe that EA Phenomic on left and down may help but i dont think so [/quote] omg i know this game, it's battlefield 3 i think :evil:
  19. Omg i don't see that in the past oO really good
  20. Alendorf

    Custom cards

    We go to play a gain at the game, this is the only things we must focus.
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