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[quote='Destoyerfros' pid='857' dateline='1434731596']
Debuff - removing a buff from a unit to reduce it to its original state..at least i think

Actually nope. A debuff is the opposite of a buff, which, rather than empowering or helping its target, hinders it and often affects its stats like damage dealt/taken and speed. 

A lot of offensive spells and abilities are debuffs. The term you're talking about is most commonly known as a cleanse or, like the similarly-named and effect-appropriate fire spell, Disenchant.

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A collection of some abbreviations and technicisms commonly used by players ingame. If you feel like it you can propose more words or feedback to this thread too:   BattleForge specific abbr

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[quote='Hirooo' pid='1637' dateline='1435071442']
Is there an archive of the old forum?
I made a dictionary back in the days and could use it to check for missings.

I checked out what I have and it isn't there. I think one of our users got the forums straight to his HDD, you can try to ask him if you find him, I don't remember the name now :S

@WatcherOfSky Added :D

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[quote='Shalade' pid='2017' dateline='1435241993']
[quote='WatcherOfSky' pid='2014' dateline='1435241857']
So you are ok with me adding this to the wiki?

It'd be okay if this thread would be stickied, but MrXLink won't be online when I want him to >:3

So when are you actually going to answer my questions? :|

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Just message me when something gets added and I will update the wiki version. Sound good?

As for some more additions:
pwn = to win or gain advantage against someone with an impressive stunt (originally a typo from the word own)
IRL = in real life
RL = real life
TTYL = talk to you later
NVM = nevermind
OOP = out of power
IDK = I don't know
I'm lagging = I'm a noob
Newb (newbie) - a new player, generally used derisively as in "stupid newb

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[quote='Shalade' pid='691' dateline='1434710467']
A place where you will go to if you doubt about some specific stuff when the game starts. You can propose more words in this thread too:

BFPs = The ingame currency bought with real world money[/font][/size][/color]

It cannot be bought with real world money anymore. You should change this to prevent any confusion in the future.

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