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The legendary forum game "count"


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2672 The avatar of frost takes down the skyfire even without gravity surge, but always with great respect due to either skyfire, moderator and player :)

On 4/1/2018 at 12:03 AM, steezy said:

2662 (this number is the same if you read it backwards OMG MINDBLOWN)

This is called a palindrome, I summoned one earlier. I love them :D

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2674 first i wanted to write 2674 characters about nonsensical stuff (not) related to that number just to get you guys entertained but then remembered i got better things to do at this time like sleeping so i will not do that and simply go to bed and leave you with what i already got which hopefully maybe will satsify you and leave you utterly confused and terrified because of the nonsaying things you will read and the fact that i actually look like a normal guy. I actually hope you can still look at your neighbors face and don't think about the weird things he might or might not be thinking about right when you greet him in the morning or when he just brings your package that the postman left with him due to your absence. Anyways i am actually getting off the point of this post of diverging your attention that you actually already read a whole 711 charachters not including spaces and now already 927 charachters including spaces. We are getting closer to the half way point so i will continue writing sentences that actually don't add anything to this post at all. In memory of all the numbers that had to be stepped over without such a remarkable post as this one i would like to request you readers for a silent moment just as i do right now. i think it is absolutely unfair and unjust that some numbers get such a preferable treatment and get so much more recognition than others. I can't really wrap my head around why that is though - might be simply luck being at the right place at the right time or maybe it is a matter of numberical racism or sexisum. This might be stay one of the biggest mysteries of our time but i hope you can still sleep after this. Might not be so easy with all the weird ass neighbors around you but i hope nonetheless. For anyone who made it this far i actually hope you enjoy wasting your time on my nonsenical writing because i slowly run out of phrases to stall to the honey land of 2467 characters of nonsense. I might have to wait for some inspiritation to broaden my limited english vocabulary, so just give me a second to come up with something - still waiting but i can't think of anything so i will simply tell you that we are actually getting really close to 2674 characters so i might not even need some kind of wonder like turning water into wine or splitting up the sea. With this many characters not describing anything i probably could try being a politician, i might have a talent for that, don't you think? Otherwise i simply become some kind of halfgod because the wonder has arrived, i made it to exactly 2674 characters with the last dot - even better than wine in my opinion, that might be only me though.

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