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The Devs should just chill. Haters gonna hate, welcome to the internet. All those negative people are more annoying than any delay to the release.. In the end it's only a BETA, and there will be a full reset anyways so what does it matter if we can play one week earlier or later. If the devs would release open Beta and the servers would crash every 5 minutes those people who are allready so negative now would cry even more and harder... rly.. get a life guys...

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Hello Skylords, Skyladies and Skyfolks, As many of you are aware, the project has entered an Open Stress Testing Phase (NOT OPEN BETA) on Wednesday 5th September 2018. NOTE: There will be a

Hey guys, This sort of discussion type is going very fast into flaming territory. There are many various sarcastic comments meant to mock or accusations from one player to another. Please calm do

Wtf still nothing? You cant announce something and wait for the last few hours without saying anything! What does this say about your credibility?   If its Not ready then delay it but this i

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2 hours ago, Skankinpig said:

The last hours are always the hardest - keep faith guys xD


thanks for the update ultra, the team seem to have been online for hours now, so it's easy to see you guys are doing what you can :) remember to take 5 for a coffee from time to time.

 If all goes well with OB release then i don't mind if you take another 5 for jack and lapdances. :D:P 



Forget what i said. Lawsuit with EA is not worth the booty. 

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It was never meant to criticize the devs. I played this game for hundreds of hours and i love it. And this project shall take as long as it have to get finished. But I DO criticize the lack of communication. So many of us are hitting F5 every hour and the chat is full of "when does the OB start?". It's not that hard to write and offical statement in the first information post to inform everyone, ok eventually its going to take till Sunday or whatever.

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7 hours ago, MentalFurion said:

Wtf still nothing? You cant announce something and wait for the last few hours without saying anything! What does this say about your credibility?


If its Not ready then delay it but this is rediculous!

They can do whatever they want...

They are spending their free time for our entertainment and 90% can't even say thank you no matter if OB will be delayed or not.

Just have some respect for the devs...


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Even if they don't release the open beta today, it's not really important, is it ? Of course i Also hope it'll be released today because i want to play it but we have to keep in mind that's a beta. If they don't release it, it's because there is still too much bug or that the servers are not stable enough.

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except xxraidxx, theres plenty of youtube videos out there of this exact project...including staff members from these forums

i didnt even know about this until an hour ago roughly...but im not going to talk smack to the people working this project because if they can revive this game, even if there wont be new content over time, im more than thrilled

and im eagerly awaiting the beta but if it gets delayed then its likely for good reason

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13 hours ago, xxraidxx said:

I think they say: "Open beta start april, agust, september, winter 2019, summer 2030 etc... "  I do not believe in this already.   This project is similar to internet fraud.

Then why are you still here? Just go away and take all the other negative idiots with you. Nobody wants people like you in a gaming community. The devs are developing this game in their free time and they don't even get paid. I rather have the open beta in April, May or even June then now if there are still heavy bugs. I've been waiting for years now, and I don't care if I have to wait a couple of months longer.

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