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  1. Why don't you just leave, when you can't do anything else then complaining? I'm sick of people like you... That's the reason why private projects die from time to time...
  2. You are doing an amazing job! Take your time and relax. Maybe you should take out the ban hammer und kick those people out that are complaining all the time. I'm waiting 5 years for BF to come back, I don't mind if it takes another month or year. It's your project and your free time, so do it your way and don't listen to the crybabies for everyone, you are awesome
  3. They can do whatever they want... They are spending their free time for our entertainment and 90% can't even say thank you no matter if OB will be delayed or not. Just have some respect for the devs...
  4. Starting the game wont help, when you can't download the "real" launcher
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