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Past Broadcast (05/09/2015)

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Hello Skylords !

We did a stream today the 05/09/2015 and we talked about a lot of stuff !

Don't hesitate to watch the past broadcasts if you missed it, and follow our twitch channel !




We love you guys, thank you for everything during this stream ! <3



Skylords Reborn Team.

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Thanks a lot for doing the broadcast, too bad I missed it...

Btw, regarding Amii monument a lot of players just want to have it as easy as possible. There are only very few instances where it is needed (like PvE 10), but where it is needed, it's a problem with the game and the level of difficulty and nothing else. Often you just see it when people want to rush for T4 just to finish something earlier. It also sucks if multiple players have this card in the deck as only one can actually field it. It certainly is inbalanced and overpowered but naturally, that's why people use it.

It's like: "Paper is fine, nerf rock" - Scissors


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Is there a way to watch it ? Because i missed the livestream and now i cant watch the recorded vid in twitch either.

By clicking on this link (http://www.twitch.tv/battleforgereborn/profile/past_broadcasts) you should be able to see 2 videos of the livestream. You should also be able to watch them. What does it say on twitch ?

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