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Map Editor [Activation Guide] If you ever wanted to use the BattleForge Map Editor and make some of your own cool maps or just to play around with it while Battleforge is off, well here's how:

I just had some trouble getting it to run. When starting it,i would get the error "side-by-side configuration invalid" To fix it I had to install the x86 version of this https://www.microsof

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I just had some trouble getting it to run.

When starting it,i would get the error "side-by-side configuration invalid"

To fix it I had to install the x86 version of this https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=26347

(if this doesnt fix it: the version you need is listed in Control Panel -> Event Log, there should be an entry for your error, in the details it shows what it is looking for (and cant find))

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14 hours ago, Buddelmuddel said:



so i would like to look through all the random battleground maps, 4p.

 I was able to open the editor. I do find the battleground maps in my battelground folder. But the editor can not open them. Do I need to download, something that the editor can open the pak files?

The editor only opens .map files. You can unpak the .pak files with a program like "DragonUnpaker" (free). Not quite sure about rPvE though.... I know there's generated .pak files of rPvE maps available, but all of them... probably not possible. Not even sure if the code for the randomizer is available, which would be the better source of information for sure.

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18 minutes ago, Buddelmuddel said:

Ok, ty.

I did download the dragonunpaker and it is able to open the pak files

Kubik said, there are 170000 random battleground maps. In the the base foulder there are listed 80 of them, and i could not find a map. file in them. Where would i have to look?

There is one randomly ganerated mapsample in >Battleforge>randommap>GeneratedMap.map
I'm pretty sure mapscripts for all maps on the same difficulty are the same, but the map itself is generated new/differently every time. Thats why I suggest to look for the code for the random generator - no clue where though.

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Open Map Editor, File->New Random Map

Game Type: Skrimish                                                                   Players: 1/2/4
Terrain Type: you can actually chose all combinations             Map Style: again you can pick
Seed: 1-65535 (or more)                                                             Difficulty: 1-10

:thinking: where did I say 170000? It must have been some weird typo, or more like answer to some subset of all maps.

Players 3 oprions, difficulty 10 options, seed 65535 variants
3*10*65535 = 1 966 050

Terrain type is chosen based on the seed, and all other options you have in the editor are either constant, or chosen based on the seed, so you can generate much more maps with the editor.

in game seed is created from single 16 bit number (and the second one is generated from the first one).
In editor it seems you can set whole 32 bit number that get splited to two 16 bit numbers, but values like 65 536 will not work, because in binary it result in the first 16 bit number being 0, which is not allowed (probably any number that have reminder after dividing by 65 536 will not work)

So if you want exactly same maps as game you are out of luck, but if you want same looking map you can generate it this way.

If you want any more specific details feel free to contact me on Discord.

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I will only look up 100 suitable maps, for a start. It takes about 3 hours i believe. If they please, more can be sorted.


I did have a problem. Instead of closing the map and then opening a new one, i just tried to open the next one directly. Now the editor is stuck in loading everytime i try to open a map, even after the restart of the editor, and also after a restart of the pc. I can still open a black new map, and maps in the history that i had already opened, any ideas?

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:thinking: from that description I have no idea what are you doing, so I do not know what can be the problem.

by default random maps generate with same name, so generating next one overwrite the previous one, maybe that is related to your issue?

And what is your end goal @Buddelmuddelwith "sorting" the maps by the way?

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well I changing the generator to do this is not a big change, but limiting amount of maps from 65535 to ~100

On 10/10/2020 at 9:19 AM, Kubik said:

So if you want exactly same maps as game you are out of luck, but if you want same looking map you can generate it this way.

and as I said you do not generate same maps as the game for the same seed, ecause you have different inputs, so it would either mean using same inputs as you in the game's generator (assuming these generators are actually 100% compatible) which would be additional work..

So you can share the maps you generate as community maps, but thats it, I do not think they will ever be used as official maps. (But is is just my opinion, you need to ask devs about that)

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So i did delete my battleforge folder, and reinstalled it from the rar. It still wont load the maps, but it also showed the same settings that i used last time, so i guess the pluginbaseeditor, has somewhere a save place, outside the battleforge folder


I would just put in the 3 hours, and then see what people want to do with offered input. Generally it would help the game, for expirienced lvl 9 players i believe. The amount of used maps, can be exceeded, ofc, but i think 100 would be a start, to see if people like it. And I dont think i would have to sort them all on my own, if the idea is liked. On the other hand 100 maps on lvl 10, will last a while, because i think atm, there are about 2 non-motm lvl 10 games a day. They would be fine as community maps too, to start with, but then i would be nice, if they could be accessed randomly, but generally it doesn't matter, I would just finish the 100, and see where it goes. I have about 50 sorted atm. 

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