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  1. Can't find anything about that in the patch notes. Someone provided the rang from 2009-12 but it's highly cluttered. Like I said, depending on the standpoint it's not a bug at all. Disenchant removes buffs period. After that it can also add a timeframe, where a unit can't be rebuffed. It doesn't remove buffs with the pretext of them reappearing after Disenchants effect ends. If the buff doesn't have the incentive to be reapplied, then it won't How the permanent buffs react to that is a question of interpretation. Not saying, that you're ultimately wrong here, just saying
  2. Was already mentioned a couple of times. Just going by basic IT logic: It was never implemented this way, that's why it's not a glitch per se. Regarding the disenchant, it wouldn't make much sense if the buffs renewed themselves, since it would make disenchant less powerful. Second Chance on the other hand is a so-so... Do units repspawning with this spell be counted as new spawns or the unit being "brought back" without ever leaving the game? I'd assume that they also lose every other buff/debuff which makes it logical, that they don't keep wheel/mo. If we go with the basi
  3. you mean sth like borderless windowed mode. Not possible with just the game, since this option was never included back then. I believe there are some 3rd party tools which can help you turn BF borderless. http://westechsolutions.net/sites/WindowedBorderlessGaming Dunno if thats the best tool out there, but it seems ok/free. Also dunno how BF will react to it... the game has some issues. For me, if my computer goes into energy saving mode while BF is up it gets kinda stuck in white screen...
  4. Congratulations! You realized, that the game is heavily imbalanced and that people in general will always try to cheese their way through things. Even in video games, when there's nothing to gain from it. On the contrary, they actually cut out the whole reason why they "play" the game. Wait till you stumble upon the guys trying to play the auction house/other players in order to increase their bfp even while there is actually no endgame for doing this except for sitting on a mountain of bfp which you can't use for anything other than getting new cards to sell again to get more bfp.
  5. The descriptions is a little borked here... Instead of "of only frost, nature or frost/nature cards" it should actually be something like: "of only frost and nature or frost/nature cards" But if you compare it with the other achievements, you'd notice that this one like the others is meant for the mixed decks, otherwise it wouldn't make sense. If it wasn't you could fulfill the achievement for pure frost, nature and frost/nature by simply playing a frost/nature deck.
  6. 6) Seems you just wont the complete Card base? Look at the top tabs of this website. There is the "CardBase". https://allcards.skylords.eu/
  7. Implementing a new mode into the game that isn't really supported would take some doing in my opinion. Just going by the draft idea: 1) Implement an alternative lobby for the mode 2) Implement a system which substitutes the regular deck with the one from draft 3) Implement the actual draft system and balance how the cards are choosen 4) Implement countermeasures for people abusing the system like rejoining the lobby to redraft over and over again 5) Implement all the small stuff around it, like ranking system for example Doesn't seem that much, but seeing the size of the Skylo
  8. Still, at the very *best* this would make good players do rpve and bad players PtD over and over again. Yes, it is slower, but the balance of PtD is so incredible bad, that players who are able enough to learn how feeding works, would manage there too. Just good enough to block the waves from reaching the start t1s.. which is all they need to do (honestly some player with a decent deck and good micro could do a map on his own). You wouldn't shut it off, you'd simply make it a little bit harder and less diverse. Balance this with the fact that you'd take something away from the pl
  9. Then you can also go the extra mile and copy more from existing trading card games. Like for PvE and PvP add a Draft Mode. You get maybe 3-4 card options per deck slot to choose from. You will then go successively go through slot 1-20 to fill it with one of the options. You will never see the options in the next slot until you chose for the previous one. Or maybe give a bigger card pool and have to choose simultaneously for like 5 slots, to reduce the randomness and allow for better planning. Issue here: Small dev team trying to implement a whole new function into the game which has
  10. Yeah, same here. Just fixing decomp won't solve the issue that ppl will exploit the everloving s**t out of any map to get gold faster here. You want to fix the issue with ppl doing that? -> Fix the overall imbalance in this game that forces ppl to rely on exploits to solve maps -> Then fix possible exploits used -> Restructure the current resource system to make it actually rewarding/useful
  11. Complete connection lose to the server. Doesn't have to be on your end. Since Battlefore (or at least the server) can't reconnect you thats basically it. When it happens you have to force shut down the game. Doesn't happen that often
  12. Just for the need/greed part: This might (?) not be a bug on your end, as the system is not as clear cut as "Need over greed and when multiple players chose the highest picked option, it's randomized between them". From the skylords wiki: "Every player has greed power and need power. The more power a player has, the higher the chance to get an upgrade. The more upgrades you need, the less need power you have. The more upgrades you greed, the less greed power you have. The more upgrades you greed, the less need power you have. The more upgrades you need, the less greed power
  13. This is not just for the windhunters. This happens in general with knockback and ranged squads (small x6 or x4 units) Maybe it's only if the attacker is flying, not tested that. This is not that much a bug as it is an "oversight" of the devs. The knockback pushes the unit from it's original position, without it "moving". The attacker will then target the new position of the unit with a splash attack (an aoe that deals damag on the place of impact rather than to the targeted unit). But the units hitboxes is still in it's original position before being pushed. Due to the squa
  14. Allowing the seleciton of multiple buildings in some way, so that you can group them -> Yeah, sounds neat and not game breaking. I'm pretty sure the fact that you can only group one building was not a deliberate choice, but a simple oversight by the devs. Maybe due to the way they handled how units get selection priority over buildings -> resulted in only one building being able to selected -> resulted in grouping being impossible. Adding new abilities/costs for easier use ... -> What? "I'm to lazy to micromanage in a game about micromanaging, could you please change
  15. I dont know if theres something easier: Select existing unit, hold SHIFT to select the additional units, use CTRL+<1-0> to recreate the group with the new rooster. You can combine holding SHIFT with any other form of simplified unit selection (like doubleclicking on one unit to select every copy of that unit close by)
  16. Still an issue. Seeing cards like Snapjawys, you'd assume that this should be refreshed.
  17. I don't think our answer are exclusive to each other. I simply talked about speedrunning in general not specific in BF. Competetive speedrunning =/= BF speedrunning for loot. Sure, never said the opposite. But BF speedrunning happens due to bad design, broken mechanics, bugs, glitches, missing balance, etc. (and ofc human nature) -> That's all I wanted to say. --- But you can't discard the fact that even while not going for highscores, most people here are doing speedruns with the intentions to be as fast as possible. This also means, they're most likely do everything they k
  18. I'm at 5.510.050 For 168c (2800 g/card), 150uc (5775 g/card), 135r(15400 g/card), 68ur(30800 g/card) buying every card upgrade and applying it. (Cards taken from Skylords CardBase) Edit: Also the thread seems to be derailing (missing it's own point maybe) from discussing speedrunning. (Definitly not because we started to calculate fictional values! Even if, entirely Emmaerzeh's fault) I guess the underlying issue here is that normal gameplay also heavily builds on abusing glitches/bugs/bad and unbalanced mechanics like speedrunning does in more well built games. That speedrun
  19. While I wouldn't say anything against rnd PVP matchups in general (it just adds on the current content), it's just not that good a feature. Rnd Team PvP has the additional issue, that you need to be more precise for matchmaking. On premades, you will fight premades. You're fully aware, what your team consistents of and that's it. In BF you can then let the system match rank/deck lvl against each other. With rnd teams, there's the whole notion of matching them also against premades or not. Matching them against pres -> unfair. Not matching them against pres -> splitting the
  20. either its your internet or server. The game getting stuck and then catching up is normally realted to internet problems. But then again this can also be issue with the server, there were some in the near past. You should also check your average ping / for spikes in the ping to the server, if you always have that.
  21. I'd pretty much assume it's not a reference to any specific movie or quote. Juggernaut also has the voice line "I'll be back" (Terminator). The rest is about him moving, which seems to simply point to juggernaut being a walking battering ram -> The definition of an 80/90s action movie star. You could make the assumption that it's simply pointing to the phrase of good'ol Arni. Juggernaut: "I'll be back" Sunstrider standing beside him: "What? You're going somewhere?" Juggernaut: ................. "It's an action movie (reference)" Edit: That or all hi
  22. i also run into the issue: I want to play shadow and I like the fun of opening boosters -> Buy shadow boosters. But I also want to sell some of the valuable stuff I don't need in order to make some more bfp for new boosters -> But I only get shadow cards from boosters (excluding achievements)... Soooooo yeah.... Best way I see it: Spend some time getting to know the game mechanics and what cards there are. Set yourself a goal, which deck you want to build, so you can single out and sell the more valuable cards even if they're in a color you'd like to play. -&
  23. You *could* argue that the argument "adjusting your playstyle" is actually something that is more common in bf. At least on higher difficulties. I don't believe that most people here do expert map xyz and rpve 10 with the same deck they'd do advanced map or expert map zyx or pvp. If you've spent hours in the game perfecting one specific deck capable of doing any difficulty, then there's no point in playing except for the fun of playing anyway. But yeah, still think that a wider form of diversity in this regard would be more suitable. The game already lacks content by itself, the a
  24. Issue is .... The game lacks content in general. You can't create a ressource sink for something that isn't there. And while something more or less superficial like reskins seems to be an idea that doesn't have any negative sides to it, it doesn't add much either. Plus it's still a great feat no matter how. I don't think the devs have the manpower, money or maybe even skills to wish 50+ artworks for cards into existing even less so talking about 3d models and proper animations. IMO the only way to get the game an interesting endgame -> Ressource sink, it'd would mean to beef up t
  25. Darcurse

    German Chat

    Maybe this is already possible, maybe via config alteration, but I couldn't find anything about the topic here or on the net in general: I'd first suggest to increase the amount of chat tabs. We currently have the general tab for ingame infos and then the other one for the general player interactions. If we'd have the possibility to add a couple more and decide which tab shows what: 1) Englisch speaking members could more easily manage different chats, while staying in all of them, instead of leaving, because they're too spammy. (I'd love to have a tab for trade, one for lfg, one fo
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