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  1. Chronopie

    rPvE completion spawn bug

    Severity: 2/3 Location: rPvE Reproducibility: Unknown Description: rPvE, last building to be destroyed to complete map is spawn building. Congratulations popup appears. Enemy units spawn. Crash to Desktop. Logging in rewards quest completion. No replay generated though.
  2. +1 Also showed up for my Easter Egg and Daily Quests.
  3. Chronopie

    Benevolent Mo?

    Name: Benevolent Mo ineffective. Severity: 2/3 Location: Forge, PvE Reproducible: Yes Description: The Incredible Mo's third option, Benevolent Mo, fails to prevent Twilight Abomination's melee-disabling Roar, despite supposedly preventing "All major debuffs." (It can also be disenchanted by Lost Dancers, but that's a long standing interaction)
  4. Chronopie

    Skylords Reborn Official Loot List

    Just had Dryad I (Nature) drop on Nightmare's End, Loot List has it on Soultree.

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