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  1. It's for the card play conditions, not the Monuments themselves. So the Twilight Slayers are T3; one Nature, one Fire, one Nature OR Fire. GRR/GGR.
  2. Liking the Deep Dive for the most part, slightly concerned with the Forest Elder rebalance in particular, but loving the Mana Wing. iirc Green Forest Elder's buff competes with Wheel's attack buff, but enemy debuff stacks with your buff, which would make purple + grove spirit significantly more powerful. I could be wrong.
  3. Wasteland Wing sounds like there should be a, well, wing of them, and probably more along the lines of drakes than a Dragon. If they're intended as a singular capstone unit, I'd say something strong, like Wasteland Tyrant. If they're meant to be clustered as a group, Wasteland Scourge. Tainted Cleanse sounds like a oxymoron, and, I need to note, has the effect of the Gifted Disenchant, with the Tainted Disenchant instead being tailored to making enemies insensitive to buffs. Might be worthwhile changing its affinity. Infused Cleanse is fine though. Though, to
  4. Amongst other things, Moloch and Skyelf Commander buffs? Nice.
  5. One thing, the Frost Deep Dive's analysis section states that Shatter Ice deals devastating damage to buildings, despite not being implemented (yet), and the only source of building freezes (on live) is the red affinity Rageflame. While it's nice to see that Frost Shard will be gaining the trait, it's a touch misleading at the present time. (Any chance we could add the trait to the Winter Witch too?)
  6. Basically just a QoL for the map. Reduce the Amii Screaming Stone's initial cooldown. It doesn't really need to take two minutes after Viridya's dialogue ends.
  7. The problem with a spell-slinging faction would come down to charges. Either they blow their load too quickly, and then have to wait a painfully long time for each recharge, or they have to have lots, and lots, and lots of very weak spells, to avoid inciting splash decks. Though I do like the thematic idea of a Skylord intervening directly on the battlefield, slinging fire and ice and chaos, rather than through the proxy of units. And frost/fire is currently impossible to implement anyway, as much as we would wish otherwise. Technical limitations relating to not having any in
  8. While most of these changes are either needed, or at least fair, the Mounty nerf feels harsh. Especially since the changes hurt Frost in PvE too. Losing a quarter of the shield and the M-knockback weakens at least part of my T2 core. Wizard Towers are nasty, with their M-knockback, and the shield is so useful. Razorshard's affinities ability descriptions could probably use a pass over for consistency too. At least on the wiki, the red aff says 'Active' instead of 'Activate'. (Does the red affinity take 4s to explode compared to green's 3s?) Inc Mo's QoL buffs are appreciated.
  9. Opening a booster and seeing a 23rd copy of Earth Crystal isn't going to be useful to anyone. Being able to recycle them for a scrap of bfp is at least something. Exchanging them for other cards sounds abusable though, even if it's random. Turn three Envenoms into a Shaman? Three Evocator's Woe (currently 20 bfp) into an Enlightenment (3k atm)?
  10. While it's an interesting concept, it does sound overpowered, because it lets you splash while still playing pure faction cards. See this Harvester? Surge of Light. My Juggernaut has lifeweaving! And an Unholy Power. At T3! And here's his twin brother! Dreadnoughts and regrowth! And the problems it would cause at T1 especially have been covered in the thread. Maybe as a spell, a sort of mini-enlightenment? At least that way you have charges and cooldowns.
  11. So, as it stands, 30 seconds active, 30 seconds downtime. Build two. Hotkey them to 3/4 (or control groups of choice). Every 30s, hit 3/4, and Z. Rinse and repeat. That's the gameplay. Not very engaging, is it? Changing it to a permanent buff wouldn't be that bad. Might need rebalancing if that happens though. Two fire orbs? 250 power cost (since you'd only need one)? Nerfed refund%? The global buff icons in the top left being hidden when other global buffs, such as Wheels, are active is a separate issue. Some sort of priority for temporary buffs to supersede permane
  12. Don't know if it's listed elsewhere, couldn't find it on this thread, but Treefiends (Twilight T3) don't include their transformation cost in the tooltip, unlike the other Twilight units.
  13. Severity: 2/3 Location: rPvE Reproducibility: Unknown Description: rPvE, last building to be destroyed to complete map is spawn building. Congratulations popup appears. Enemy units spawn. Crash to Desktop. Logging in rewards quest completion. No replay generated though.
  14. Name: Benevolent Mo ineffective. Severity: 2/3 Location: Forge, PvE Reproducible: Yes Description: The Incredible Mo's third option, Benevolent Mo, fails to prevent Twilight Abomination's melee-disabling Roar, despite supposedly preventing "All major debuffs." (It can also be disenchanted by Lost Dancers, but that's a long standing interaction)
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