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  1. Is it possible to change the forum display name?
  2. Neox

    Church of negation

    yeah was probably some weird battleforge thing with this
  3. Merry Christmas my fellow skylords

    1. anonyme0273
    2. BurningWorld


      Thank you merry christmas to you too ^.^ <3 

  4. Neox

    Church of negation

    Nope, literally spawned sunstriders at my wel for this to make them have to run to be sure they werent in range and when they tried to fire the ability they got the tower on them. Might be some weird bf thing that sometimes it works and sometimes it doesnt but in pvp it didn't work for me. Also tried firedancers but they just get warped into it since they can pretty much spam netherwarp if you're zoned so you can only come from way Oh damn that game hurt my hope for this community, how lame can they go xD worldbreaker gun never even saw that before in pvp. Anyway
  5. Neox

    Church of negation

    nope tried it and it wasn't
  6. I agree, phase towers are really hard to deal with and mortar tower is way too cheap, even for example in 2v2 if you use mortar offensively it mostly gets erupted which is still a win of 25 power. 80 power for mortar would be fair indeed.
  7. Defending hope is basically this, you can keep going if you dont rescue rogan and just let him stay in the north of the map
  8. Neox

    Church of negation

    Hi I'd like to ask people how to deal with church of negation when playing fire, there is literally nothing you can do against it except for suppression spell which would take up a whole card slot for 1 card. I don't know if it is a bug or if its meant to be but disenchant doesn't work on a unit being desintegrated. I think they should change it and make it so disenchant removes it for a time. I only encountered one person who does this but this is such a lame tactic and it sucks because only thing you can do is spawn units to make it break but one kobold trick and its fine again.
  9. Neox

    Help shadow/nature

    Brannoc is a possibility, deepcoil isnt that good in pvp
  10. Wouldn't it be more interesting/fun for new players to split tournaments up in "pro" players like MaranV,hirooo, radical X and inexperienced players? Since now everyone knows who will win by just looking at the brackets
  11. I'd like to see some of my favourite squad cards such as: Promo bloodhorn promo Forest elder Promo batariel promo lost spirit ships Or spells: Regrowth Equilibrium Eruption offering Or buildings Construction hut resource booster shrine of war wheel of gift Inc MO
  12. 2 player RPVE is the hardest mode and also the most fun, me and my friend have completed rpve9 multple times, just work together its fairly easy once you get the hang of it.
  13. This would be very interesting to see indeed
  14. I agree, make a filter to filter out the already applied ones and per map would be useful too
  15. Ah didn't know it was innaccurate, but my 2v2 partner always has lower ms that's why I thought it might've been accurate. And like half a second on average, but I think the problem might be my computer, what I meant was that my specs are more than needed for Battleforge but it just runs very slow for me while newer games run better. Anyway thanks for your response I'll try fixing it on my end first.
  16. Hello I have a big problem where my command latency is always 500 ms+. Is there any explanation why this happens? It doesn't bother me much in pve but makes pvp very tricky since it takes almost a full second till it registers my commands. What can I do to improve it? My wifi is fast, pc can run battleforge more than fine. Thanks
  17. Make amii t4 problem solved imo. Enlightenment makes the game so much more fun why would you want to destroy a card that lets players have a ton of combos (with long cooldown and high power cost i dont see the problem) Lot's of cards need nerfing/buffing but first make matchmaking work. worry about balance later.
  18. God damn I miss this game.

  19. They can not give anything to people who donate as it would mean they make money off EA's copyrighted game... The donations are mostly intented to further motivate the people working on the project and keep the server up and running or upgrade it when needed. And they've been developping it for years now... It will be finished one day, I don't think they will just completely stop.
  20. Random question for everyone! For now before our favourite game battleforge is back, which game is your favourite game? Or favourite genre? MOBA MMORPG RTS?

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    2. Neox


      Smite is great, my name on there is Predat0rs

    3. Ultrakool


      I'm playing a lot of OW rn, not much else really. FPS is actually not my fav genre but I like OW

    4. shadowxxs77


      Not really a specific genre, RTS or Moba if I had to pick one.
      Favorite game would have to be either League of Legends or Overwatch tho

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