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  1. fEDM

    Help shadow/nature

    What xl could i run? Deepcoil?
  2. fEDM

    Help shadow/nature

    I was planning on going fathom lord for t3 is it not worth?
  3. fEDM

    Help shadow/nature

    Im looing to build a shadow nature pvp deck, what t1 would be better and what cards should i ran?
  4. fEDM

    Rpve tactics

    Finally, whats unholy hero for?
  5. fEDM

    Rpve tactics

    Is amii phantom, ashbone/wurm your safe fail units you talk about? Also what is unholy hero for? Protect the first overlord?
  6. fEDM

    Rpve tactics

    Im building towards shadow nature for pvp so i have all shadow t 1. In pve as for now im playing t1 nature with windweavers amd surge, skip t 2 only playing oink and ray pf light. Lost horror on t 3 and on t 4 i have overlord, both ships and gril bahir with regrowth. I also have lost warñord and dragon in my collection
  7. fEDM

    Rpve tactics

    What are some good strategies to plat high level rpve, i saw once a single batariel strategy or the grinder spam. Im currently winning on diff 7 with overlord and lost spirit ship
  8. Never saw it neither in PvP or PvE, i'd say removing it would cause any impact on the game
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