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  1. We did decide to skip 8 and go straight to 9 and succeeded, but we still can't do 8 for the life of us. 9 is WAY easier than 8 is, so maybe it's just 8 that has the issue of too many mobs for the difficulty? I didn't notice as many in 9. I will play another 8 with him today or tomorrow and post the replay for you, thanks!
  2. NAME: 2-player maps have extra mobs SEVERITY: 2.5 most likely. It does block progression, but is likely a lower priority than something that would interrupt play. REPRODUCIBILITY: Always. Always, always, always. DESCRIPTION: I can solo maps no problem, as can my two-player friend, but when maps spawn one type of mob, they spawn two, and subsequently we get twice as many mobs to kill as WELL as 10 fewer minutes to complete the difficulty level. Our last map spawned both twilight and lost mobs, and every two-player map we have played has consistently spawned two mob types. We cannot progress past 7, even though we can both do higher in solo mode fairly easily. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: While we don't mind a hard map, we haven't even gotten CLOSE to being able to complete past 7, despite having higher level upgraded decks that can complete solo mode on the same difficulty. Our last attempt we were pushing VERY well, and still had an entire branch of map to discover when we ran out of time. We had two bosses and two mob types between player 2's third and fourth monuments, so player one basically had to kill those just to get to "end game" for player 2, which is also consistent in every map. Between that and the double mob spawn, I feel like two player is very tilted against the players, and I don't think it's your intention to have twice the mob spawn as WELL as half the time available.
  3. I'm sure I speak for the majority of the population when I say, take as much time as it takes to release a good beta! We are all SOOOO excited that you're doing this, and I'm sure most of us wouldn't even know where to start on something so vast. Thank you for your work!
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