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  1. Pritstift

    Solo/duo/trio all-time fastest speedrun rankings

    Small update for blight : 39.51 now in single mode (ranking place 6 in this moment) - will do a faster time in the next days...replay will be published as soon as the best run in my opinion is done from my side.. Next question regarding titans solo mode: In December 2018 i did 16.07.X (somebody has to check the replay for exact time). If i post the replay here - is it possible to update the time for titans solo based on this replay or does is not count because the rankings were not active during this time? The replay is also on YouTube : For checking i can give the replay file to Mephisto or Halis.... Thanks for feeback. Have fun to improve times.
  2. Pritstift

    Solo/duo/trio all-time fastest speedrun rankings

    I could comment on all litte details you gave in this post - but do i want this? The answer is no - because you are doing the same - you also try to call out toxic behaviour against me :-D we could go on and on and on - there would be no end. My answers just were the reactions on your last post - so dont flame against things i was writting about when you were asking/refering it in your last post before. Last point: Also it is funny that you are stating that the tactics were not developed by me or my team without the knowledge how our tactics look like - that is the funniest point at all. We using unique techniques in some parts of our games that you cant find on YouTube or any other replays in the web. At some point we will share more replays - propably when we stop to play this game. I want to see your stupid face right in the moment you are watching this replays. In this point you are absolutely incorrect - or in your words: inappropriate , toxic , no role model , flaming...
  3. Pritstift

    Solo/duo/trio all-time fastest speedrun rankings

    Regarding rpve two player: Me and Treim discussed the time of your run - when Treim is saying to me it is not possible to him to finish it in this time then this is the only fact that counts for me here. Also it makes no sence to compare at this point with the time finished by two players. To finish the map with two players is completely different compared to one player. You are a really funny guy at this point - the bugs i am using for Titans are well known for years and they are just possible for this map. This bugs are accepted by the community. Also there are a lot of more points that have to be done - NG + Switches are just a part of it. So now give us an idea about the bug you want to have green light for: -can be used on every map? -in some way you will get extra energy that was not produced by energy wells? -you can build units/buildings without paying for it? -you can finish the map without finishing the goals of the map? -your units will not get any damage? ... @PritstiftI read your comment before it was edited and it really hurt me ---- Thats live dude ----
  4. Pritstift

    Solo/duo/trio all-time fastest speedrun rankings

    Navarr i dont know what is wrong with you but i think there was to much sun for you during easter holidays?! But its entertaining - so lets go on. Me and my pve mates have shared a lot of tactics for rpve + pve in the last months - also i was giving you and also other players ideas how to finish some maps. We explained in other discussions why we will not simply give out the replays of our speedruns. You should start to really train the maps on your own and not just copy every tactic you will see in replays of other players without the basic speedrun understanding of this maps. I know this is really hard to accept for you. At the beginning of Skylords Reborn i found new pve players to play with - and we are really mates now - we share every tactic to each other. But this is just working because every player in our team knows how much work and time was behind it and we will never give out the replays without the permission of the player or the team mates that developed this kind of tactics. I am just interested in the bug to maintain the balance in pve speedruns and to avoid really stupid "braindead" speedruns that are without any tactics because you getting unlimited access to energy + units. I am not interested to use it myself - there is no reason - i have really good tactics that are not beaten until now and there are still other ways to further improve this tactics. I dont need new bug for it.
  5. Pritstift

    Solo/duo/trio all-time fastest speedrun rankings

    It depends how strong the bug/exploit is influencing the gameplay - e.g. the bloodhorn stampede bug was totally broken + stacked wheels and also second chance too. If you can use a bug/exploit to get unlimited free energy or getting units for free you completely change the game mechanism and nearly every map pve-map is just a joke for speedruns. Some bugs/exploits seems to be a part of the game for years and are accepted by the community - but in my opinion there has to be a limit - some guys here have not reached the playing level like other players and try to compensate this with using more and more bugs to get in competition....
  6. Pritstift

    Solo/duo/trio all-time fastest speedrun rankings

    You are a shame for the speedrun community? Officialy asking for green light to use your bug always? Ask yourself how you could finish rpve motm 2 player map (march) alone with this bug and in such a way that you were much faster than Treim or any other experienced rpve-player ever could do without using the bug....this should be answer enough or not? . This is all i have to say from my side to this hypocritical question. Anyway i dont have to decide this...
  7. Pritstift

    All-time fastest speedrun rankings

    New all-time record for Encounters : 12.14.8
  8. Pritstift

    Rate and suggestions for deck

    Cultist master + frenetic assault + soul shatter + infect is more than enough to capture T4 orb. With offering you are also able to get back this T3-spells instantly and cast them again if needed. You should keep unholy hero in this deck to extra buff your death rays - with offering again you can buff two death rays at the same time. This is really good for boss fights or in the case when you are still low in the amount of death rays to get a really good damage buff. You also could remove overlord and just play with death rays - therefore you could add motivate. Motivate is really good for your T1 + T2 + T3 + T4 units to get a strong damage buff. You also can use it to motivate the night crawlers that were created by cultist master and infect. You just have to keep a squart of cultist rifles behind your death rays for spawning more and more death rays. If you go the lane with another player who has ground presence your rays will deal insane damage from behind.
  9. Pritstift

    All-time fastest speedrun rankings

    All-time record for Ocean improved : 15.40.0
  10. Pritstift

    All-time fastest speedrun rankings

    Guns of Lyr speedrun replay to add for your list of replays: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O539pdiE7Uw
  11. Pritstift

    All-time fastest speedrun rankings

    Ocean new all time record 15:53.2
  12. Pritstift

    All-time fastest speedrun rankings

    It was the same situation for skylords reborn - the game was not here for years and still we are using this part of the forum to collect all the best times - including old and new ones. Nobody does know if Pritstift is still the same Pritstift like years ago - but Pritstift still is improving the times - so it seems like that he is still the same. So if you add existing times and somebody would copy my nickname - i dont see any advantage for this person. This person will not create new records - and if this would be the case - this would be nice for Pritstift ;-). Also the community will figure out really fast that this person is just a fake and will pay not attention to him. So even if the devs dont want to add such a feature because of the mentioned reasons from your side - we will still use this part of the forum to collect all the times - even if the nicknames have changed. Is it possible to link the forum account with the game account? So you may could block the existing nicknames for the right players e.g. creating a special password or code or something like this before reset?!
  13. Pritstift

    All-time fastest speedrun rankings

    Would be nice if you think about a separate feature to add the existing all-time-rankings + skylords reborn rankings (maybe top 3) also to the game after reset. The players invested a lot of time over years/months/weeks to create this times for every map - would be fair to show the best results for every map ingame. I also think that a lot of times are really hard to beat now and some will still last for years - maybe forever.
  14. Pritstift

    Current Proposal: Rewards

    I am not saying that new content is more important than server crashes. I am saying that is makes no sence to make the game progess slow to get cards and content that we know for years. So for me it is ok to have most of the cards after three months of intensive playing. A lot of players here invest a lot of energy to create ideas how to make the game progress and getting new cards really slow - i dont like this from my point of view. But this players are not really useful for the final release of the game - they should invest now the time they can to make the game now better and help the devs to find bugs etc. In my opinion the devs did a great job until now and the game has not a lot of crashes - also the daily quest system makes it easy to get some good cards and bfp without investing a lot of time.

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