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  1. Menchrese

    Extracting sounds from Pak[Guide]

    You are welcome =]
  2. Menchrese

    Say something about the person above you.

    Is a little pesky flying fire bird with red scales
  3. Menchrese

    OFFLINE: BFR Minecraft Pixelmon server

    @japoo oh i c well i guess for a small group thats fine
  4. Menchrese

    OFFLINE: BFR Minecraft Pixelmon server

    oh but does it work well like in terms of connection lag and all that? i just have a bad history with hamachi so i always went with tunngle for my gaming needs
  5. Menchrese

    OFFLINE: BFR Minecraft Pixelmon server

    why not use tunngle instead of hamachi
  6. Menchrese

    What unit would you like seeing a promo version of ?

    Le promo spitfire flying sausage promo! On a serious note i'd like to see a promo batariel, also Promo Tremor , and maybe a promo Dread Charger adding some fiery shadow tracks or something also a promo giant wyrm that would add a golden helmet thingy and maybe a saddle of sorts/armor on its back and head
  7. Menchrese

    Map Editor [Activation Guide]

    Not your main battleforge folder where you click on the .exe to start the editor. but the folder that contains persnal data only like configuration of stuffs and all that its in the "My documents" in your start menu and there must be a config with a valid token id that tells the client its activated. The assertion failed error only happend to us when we didn't have a proper file set up in the "Battleforge" folder in "My Documents"
  8. Menchrese

    Say something about the person above you.

    Is too hastey..
  9. Menchrese

    Say something about the person above you.

    Is a casual dark souls player.
  10. Menchrese

    The legendary forum game "count"

    950? mmh
  11. Menchrese

    Map Editor [Activation Guide]

    Updated the link to a new one which shouldn't expire that fast now.
  12. Menchrese

    Map Editor [Activation Guide]

    Don't download with a downloading manager of any sorts, download with a 1 connection direct download of the browser. try to disable the anti virus while downloading to ensure that nothing corrupts the files. Perhaps we could add some of these stuff to a torrent file at some point including my original game from which i uploaded the editor. cause it weights 11gb.
  13. Menchrese

    Donators - Thanks list !

    Actually i think its like with patents and in around 100 years they will no longer hold rights to it lmao..

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