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  1. There are other options to prevent trolling with it entirely, without any impact on gameplay options.
  2. Cause it was not announced in the Patch Stream: Changelog Patch #400031: Adjusted the map to have different Amii Screaming Stones per difficulty. Amii Screaming Stone: Active ability Sound the Call: Changed the initial cooldown from 180 seconds on all difficulties to 180 seconds on Standard, 120 seconds on Advanced and 90 seconds on Expert difficulty. Extended cast time from 1 second to 5 seconds to make the Screaming Stone animation audible and visible. This will delay the triggered attack wave by the same duration.
  3. It says at the end the usual sentence
  4. @Zyna he means even if u have duplicates of the card it still does not put those into the reforge card slots
  5. No clue if that thing with ur orb changes went through @Kubik and could be related?
  6. Now everyone can see it, hope ur happy @JarodDempsey Changelog Patch #400031: - Added connecting path in the top area. Before: After:
  7. @CobaIt Sure why not. Edit: Must be 16 characters max. so I dont think this is possible Alright, I make a start, just copy it and continue filling it out. For RU @Loriens I know affinities are ur thing 😉 EN | DE | FR | RU Tainted Darkness | Unreine Sch. | | Gifted Darkness | Begabte Sch. | | Blessed Darkness | Gesegnete Sch. | | Infused Darkness | Eingeflößter Sch. | | Tainted Flora | Unreine Nat. | | Gifted Flora | Begabte Nat. | | Blessed Flora | Gesegnete Nat. | | Infused Flora | Eingeflößte Nat. | | Tainted Ice |
  8. A similar issue was fixed for Blaster Cannon in Patch #400022. Perhaps Zyna can apply the same fix here 😉 Reference: 384
  9. Long known for the ships, didnt know it (now?) also affects the small units. 74928535_doubleanimation.mp4
  10. @Coffeecool Can you verify if this was fixed in Patch #400030?
  11. This has been fixed with the Ice Age changes.
  12. I think this is a cool idea. I can already picture how it would look like. 🙂
  13. It actually has to be even longer than 60 seconds, otherwise outcrys will overlap and Rogan will be sitting in front of the wall 🙂
  14. As this was just a misunderstanding move this to resolved.
  15. The fix is on the live server already. As no new reports occured --> Move to resolved.
  16. Plague has received its rework (with new bugs). But this report can be closed.
  17. War eagle will get its 1400 atk next patch skyfire stays at 1360 and displays 2.8 as instead.
  18. Na, the call for the spell name text is just missing a closing ">". This should be fixed next patch.
  19. I mean what do u expect we go back to bata as before
  20. Santa has it too, I would honestly consider this a feature of these 2 seasonal meme cards. It is very easy to remove tho, so maybe @WindHunter can decide.
  21. Tried with Viridya and Cultist Master, it appears Wheel of Gifts never works on these kinds of summoned units. Hence this is not a bug of Ravenheart.
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