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  1. Thank you soo much i just checked it and its works 🙂 Thx for the quick respond and help ❤️
  2. Thx Blashyrkh for the info where to find it 🙂 I got log files range from 0-10 i hope the 0 and the 10th helps. crashdata.mdmp _log_proxy_latest.log _log_proxy_0.log _log_proxy_10.log
  3. Log ? what kind of log ? Sry if im dumb of not knew that whats it mean
  4. Hello. Since today when i start to play Rpve maps the game start load the map in and around 80% its crashes with this error , i tried solo or 4player map all the same and its only occur on Rpve maps. I searched it found an old tread but what was the solution there didn't work for me. Thanks the help in advance
  5. Oh okay maybe the memories was not accurate back in the days i was able to clear oracle on expert , now those gunners destroy me sooo hard
  6. Idk if this is a bug or intendid but i noticed on some expert maps the enemy camps spawn at an insane rate compared to what i remember back in the days , i didn't find any info about this thats it got changed to harden the game or something sry if i missed it if there is one. Just wanted to ask about this. Thx in advance for the replies
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