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  1. FYI windhunter is specifically immune to mind control. You can't even take him over with a t4 mind control spell. At least the few that I tried in rPVE. Maybe there are some maps where he isn't.
  2. Yeah adding visibility to the enemy units would be great. Right now it's confusing what you can / cannot capture. The problem with giving all lost souls just blanket mind control immunity is that it completely makes all mind control abilities other than night guard's completely useless. So you can't use mind control, a 300 power t4 spell to capture a lost dancer for example. Kind of broken.
  3. Problem: Mind control ability with units such as parasite swarm, night guard etc. is highly inconsistent throughout the game and even same units on different maps behave differently. Another problem is the confusing description "Can control units up to 150 power cost" for example. How is a player supposed to know how much power enemies cost? Solution: Nightguard can swap small, medium and large T1 and T2 units Parasite swarm small, medium, large T1, T2 and T3 units Mind Weaver small, medium, large, x-large T1, T2 and T3 units (upgrades to T4 units) Mind Control
  4. Saying 'haha' does not make a point, sorry. The fact is with the current Amii monument you don't need t3. The only reason why you would ever play t3 is if another player has Amii (or you think another player has / needs Amii and you don't want to take it away from them) or if you simply don't want to play Amii because it's too overpowered by your own volition. Yeah you know.. kind of like that other card I mentioned, called enlightenment. And of course there are downsides to building t4 amii, it takes a deck slot + we can probably buff the cost of it, reducing the speed at whic
  5. Honestly the entire design of this card is problematic. It completely breaks maps that came out before it, and makes is so that you can just skip building t3 units in your deck. In fact if there wasn't a limitation of one amii monument per map, nobody would ever bother collecting T3 unit cards in this game. Making it so that you have to manually activate it, doesn't really solve this issue, it just makes the card more annoying to use in my opinion. Making it t4 is the same as removing it (which I am not completely opposed to tbh). Because let's be honest when was the l
  6. The OCD thing... just having some cards I can't get rid of, is bleh. As for opening boosters part I am hoping that in the future there will be a system to get rid of common cards And if not I can always give them away to new players.
  7. No reason why these cards shouldn't be as tradable as any other, it's just inconsistent behavior. The only counter argument I can think of is that it's a new player protection that doesn't allow to sell all of their cards. That made sense in the original battleforge perhaps, but in the new one cards (especially commons) and bfp are plenty, I can't imagine someone selling all of their cards for bfp and "starving". Another option is to unlock trading of starter cards only after a certain rank has been achieved.
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