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  1. Navarr liked a post in a topic by BurningWorld in The New Player Experience (Observations & Suggestions)   
    I 'member when the open stresstest started and it was like only up to 100 players could connect the same time.. 
    And now seeing you talking about 100-200 players in JUST PVP A DAY!!!  
    What an awesome development the project is doing, keep the great work up! 
    Kudos and respecc to everyone doing his part  
  2. BurningWorld liked a post in a topic by Kubik in Would it be possible to add a maximum loading time in the config file?   
    I am using only SSDs for last few years and from my data some players do not load in 15 minutes I can not imagine on what they emulate the PC
  3. BurningWorld liked a post in a topic by Kiwi in His/Her -> Their   
    I am the member of the moderation team who hid some of the comments due to them being reported multiple times for being homophobic. We want this forum and the game itself to be as friendly and polite as possible, clearly those who reported these comments are offended by what was said and I acted upon that. I didn't post a comment here as I was trying to find the right words to explain as it has this is a sensitive subject, it doesn't matter what a person identifies themselves as, as long as they're happy and healthy.
  4. BurningWorld liked a post in a topic by Perendi in Launcher Backgrounds   
    Where can i find the Images/Backgrounds from the Launcher?
    I would like to have this in higher res.

  5. BurningWorld liked a post in a topic by Ultrakool in Skylords Reborn Trivia!   
    Greetings Skylords

    In light of trying to keep the hype and spirits up, I'm going to host some trivia events ingame! There's no set schedule to this for now, but I'll try to announce ahead of time whenever I have one planned in discord and in this thread. It could however just turn out to be a spontaneous thing whenever I got time. But I need your help too... You can't have a trivia without.... Questions! So I implore you guys to rack your brains, put on your thinking armor and come up with some interesting trivia questions so that we can all have some fun! I think it goes without saying that you should refrain from answering if your own questions come up   I have naturally come up with some questions but they are not gonna last long! It will be hard to keep this going by myself ^^

    If you guys think of any trivia questions, PLEASE send me a PM on discord/forums. Whatever you do... DONT post them in this thread xD or everyone will know the question (and answer). Keep in mind it should not be overly technical or so obscure that no one could feasibly know the answer. The categories I’ve tried to think of so far are (game knowledge, Lore and unit quotes/map dialog). When in doubt, just send it to me anyway and I'll take a look!
    To further lighten the festive mood, I may host some Discord Voice Parties during said trivia games! Feel free to join and have some witty Battleforge related convos! Trivia will be announced ingame at least 15 minutes before the trivia starts.
    Now on to some basic rules so there are no confusions.
    1) Everyone has only one chance and therefore answer each: Think carefully!
    2) Send me the answer through private messaging ingame. Don't post the answer in the public channels. Remember that the less people answer the more chance you have to win that sweet 200 bfp.
    3) Typos don't count as correct! If a question has a two part answer, write both parts in 1 line(e.g: Who says ... on which map?Answer: Moon on Soultree)
    4) People who haven't won yet will be given priority in prize giving.
    5) 3 Answers chosen (100 bfp each) [if multiple people know the answer at the same time]or if no one knows the answer early, 1 answer for bigger prize( 200 BFP)-will be announced when switched, only then everyone will get a second chance.
    6) Only full answers are accepted. If the answer is "Windweaver" weaver will not be accepted, similarly for "Cluster Explosion" Cluster will not be accepted.
    7) Maximum time per Question is 1 minute. If the time is up, the question will be backlogged for the future and the answer not given. You may use any information available to arrive at your answer.
    8) Have Fun!
    If you’ve made it here reading, congratulations! Any questions or comments about the event itself can be posted here. (NO TRIVIA QUESTIONS HERE PLEASE :3)
    Upcoming Events:
    Friday 27.9 16:00 CEST Countdown Timer
    Tuesday 1.10 16:30 CEST Countdown Timer
  6. BurningWorld liked a post in a topic by mastermedo in Skylords Reborn Trivia!   
    Well, the last trivia was pretty fun ^^
    Here are some suggestions for ones to come.
    1) I implore you to enforce the first rule and repeat it before each trivia in game. (Everyone has only one chance and therefore one answer each: Think carefully!)
    2) If there are people who repeatedly submit multiple answers or spam just ignore (disqualify) them for the given trivia.
    3) Award winners after the trivia not during one, that way you won't have to remember winners, you'll have them written on the paper and won't mistakenly award the same person multiple times.
    4) Write the answer to the question before moving on to the next one, especially for lore questions; which could be a great learning experience and not just one word.
    5) Don't rush it! Most fun comes from pressure and anticipation, a little stalling could make it much more fun.
    6) Don't just pass the question if no one knows it yet. Since we all have just one chance give us some time... A minute or two at least.
    7) I think we should be allowed to use all means available to us in game to get the answer, be it trying cards out in the forge, searching for a card in the market, scrolling through our own cards or taking a peek in the lore book, it just makes it that more fun and since we have a restraint on time this won't be a problem.
    8) Announce when you're raising the prize for the given question and give us a second chance! ("No correct answers yet, the prize doubles, everyone has a second chance!")
    Oh yeah btw, forgot to tell you, Brannoc was not just a blacksmith, he was indeed a smith!
  7. BurningWorld liked a post in a topic by XYDominicYX in Skylords Roll Casino Concept   
    I got a question, yesterday someone (dunno if im allowed to call him out) rolled out his cards to random people.

    That gave me the Idea to make something out of it, something like a little Casino where the Luck decides the Winner, for example payin an entry fee of 200 (once for the entire 5-10 card round(this is cause i aint got no sponsors for the cards im givin out, these are all mine at the moment and most of them are worth more then the Fee of 200 + multiple copys of them)) and playin against other players for 5-10cards of value a round with using the /roll command, for another example lets say the card we are playin around is Grinder (worth around 450 so the winner of that card already made profit) and Player 1 Rolled a 77 Player 2 41 Player 3 11... so in that scenario Player 1 would win the card cause of gettin the highest number, Round 2 we are Playin for another Copy of Grinder.. Round 3 we are Playin a for 3 Copys of Deepfang (since the value went down the copys went up) and so on, till we got through 5-10 different cards. So the first 2 Rounds here would count as 1 round into the pool of the 5-10 cards we are Playin with.
    It may sound complicated, may cause im not that good in explaining stuff.
    But to the point of my question, is that kind of "Gamble" allowed in our Community, if u show the winables before hand, meaning before they even joined or paid?
    Regards VAJIaMaNo0b

    p.s. Concept could change in the Future.
    Rules and Concept at the Moment.
    #1: Entry Fee is Valued at 150bfp. (so everyone can join through Daily Quest)
    #2: We are only Playin around Cards which are atleast Rare / Ultra Rare. (Uncommon only if its high Value)
    #3: Be nice even tho u may dont win anything, its luck based and no one likes bad losers or bad winners.
    #4: Rollin starts after Card is Announced, everyone only Rolls once, highest Number wins. If 2 have the same number as highest, these 2 roll again. (/roll )
    #5: Winner of Round gets the Card directly afterwards, then another round will start.
    #6: I'll post the cards we are Playin around always before hand on the Dice table(Discord https://discord.gg/jJuDQ4) with their Total value at the time. You are also allowed to request the Deck ingame at any time givin! (Work in Progress)
    #7: There is no refunds if u leave early, but ill invite u back into the round aslong as the round goes, u paid for!
    #8: Have Fun rollin these Dices!
    Since some guys get confused around a round and a roll, a round (5-10 cards) consist of atleast 5-X rolls (x since it can be more rolls than 10 because of duplicates)

    Update 1.0 20.09.2019 22:22 (Berlin Germany) : 

    We had 2 little free rounds Today, 1 on 8pm we will prolly stay in the Future on that time around, 1 at 10pm, we mostly saw familiar faces so far, but that may change in the future once people get that this aint no scam or something, who knows may this idea goes down. Atleast we can say we had some fun aight! 
    10 Cards did find their new owner so far. And i guess they are happy where they are right now!
    People seemed Happy and glad, for the time beeing, i guess u can tell they had some fun. 
    I for myself was glad and happy that some of u fellow Skylords joined on me and my quest to make this idea come Reality. (or may u just joined for some free cards either way i got a smile on my face)
    Ill hope to see you guys and even more of our brothers in arms in our little "Casino" the next time around. Luv ya all<3.

    Update 1.1 Sunday 22.09.2019 20:16 (Berlin Germany) :

    We had another free round Today, i hope that kinda promoted my Idea around cause i have little to no cards to roll away for free anymore, otherwise this entire idea wouldnt be possible anymore x)
    As u prolly know, i may gave away some cards for free, but there is no one who gives them free for me, so i have to buy a new arsenal almost everyday so far and im at 500~bfp right now so ye, we will switch to the real deal soon i guess! then i also will be provided with atleast some bfp to stock up on cards over the days more easily, considerin we gettin the playerbase that is.

    But lets speak about today, we had some new faces in our game today, i had to explain our little rules to 3 out of 5 contestants but they catched up rather fast. Our rounds considerin we are playin with 
    new ones the rounds flew by real fast. But still it was fun and some throws this time.. oof so freekin close tho . we even had another 100 thrown out there! i do really hope i see u guys again and 
    ofcourse new faces are welcome aswell! I will edit this thread as always with the next roll i will also edit the entry fee for that casino next to it here aswell, so make sure to keep up!

    Update 2.0 Tuesday 24.09.2019 21:06 (Berlin Germany) :

    Today we had our first casino round with an entry fee 150 to be exactly. As expected didnt join as many and we had to wait half an hour to get atleast 5 guys together and since i didnt want to leave these guys hangin we started the Round then and boy oh boy did we had some high winners one dude just won half the pack i was givin out!
    Also i must say even tho we were less player then i hoped for i still had pretty much fun with ya guys. I hope to see you again aswell as new Faces and more faces, i would make an big fiesta if we would get 2 groups of roll players full at one time, this would be freakin amazing considering we are playin mostly with 5 people at the time now :D!

    12 Cards found another home this day and im happy and glad about that, as happy as i was seeing the thankful group chat, 
    they all seemed hyped up and happy aswell even tho it gave some complications during our Casino time. Also the Amount of trust givin was amazing, i hope to see more of players like u guys today in my Casino u were literally amazing! Have a nice one Guys see ya around next time, it will be mentioned here as always when the next Roll Casino is starting, so keep tuned in!

    We also got our First donations towards the roll casino this day i guess ill post the Donaters we had so far somewhere in here aswell, so i can give atleast something more than just an thank you to them!
    Next Roll Sunday 29.09.2019 8pm (Berlin Germany) 150bfp (was canceled cause of me being sick) Next roll will prolly be if im on my foot again!

    Feel free to donate some Rare/Ultra Rare cards to me (if im not online and u want to donate cards just mail it with the word "CASINO" in it) so we can keep playin and may start playin for free all the time!
    Also feel free to Join the New Opened Discord Server for the Skylords Casino, u find the link above in the Rule #6! (:

    Donaters: Sungar
  8. BurningWorld liked a post in a topic by indubitablement in I baked a pizza. :D   
  9. BurningWorld liked a post in a topic by Ultrakool in I baked a pizza. :D   
    Off topic is immune ^^
  10. BurningWorld liked a post in a topic by Kubik in The New Player Experience (Observations & Suggestions)   
    100-200 players play at least 1 ranked PvP each day, so if you remove the top 10 there is still a lot of players to play against that are not in top 10.
    problem is the time when they play
    I heard a lot that PvP players do not play, because they do not want to collect cards twice...
    It was decided that the game will not be promoted (by us) untill the release. And I kinda agree that calling people "hey come to play, we will delete your progress later" is not the best approach
  11. BurningWorld liked a post in a topic by fiki574 in The New Player Experience (Observations & Suggestions)   
    The game was offline/dead for 5 years. We took over, and we're not professionals. The "hey come to play, we will delete your progress late" period is completely necessary. I know some may not agree or be keen of it, but that's how it goes. There are much more things that we take into consideration behind the scenes, that most people are not aware of. 
    New player experience is not something we can improve over night (based on a single/few suggestions), slap an Open Beta tag on it and release it to public. That's why we use this stage to test and balance economy, quests, achievements and pretty much everything else.
    The quest and achievement amount will be much higher than the current one (Kubik, correct me if I'm wrong) once we hit Open Beta. They should be based around "forcing" (fictionally) specific playstyles and maps.
    Rewards gain is currently increased by 244% (iirc, somewhere around here MrXLink said at the start of Open Stress Test). It will be much more balanced in future.
    I'm also against some kind of start caps, but as experience taught us, people will use and abuse the cap removals and try to make excuses after they get banned.
    As said, this ain't done over night, but I'm sure Hawk, Link, Blank and Kubik will give it a deeper thought, improvement and actualization with some input from the rest of the staff.
  12. BurningWorld liked a post in a topic by Jacks in Export Card Collection to Windows   
    well i tought it could be some format like a .csv that then can be imported to Excel. Or any Format that has a structure which i then can Parse. Let's say i want to know which Ultrarares aren't in my collection yet. As for now i have to filter it in Battleforge, but it only shows the one i have, not the one missing. I have to look it up somewhere else e.g. https://allcards.skylords.eu/.
  13. BurningWorld liked a post in a topic by Ultrakool in Offering help for rpve lvl 10   
    Carry me senpai
  14. BurningWorld liked a post in a topic by Kubik in Estimated time for release?   
    When we was in closed beta people complain that only few can "play". I say "play" not play because as many of you seen when we start Open Stress Test. If you check discord you will see that many players have problems with disconnects, so they still can not play. Server still crashing from time to time. And maybe you forgot, but we do all of this in our spare time.
    So based on what we should do an estimations?
    Based on percentage of players reporting bugs? That would be very bad, because most of them do not report them, even if they get 3 big messages on screen asking them to report a bug. And probably never? Based purely on statistic that first 90% of software work take about 10% of time? I am not sure from where this common statistic come, but if it is based on big companies (like the one I work for) then it would make sense. And based on that after 5 years we already reached that 90% line probably, but the activity was highly varying. Based on the fact that there are still problems we have no idea what cause them? Then never? Based on my pessimistic approach to estimations? NEVER! Based on optimistic approach? I have no idea  But if you ask my boss (in real life job) if something will be done next month, he promise it. But if you ask if it can be done already next week, he will say of course. If you ask him if it can be presented next day, because customer want to see it, he will promise that too, no mater how complicated the request is. But I am not optimistic person   So what exactly you want us to say? 
  15. BurningWorld liked a post in a topic by WatcherOfSky in (Suggestion) Detailed HP Bars   
    So I was playing some pvp, and I came across a couple of Avatar of Frosts. They get that shield and stuff, and I found it a little hard to determine how much damage was needed to get rid of it completely before it would refresh, so I could determine when the best time to go all in was. But there are no numbers on the shield (other than written in his ability set), which can be a little hard to get accustomed to when I haven't seen one in forever.
    I've been playing League of Legends for about 8 years, so I've grown accustomed to the way they've set up their health bars.

    It occured to me that we might be able to implement a similar system for our HP bars and shields for units and buildings in out game, so that we can determine how much is left much more accurately and quickly. I know this can be fixed with a lot of experience, but I'd think this would help the newer players more too. My suggestion would be to add a half line for every 100 points of health/shield and a full line for every 1000; just like in LoL. I definately think it could help all kinds of play if it could be implemented at all. (It could also help with damage spells to better determine when to use them) 
    What do you guys think?
    Edit 1: just realized S units might need something a little different, I don't know.
  16. BurningWorld liked a post in a topic by SunWu II. in BF Memeville   
    When you meet a top PvP player in rPVE

  17. BurningWorld liked a post in a topic by The Aquanix in BF Memeville   
  18. BurningWorld liked a post in a topic by SunWu II. in BF Memeville   
  19. Fauchderial liked a post in a topic by BurningWorld in Why banned?????????   
    Reminds me of glorious old times like:
    "Plox Open omega gimme! Play me give!"
    Just random comment *flies away on a horse*
  20. BurningWorld liked a post in a topic by Kubik in 32 bit people   
    I already did all changes to Launcher that was needed to build also for 32 bit, now Aviator working on downloading the correct launcher version for your system in the updater, so (probably) soon.  
  21. BurningWorld liked a post in a topic by Fauchderial in GERMAN | Mein Video über Battle Forge <3   
    would like to understand german  that's unfortunate
  22. BurningWorld liked a post in a topic by ThomasMann in Introducing... freund17! Our new Web Developer   
    Forum is dead cause you guys got rid of the chatbox... Lol it was still dead when we had a chatbox 
  23. ThomasMann liked a post in a topic by BurningWorld in Introducing... freund17! Our new Web Developer   
    Horse approves!
    PS: Give back Chatbox or RevolutioN!
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